March 24, 2007

Being a woman....

Lets discuss the issues that affect women in this field of research.

I often wonder, how many researchers out there are single? Male or female, it does not matter. We all have that awkward first date, the telephone conversations - the inevitable "So, what are your hobbies". Do you tell the person without thinking about it? Do you have a long pause? Do you not answer the question? Do you wait? Do you cringe? Or, do you just come right out with it?

How do you, as a Bigfoot researcher handle that question?

Being a Bigfoot researcher is not "who we are", its "what we do". But, I think the problem is the stigma attached to the research, some find it so incredible they just can not think of this as being separate from the person you are.

Monday through Friday, I work in a law firm - and my thoughts are on my job.

When I clock out at 6, I begin to think and ponder the work I am doing in casting etc. But, being a Bigfoot researcher is not who I am. Most of those I work with, know all about my research for this undocumented North American Primate, and a couple are very nice about it. But, I have been told I have a "Strange" hobby, I have been laughed at, I have been made the butt of jokes - so the attitude most experience, I too have had to deal with.

Question is, how do you deal with it? Especially if discussing your hobby could end a potential relationship or friendship?

I am probably different from most, I could really careless what anyone thinks of me. If I am picked on and teased because of what I choose to do with my life - I will still get out of bed tomorrow, my life will still go on. I am also of the firm belief, if someone can not accept you for the person you are - then they are not a friend to begin with. In any relationship, we want that person to be a friend first, and accept you for who, and what you are. Anyone in this research will tell you, we all have families, jobs, and other interests, Bigfoot research is secondary.

Me personally, I wont be changed.

So, I tell people right away. I basically "fire the first shot", and let the chips fall where they may. I have nothing to lose if I am just meeting this person for the first time. My friends who have been my friends before the Bigfoot thing - are still my friends, because I have friends who accept me for who I am.

I am proud to say I am involved in trying to solve one of the greatest mysteries on this planet. If I have to deal with ridicule or scorn for my involvement - thats fine, its a small price to pay, to be involved in something I truly enjoy so much!!!

March 23, 2007

My first Expedition

*Photo by Chris Buntenbah, Wildlife Photographer*

A few readers of this blog have asked me to discuss my own experiences in the field - Searching for Bigfoot. As a rule, when I am out in the field, I am out there with the fantastic members of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (formerly the Texas Bigfoot Research Center). Because of that I really do not discuss my work. The TBRC has a fine spokesperson, Craig Woolheater - and I prefer to let him discuss what the TBRC does in the field.

But, I will say this.

Back in January of 2006 I was one of a team that spent 5 days in the Big Thicket National Preserve. It was an experience I will never forget - and my first full on Research experience.

Up until this expedition, when I thought of Texas, images of flat land, cactus and sand ran through my mind, that all changed as I spent my first few hours in the Big Thicket of East Texas. You better be able to read a compass and a map before you head into this area. Prior to this expedition all the researchers met at Daryl Colyers home to discuss the upcoming event and to pre-plan.. Daryl described the area that day as "a Jungle".. I of course did not believe him.. Big mistake. He was absolutely right. The Big Thicket has dense foliage and undergrowth along with enormous trees, animals and at night - its dark and in spots extremely spooky.

It was on this trip I learned.

Listen to Daryl. I learned the importance of drinking lots of water. The daytime in the Big Thicket is hot, even in January... But nighttime is COLD!!! These extremes can and do reek havoc with your body. I learned a hard lesson that week, I also learned to listen to everything Daryl says carefully.

I am interested in the evidence.

That may, or may not prove the existence of this animal, so I prefer to spend my time on daytime operations - in the TBRC we have both, day and night time operations. Daytime is spent looking over the area where the prior operation from the night before took place to see if there are any tracks etc, which is very important and overlooked by many. On this expedition, I was on 2 night time operations (the second cut short by illness - back to the not drinking water again) and the rest of the week was spent on daytime operations looking for tracks etc.

I was part of the group that ran into something on the pipeline the Saturday morning, that led up to the Saturday night incident, and I must tell you - I have no idea what we encountered that morning, but whatever it was, it was having nothing to do with us, and refused to be pushed into an opening so we could get a visual on it. We played a cat and mouse game with whatever animal this was - for well over an hour, until it finally went off further into the brush. Before we left the area altogether though, one member was able to capture a great moment on video. We still have no idea what it was for sure, but it sure makes you think.

I came out of this expedition with more questions, than answers.

Which is another reason for why I do not discuss my field work, I really have no answers - I can speculate, but I have no answers, which is frustrating at times.

This week was one of the most fulfilling of my life. I challenged myself in a hostile environment, and I came out just fine. I had fun with a group of Men and Women I think are just wonderful, and would do this again in a heart beat. :)

If your interested in reading the report of this field expedition click on this link

March 10, 2007

Tonights the Night :)

Well ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the first official chat night on

You first need to sign up on the website, It is a secure chat room in that guests cannot enter chat so if you know someone who wants to join our little chat they need to register to the forum because that's where the chatroom gets its login information from.

Over the last couple weeks, the website is growing and more articles from this blog are being moved, to allow discussion. Its been a process - and I'm sure Teresa has been having nightmares.. LOL.

I would like to thank all those who have signed up for this new website, the other websites who have posted links, and Teresa for all her hard work!!! There are more improvements to come, so stay tuned :)


Tomorrow night will be a special night in chat. Two members of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center will be in the chatroom to discuss the ongoing research in the State of Texas. This is an informal chat, so it will be fun as well as informative. Sign up and get to know these two wonderful researchers - and find out who they are :)

March 3, 2007

The is now open

Well, the first message board received response, but there were some issues that could not be overcome, so we upgraded. More changes in the look of the website are in the works, but as always the wonderful artwork of Pat Barker is showcased in the Banner.

Click on the link above and check out the New Website. There is also a section now where you can ask questions of Dermal Ridge Expert Jimmy Chilcutt. Other names will be added, so be watching for the latest.

I would like to thank Teresa for her hard work, she has been working tirelessly to get this new website up and running, and I can not thank her enough :)


March 2, 2007

Speaking of...

WOW, what a wild couple of weeks.

Who has not heard the story of the foot found in Spotsylvania? I will spare everyone the details and simply say - its a bear paw. I must admit I was surprised to see the numbers of researchers who were all over this story, when only months ago we looked at a "Hand" being paraded in the news by Biscardi that looked exactly the same.

Speaking of Mr. Biscardi.

I hear he is coming to Paris Texas.. Yep, Biscardi is headed back to my "neck of the woods". From what I hear it's to film an episode for a new "Reality" type T.V. show. Funny, Reality and Biscardi, all in the same sentence. I hear many people ask "Why does Biscardi get so much attention, and taken seriously by the media"? Answer, The media does not take him seriously. They are simply looking for a sensational story to fill a blank spot in their paper or news program. Does Mr. Biscardi know this? I am betting he does, and he probably does not care, as any publicity is good publicity, but as always thats just my opinion.

People keep asking me if there is anything to the claims in Paris Texas made by Biscardi and his group. I have no idea. I will say Paris Texas is close to the Red River, and that area has had a number of sightings, but most of these sightings are questionable or at best suspect. I will also tell you Paris Texas is not far from an area I actively research. But, do I think there is anything to the claims made by Biscardi about Paris Texas - I just don't know. One area he discusses is just off Pat Mayes lake, he describes it as being in "Jurrasic Park" - well, Ok if you are stunned by the sight of lily pads, after the water have receded from drought, but the area in which he speaks is not even close to the Thickets of South Eastern Texas. Biscardi would be speechless if he wandered down there.

Speaking of Speechless

I was absolutely speechless when I discovered the "Invisible Bigfoot crowd" has found this blog. There is a website out there, where this blog, and the notion of this undocumented primate being a flesh and blood animal, is being discussed. One person was kind enough to even post a response on this blog to an article I wrote (I think) a year ago. This person wrote a very long reply to this article called "Lets Discuss Psychology" - to say that it is their opinion this animal is capable of "invisibility". This kind of thinking makes me shake my head and wonder, when does this happen to someone? Is it frustration, because they have spent so many years doing this and have no evidence to prove the animals existence? Why do they think such things? To these people I say this. Name me one animal in the wild or captivity that has this ability. Just one. I can think of many animals where this ability would be useful, and even helpful in saving their lives from predators, just name me one animal that we know of that has the ability to make itself "invisible".

If Bigfoot can make itself "invisible" to avoid detection...

Then why does it leave footprints at all? See, for those of you who do not know, the footprint issue is the biggest reason they have for Bigfoot being invisible. They have seen too many footprints that start and stop mysteriously. So, they naturally assume Bigfoot just went *poof*. That's about the silliest thing I have heard, to be honest. Why make this more difficult than it has to be? Do we not have enough problems trying to get the public, science and various state and local agencies to take this research seriously? Why add to it by saying such things and pushing such theories? This blog has been, and always will be a source of information on this animal and the researchers, and it will not stretch into the "woo" factor. If you research in the "woo" category, then this blog is not for you.

Speaking of footprints...

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting my next blog on the work I am doing with Casting, hold tight, a new article is coming very soon. I have completed this round of tests and will be publishing the results very soon. I want to thank all those who have been so helpful and given advice, and also to those who added to my list of things to do, you have all kept me very busy and I have learned a lot by doing the very experiments I was asked to try. With the end of this round of testing, I can not report that I am done. My work will continue, and I hope to learn even more about what will and will not happen when we are in the field casting possible tracks, and as always I will share what I find with the readers of this blog, or any researcher who wants the information.

I can not speak for anyone else...

But I am in this research to either prove or disprove the existence of an as yet undocumented North American Primate. I think the possible tracks left behind by this undocumented animal are important, whether they be legitimate or hoaxed. Researchers need to know how to spot the difference, and understand how to cast properly. I applaud all efforts to this end.

And how was your week?

March 1, 2007

Update: The Making of a DVD Part I


Due to a threat by the maker of the long awaited DVD featuring MK Davis, and emails that just wont end, I am removing the 'News Update" he freely posts on his website, to inform all about his current project with Mr. Davis.

Why this was requested is beyond me, but none the less he does not want the readers of this blog to know whats going on. I can only guess as to why, especially since he became very angry with myself and another blogger for what he described as "misquoting".

There is nothing I can do about that, but to give you my take on things and let you, the readers be the judge,, but is that not what he yelled about the most? Humm...

The remainder of this blog remains untouched.

Question, will M.K. Davis be prepared to answer questions about his "theory" once the DVD hits the market? Will he then be willing to discuss his full opinion?

I have to wonder though if any delay in filming or the release of this DVD may have something to do with Copyright issues... M.K. Davis has based his theory on images that were taken directly from the copy (owned by John Green) of the Patterson film with the image work done by Rick Noll, and I am sure those images are important as a way of making M.K.'s point clear. Problem though, those images are copyrighted by Mrs. Patterson and she may do with that film what she chooses. It would be my guess that if the DVD is not completed, it would be more of a copyright issue - than anything any "detractor" could say or do.

I am not really sure how a "detractor" could stop the production of a DVD.. If someone has information they feel should be shared with the world, nothing should stop that from happening.

The "detractors" of M.K.'s theory have nothing to do with whether this DVD will be made or released, that is an issue for the maker of the DVD to handle, and it would appear he is currently working on that. I say good luck to M.K Davis - I hope your DVD and the explanation finally will help sooth tensions.

I am sure myself and various contributors of this blog are what has been called"detractors". The simple fact is this, I can not endorse anything, not a theory, not a statement, nothing until I have all necessary information. To date, the information that would help me make an informed decision has been withheld, through no fault of my own or any other researchers in the field of Bigfoot Research.

It seems to me, with all the "detractors" this DVD would be in full swing. I know I would be pushing the envelope for production.

Hey guys, I don't have the ability to give you permission to use the Patterson Film, but if all that falls through, let me know, I draw some mean stick figures.. HEY, they may not be Patty - but they are better than nothing :)

Until then, we will all just have to wait patiently :)

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