March 16, 2008

Season 5 of the "Sasquatch Experience" begins tonight on Blogtalk Radio.

I am proud to announce I am the newest edition to this lineup of hosts. Join Sean Forker, James Baker and myself as we discuss the topics and the issues surrounding the field of Bigfoot Research tonight at 8 p.m. Central/ 9:00 p.m. Eastern/ 6:00 p.m. Pacific.

You can either listen live, or join our chat room by clicking the chat link on the "
Sasquatch Experience" homepage.

I have to see about getting a bow in that bigfoots hair or something :)

March 9, 2008

Bigfoot Researcher: Becky Sawyer

"My name is Becky Sawyer, A.K.A. Bgfthuntereast. I have been in the Bigfoot field for about 8 years as an Investigative Field Researcher. I established North East Bigfoot Research In 2001.

I was thrust into this by a chance encounter, which left me with a lot of unanswered questions, in which I tend to find the answers for."

Translation of that final paragraph: Not everything is bigfoot, but some things do require a closer look. That is just simple common sense.

Becky Sawyer is just one of many women I have recently been made aware of in this research. She has been active in the field, on her own and with groups. Now she is an independent, and from the discussions I have had with her, proud to be not just be a Bigfoot Researcher, but a woman doing it for herself.

Becky has been lucky unlike most, she has actually come across possible tracks, and she herself has had her own alleged encounter. I spoke with her by phone and she recounted the sighting she had, and I must say, I found her story credible. Recently she started her own webpage which you can find by clicking THIS link.

While her website is still a work in progress, it is interesting and has some great photographs of work she has done in the field.

Make no mistake, Becky while active in this field of research is looking for an end to this mystery, she is believes this to be a flesh and blood animal and takes a critical approach by using all means at her disposal to determine fact from fantasy. I respect Becky and the work she is doing.

Therefore I am proud to profile her on this blog, and display a link to her webpage. Please read up on this researcher.

March 8, 2008

Your Computer Is Fine ....

Don't adjust your computer settings.

No, your computer didn't decide to take over, and tell you what kind of music to listen to. I have added a play list to this blog. It's a short list for now, but songs I enjoy, and artists I like listening to. I have a wide range of songs and artists I do enjoy, everything from country, rock, classical and yes, even hip hop.

I hope you enjoy the music - and if you have any requests, let me know :)

Yes, I am a huge Nickleback fan. :)

Is There A Bigfoot Mafia ??

"You can't handle the truth, so you must silence all opposition. You're done. It's carved in stone. Protract your embarrassment as long as you like." anonymous.

(oops you misspelled embarrassment, I fixed it for you)

And if I'm not "done" and I continue on in this, you will do what? Break my knee caps? Will I be sleeping with the fishes? Is there some Bigfoot Mafia no one told me about?

Silencing the opposition? Wow, you make me sound really powerful.

I thought I would give you all a taste of the now 2 hate blog responses (3 total between blog responses and emails) I have received. Whomever this was, didn't even have the guts to sign their name. I don't think this person understands, I do not need nor am I asking for anyones approval to continue in this research. I think this person also forgot, I don't have to be a member of some "Bigfoot Union" in order to get into the woods and keep on researching and discussing the issues.

"It's carved in stone"? Where is that stone buddy?

The only embarrassment I feel, is for you. In the short amount of time I have spent in this research I have never thought of myself as so important that I could tell anyone they were "done" in this. How self important are you? Shouldn't you be out looking for a big hairy monkey, instead of pestering me. Yes I put you in the column of a pest.

People like this are angry, bitter people. How does this person manage to get out of bed every morning with so much hate eating away inside?

I suppose this person thinks If I hear I am "done" enough, then I will just have a good cry, and go away? This person does not know me. I wont be going away, and I wont be bullied by anyone. I would have posted this response to the blog itself when it came in, but the person was so quick on the draw (whomever it is) posted the comment to the short article on the alleged bigfoot footage posted below.

Hey Pal, you could at least stay on topic - and give yourself some righteous credibility.

Honestly, I at least have the guts to sign my name to something I put out for the world to see. Maybe this person does not want anyone else to know how childish, petty and self important they really are?

Yeah, that would be my guess.

I feel sorry for people like this. And, for some reason, there are many in this field of research who think they are carrying some "torch of dignity" by acting in this manner. It's not professional and shows a serious character flaw. These are people I refuse to associate with. Why you ask? Because I will not allow my mind to become filled with hate for people I do not know.

My advice to the above person who sent in this response. If you do not like me, stop reading my blog. It's really that simple, just stop. You not reading my blog will make no difference to me at all.

Why would you want to?

In your mind I contribute nothing. So, stop reading my blog. Make room for those who apparently want to. What you are not getting is, those who want me to stay in this research, out number you by far. Yes, that's right. My support is still there, and is in fact growing. Those are the people I want to know and associate with. Those are the people who understand what the research is all about. You forgot that somewhere along the line.

I knew change wouldn't be easy for some.

This research is about trying to document the existance of an upright bipedal ape. Or, did you forget that during your mudslinging campaign? Not how many people we can throw mud at, threaten or pretend we are better than.

If you think the issues I raised in the articles that got you all "fired up", are not serious issues people want addressed, you should really think again, and your response to my blog proves that this is an issue we MUST address.

The emails and personal messages from women who have been treated the same as myself, and men who think the things being said about me are truly hateful, keep pouring in. You think I am alone, and you are clueless to the fact that I am not.

Attacking me only makes you look bad. You would be smart to keep signing everything "anonymous".

March 7, 2008

Something Bigfoot To Talk About

Well, something to discuss that actually involves a possible upright bipedal ape. A friend just sent me a link to THIS website.

Scroll down to the "Latest Video". There is a short interview, and then footage from a "stealth cam".

Lets hear what you think..