April 5, 2008

So, what do you think?

It’s true, there really are Angels in this world, and the awe-inspiring banner above proves that.

I was contacted a few weeks ago, by a man I only knew as “Reverend Strone”. I now know him as Daniel Falconer. Daniel expressed an interest in bringing artwork back to this Blog and my website “”. He then provided me with a link, as a reference.

Mr. Falconer is a very gifted Graphic Artist. I was simply amazed that he would even offer such generosity.

I am blown away.

There are just no other words for it. When I viewed the finished artwork for the first time, I was simply in awe. Even now, I am still at a loss for words, I know shocking isn't it.

The animal depicted in this banner is Daniel’s vision. Daniel and I exchanged emails discussing what we felt the animal might look like, but as many of you know – that’s anyone’s guess. Amazing, does not even begin to describe what I think when I look at this completed banner.

A visual representation in such vivid color makes the possibility seem so much more real.

Is this what Bigfoot looks like?

Sure makes me wonder, and I hope that’s what this artwork does for everyone who looks at it. I hope it makes you think, wonder and consider all the possibilities. I hope it inspires you to do what you can to help solve this mystery, and be a vocal part of the research.

Daniel reminded me with his generosity, his love for the mystery and his friendship, why I became involved in Bigfoot Research. It’s not about anything other than the animal, and that’s where my thoughts are going to remain.

Thank you Daniel, your kindness has truly touched my heart, and has filled a void this blog has felt for a few weeks – the readers appreciate it, and you have my undying gratitude.

Yes, there really are Angels. I am happy to share mine with all of you.

Enjoy Everyone !!!!!!!!!!

And, most importantly, Thank you Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!