November 30, 2008

This Wednesday night on "The Grey Area"

This weeks program (12/3/08) is one not to be missed. First, Monica and I have moved "The Grey Area" show to Blogtalk radio - so hopefully the technical problems are a thing of the past, and everyone wont get booted as the chatroom fills up :) We should have done this move sooner, but thank you to all who have been so patient.

Also, a special thank you goes out to Sean Forker for creating and getting our new intro up and ready for the show :)

With our new home on Blogtalk Radio, comes a new time 11:00 Eastern, 10:00 pm Central and 8 pm Pacific.

Monica and I will be kicking off our first show at our new home with a discussion on the recent "moaning" over comments made by Dr. Henner Fahrenbach, I am sure you all want to hear commentary from those who actually attended the event.

Then, we will be speaking with none other than Scott Herriott!!! I have personally interviewed Scott a couple times, and I enjoy every show he agrees to be apart of.

So everyone, tune in to "The Grey Area" this wednesday night - and have some laughs :)

Dr. Fahrenbach and Vanity Fair

Quote, Marianne Williamson

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

*End Quote*

There is nothing new as for actual field of research, but per the norm, the "usual suspects" are at it again.. In the name of all that is good and righteous, they have found a new target or, should I say targets.

I did attend the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy Conference this year in Jefferson Texas, I did take some time to listen to a few seconds of a couple of the speakers and yes, one of those speakers was Dr. Henner Fahrenbach.

I also spoke with Dr. Fahrenbach the night before the conference took place. Dr. Fahrenbach is a very, very nice man. Highly intelligent and very well spoken. The items we discussed the night before the conference, I did not find strange or unusual. I found Dr. Fahrenbach to be very "normal" and very down to earth.

For those of you who do not know Dr. Fahrenbach, he is a retired Zoologist and PHD, and more importantly for our purposes he is the man everyone (and I do mean, everyone, not just the TBRC) sends alleged Bigfoot hair samples to, for comparison with other known animals. Why, because no one else analyzes hair samples or has the qualifications.

Who better than a Zoologist to send a hair sample to? But, Dr. Fahrenbach has been spending time talking to those who have stories of "habituation", which tends to make some in this very "twitchy". I personally have not found one "habituation" story I can actually buy into, but that's me. Dr. Fahrenbach does not answer to me.

I remember the day of the Conference, and walking into the auditorium area, while Dr. Fahrenbach was talking. I remember hearing him say "witnesses told me" and he then went into some comments that made me stop in my tracks. Why? Because I do not buy into the whole "habituation" thing. But, just because I have never found one habituation story to change my opinion, does not mean Dr. Fahrenbach needs to stop his work.

I looked into the audience, and there sat the reporter from Vanity Fair and I knew this would not be good.

Oh, and for those who are wondering.. No restrictions are placed on the media at a TBRC event. The media may roam and talk to anyone, or listen to anything they choose.

Should there be restrictions?

Should Daryl Colyer or Craig Woolheater of the TBRC have rushed Dr. Fahrenbach, and body slammed him to the ground thus stopped him from talking? Did Dr. Fahrenbach discuss wormholes or disappearing bigfoot? No, he was discussing behaviors that were reported to him by witnesses. Yes, that is exactly what he was speaking about, his evaluation of alleged behavior based on reports given to him verbally by alleged witnesses and information he read (in report form) on the various website data bases.

The "usual suspects" are all angry and upset that Dr. Fahrenbach made "them" look bad.

As if this is the first time?

Usually the "usual suspects" make themselves look bad, so Dr. Fahrenbach did nothing to help or hurt their chances of ever looking good. If Dr. Fahrenbachs' speech prior had been approved, wouldn't that be "censorship"? I thought the "usual suspects" were against censorship?

Dr. Fahrenbach was asked to speak, and those who attended are allowed to listen and come to their own conclusion. The ability to decide for one's self is an idea I know is alien to some, but most people are very capable of doing that, even in this field of research.

So, now the "usual suspects" are so upset and angry, they are demanding, the TBRC have transcripts of Dr. Fahrenbachs lecture be done and distributed to all interested parties.

If I were on the Board of Directors for the TBRC, I would tell these "usual suspects" to mind their own business and pay more attention to why nothing is happening within their own respective organizations. Why are they getting nothing done? Why don't they put on a conference? Hey, here is an idea, instead of believing everything you read in magazines and on the Internet, why don't you "know it alls" attend a conference and pay your admittance fees like those who do attend. Then, you can transcribe to your hearts content.

One guy on these Internet bigfoot boards got it right when he said "Who in the hell do you people think you are??" That was very much a bulls eye comment and a comment we should hear more often. To demand anything from a volunteer organization,

1. you are not a member of,
2. pay no dues or,
3. provide no support (lip service does not equal support)

The TBRC has no responsibility to anyone but their members and their mission statement and pre-determined goals as stated. Thus the term "Volunteer Organization".

I have an idea for those of you who think your entitled to everything. Wait for the video to come out, and pay for a professional to transcribe it yourself.. Shell out the money you want others to pay. Now, that would be the honest thing to do.

Let's dispel another myth very quickly, Dr. Fahrenbach is not on the Board of Directors for the TBRC. Dr. Fahrenbach is on the Board of Advisers, because of his PHD in Zoology. Which means, he has an extensive knowledge of primates, to be more exact. How dare the TBRC ask that someone with such knowledge work with them, as needed. The nerve!!!

Is this happening to the TBRC because they are a shady group?

No, it's happening because of the jealousy of the "usual suspects" who can't stand the fact that the TBRC is a respected organization, and the "usual suspects" have no say in the day to day function of the TBRC.

That's it, plain and simple.

The "usual suspects" find issues with the TBRC quite often. So having Dr. Fahrenbach speak didn't create a first time problem.

I am wondering...

When the groups they belong to will finally get fed up with the constant pot stirring these few people start so often? When will their leadership decide one person is not worth the alienation of so many? Are these people acting professionally and in the best interests of the research? Are these complainers putting a positive public face out there for their respective organizations, or the research in general?

No, because if they were to act professionally a letter (or email) would have been sent to the TBRC requesting information on this situation. That was not done. Instead they once again took their issues to the Internet, yet again demanding things they have no right demanding. I am pretty sure they all know the email address for the TBRC, it's just easier and creates more of a stir doing it publicly.

Dr. Fahrenbach is a good and honest man, who does not deserve to be treated in such a shameful manner. Those who would attack him from within this community should remember,

You once spoke highly of him.

When people in this community attack others based on limited information (prior to having any real evidence of wrong doing) it's shameful, and makes us all look like a group of hateful fools. The public face of this community is tarnished by these constant unprofessional attacks against Dr. Fahrenbach, Dr. Meldrum and others, who's only crime (it appears) is having a PHD or a willingness to look into the things they are hearing and reading about. Hey, I could be wrong, but is that not the definition of investigation? Is that not what we should all be doing?

Why is it so acceptable to degrade our own in this community?

Especially those who put their careers on the line, so you have someone to send your "evidence" to?? If you don't agree with Dr. Fahrenbach or Dr. Meldrum, or a whole host of others, then don't listen to what they are saying. It's really that easy. It does not make you or your group look "better" by publicly flogging them because you do not agree with their every word.

It makes us all look petty and unprofessional.

Why did I post that quote to start this article? The media is not our worst enemy, it's ourselves. What are we afraid of as a community? That we might be successful? There is so much anger and hate by a select few individuals in this community, I wonder when their anger will be put to a stop, so the good that should be happening, can happen. Good won't happen and won't be discussed as long as the "usual suspects" are allowed to continue this kind of nonsense, and more people will continue to leave the discussion.

Eric Spitznagel and Vanity Fair isn't the issue, it's how we handle things as a community... The worst of this community was allowed to take over yet again. Things have been blown out of proportion.

Vanity Fair wins.

November 26, 2008

Shawn Donovan of Bene-Farce (Foot) Infamy Speaks Out

Hello everyone. As I am sure you all know, the "Bene-foot" for the Cryptozoological Museum was a complete flop. Which frankly I found odd, simply due to the fact that most in this have found if your throwing a "bigfoot event" all you need to do is simply put the word "Bigfoot" on a poster, and you have an instant success. So, I found the failure of this very odd... So, I did what I normally do, I went in search of information.

Starting with:

Shawn Donovan. Mr. Donovan was the "man behind" the Bene-foot. While searching this Comedian (which I use loosely) I came across this little rant posted on a website forum for what appears to be other "comedians". Dan Sally appears to be taking this all in stride (very adult I might add). Mr. Donovan appears to be pretty upset and angry with Loren Coleman. I wonder why? Well lets all read the response (with my inserts for my own comedic take on this. I think I'm freaking hilarious) Mr. Donovan sent to Loren Coleman for posting on Cryptomundo, after this fiasco from hell.

The following is his entire posting (edited for specific pieces of profanity, in letter form to Loren) which can be found HERE

Shawn Donovan: Hey Loren, You are an absolute (edited for a word that rhymes with ick).

Melissa: Wow, that's adult, and very professional. Turd.

Shawn Donovan: I tried to do something nice for you and the museum, and you throw it in my face because it didn't go well. You knew what my act was like before you agreed to have me set it up. You saw my clips yourself. If you didn't think I was funny, that's okay it's your opinion. I know not everybody has the same sense of humor as I do, but don't act like you were fooled or that I even tried to deceive you.

Melissa: Newsflash for ya.. It failed not because Loren found you unfunny, it failed because others found your humor distasteful and insulting. You also relied on the artwork created by others and posted online, to create the attendance.

That's why it failed.

You would have been better off hiring a psychic, to send out word telepathically.

Shawn Donovan: I put a lot of effort into the event.

Melissa: Yeah? Really? As I said above, you appear to be the only person in the history of bigfoot events, who could not get a crowd to turn out, if nothing else to hear Loren's theories of Bigfoot. Which by the way are far more entertaining than yours. Now that I think about it, you should have handed Loren your mic for the night. Loren could have pulled them off the street. You seriously blew it.

Shawn Donovan: I got a guy who's been on Conan O'Brien 3 times to headline.

Melissa: That was your big advertising ploy? Where were the dancing girls to go along with your sense of humor? I could be wrong, but judging by the responses, the dancing girls and $20.00 bills (OK, the economy is bad, $10.00 bills) are all I can see that were missing..

Shawn Donovan: Another guy was on Comedy Central.

Melissa: You have connections to comedians with Comedy Central? Hey, do you have Larry the Cable Guys number? I bet he could really give you some pointers on your act. "Git er dun". (No offense intended to Larry The Cable Guy. He is a true comedic genius and Ron White ROCKS!!!!) Hey, you should have called Ron White, his brand of sick humor works great. I wonder why it's not working for you.

Shawn Donovan: Sure the turnout was shitty, the bar put a stupid non-descriptive ad in the paper and didn't do the publicity they said they were going to do.

Melissa: Now it's the fault of the bar? You were the one responsible for the advertising as you were the person in charge of the event.. That was your mistake letting others be in charge of the promotion. How do you book comedians, with the names and backgrounds of those who appeared, and have such a horrible turnout? That is the bigger question in all this.

Advertising baby, which was your responsibility.

Shawn Donovan: I personally handed out fliers at USM.

Melissa: Personally, as opposed to placing fliers on car windshields? Classy !! Good Job. Way to put your back into it.

Shawn Donovan: I called radio stations trying to get plugs for it on the air. The thing is, sometimes it doesn't matter how much advertising you do, sometimes people just don't show up. That's the nature of the business. Nothing is guaranteed. And yes, if the room had filled up, we all would have profited from the event, but in reality I ended up losing money. I lost money so you could be ungrateful.

Melissa: No, the thing is, you lost money, because you did not advertise the event you were putting on. That was your fault. That was not Loren Coleman's. Loren was correct in assuming you would handle all facets of this event, that was the understanding admitted by you. Nothing is guaranteed, but you better bet your ass (if things go poorly) the person in charge will be the one to catch hell, and a good "promoter" takes the criticism and learns from it, so it does not happen again. You seem to be unwilling to learn from this major catastrophe. This quote is good:

"I called radio stations trying to get plugs for it on the air".

Now judging by the word "trying" you didn't accomplish it. Why was that? Did you suddenly find out on air advertising costs money? That would be the only logical reason why it didn't happen. The stations wanted money, you were unprepared to shell out. It's all about the money honey. Radio and television will advertise a projected alien landing date if the check arrives.

Shawn Donovan: I took the financial risk for you and the museum, did all the legwork, and felt really bad that it didn't turn out better -- until reading your obnoxious post (the title is hilarious though, I'll give you that).

Melissa: If you're talking about the "Bene-farce" title, that was not Loren, please give the blogger on this site proper credit for being so spot on with his word usage. He deserves credit for that. That was pretty funny huh? And he isn't even a comedian!!! Maybe you should have hired him?? Financial risk, I must have missed where Loren Coleman held a gun to your head and forced you to offer to put on this event.. Could you help this girl, and my readers out?

Hey, don't be a crybaby, leg work is good exercise and keeps your leg muscles nice for the ladies. I'm sorry, I forgot this was about you, so back to it.

Shawn Donovan: Then you have the gall to play the victim??

Melissa: As opposed to you? The person responsible, the person who took a no brainer, and basically drained the gray matter from it? Judging from this letter, you seem to be playing martyr very well too.

Shawn Donovan: You didn't lose anything on the event except maybe a night out.

Melissa: Yes, but in all fairness to Loren, the weekends on Comedy Central are great (hint, hint, elbow, elbow) and there were a bunch of really good holiday movies he missed.

Shawn Donovan: And yes, we all thought you were an ass for walking out (we also thought you were an ass when you said that the bigfoot statue should be pointed at my girlfriend's chest). Any rational human being would think that.

Melissa: I would have walked out too (back to leg work). Loren wasn't the only person who walked out, he was just the only you noticed that was gone. It's stunning how oblivious you really were to what was happening around you. I am all for "carlinesque" comedy, but pro-rape comedy? At a Bigfoot event? Seriously? You figured "I will get some names to do this show, that will mean limited advertising (word of mouth and their blooming careers and all) throw out Conan O'Brien's name - WAMMO instant hit. You could sit back, and count the cash.

I guess in the end, the joke was on you.

As for the "chest commentary".. Did you giggle when you typed that?

You couldn't have typed that with a straight face..


You did?


Shawn Donovan: My sister and my girlfriend even bought copies of your book. I tried to do a really nice thing for you and you didn't even thank me for trying. Why?? Because no one showed up to support your museum?? Or because you didn't like some jokes?? Jokes you have heard before?? Get over it. If you're so easily offended, don't leave the house.

Melissa: Loren Coleman does not get offended easily. Which is what I find so interesting about all this. Something pretty offensive must have been said to make Loren Coleman walk out of the building and not take his final bow, if for no other reason than to be polite. Something very bad happened, and I'm not sure we have even heard all of it yet.

Question Mr.Donovan, I have some coffee mugs for sale, do you think you sister and girlfriend would be interested? I hear they bought those books at a reduced price?? Heck, Loren never offered me a deal like that.. (Loren, we need to talk).

Shawn Donovan: I guarantee you don't have the guts to post this on Cryptomundo because you'll only want to propagate your opinion.

Melissa: I do. Maybe he didn't post it, because you had your shot, you blew it, or maybe it was your potty mouth? I don't know it's just a guess.

Shawn Donovan: You're truly a sad, lonely, old man. You are living proof that no good deed goes unpunished. I hope your museum folds.

Get Bent, Shawn.

Melissa: Shawn ends this letter with one final closing shot to Loren Coleman "Get Bent". Now that is the definition of professionalism. Way to go Mr. Donovan, that sure did make you look like the bigger man in all this. I can't say I am best friends with Loren Coleman, but I can say I have known him long enough to know, lonely and sad is the last thing anyone who knows him would define him as.

Mr. Donovan, take responsibility for the mess you created. It's not everyone else's fault, it's yours. You admit Loren was to simply show up. Now, had you been really smart about this, you would have worked with Loren using his connections as well. You chose to do this on your own, and it flopped. You didn't even take into account your target audience, I'll bet you don't even know what that is. Be an adult, the failure was yours, plain and simple.

I know that, and I wasn't even there. Pretty smart for a crazy bigfooter huh??

November 25, 2008

Bene-foot or Bene-farce?

Bene-foot or Bene-farce?

Article courtesy of Rob Carignan,
Portland, Maine (Kimble)

Living in Maine, you sometimes think that only Alaska must feel less connected to the rest of the continental US. After all, Maine only borders ONE other state with only ONE major highway that crosses ONE major bridge to us.

The Sasquatch world seems far removed from Maine. Even Eric Altman's East Coast Bigfoot Conference is a 12+ hour drive away. Thus, it was with excitement that I looked forward to Bene-foot: a Comedy Benefit for the International Cryptozoology Museum held at the Empire Lounge Nightclub, in Portland, Maine.

The Empire Lounge is in the old Maine National Bank building on Congress Street in Portland's downtown. The building's architecture is noteworthy for its pink granite walls. The second floor venue reflects the current trend in renovated Maine buildings: a gutted ceiling exposing beams and duct work.

The event was organized by Shawn Donovan, a comic from Boston, who brought three other funny men to Portland for the show. Two of them, Paul Nardizzi and Dan Sally, have had some national recognition with appearances on Conan O'Brien and Comedy Central, respectively. The third was a comic friend of Donovan's.

The show was absolutely horrible.

Sparsely attended, the comedy was not just unfunny, it was offensive. Donovan's jokes were banal and fell so flat he had to explain his punch-lines - or lack thereof. Even his attempts at self depreciating humor missed the mark. The majority of the evening’s attempt at comedy revolved around offensive jokes against blacks, gays, the mentally ill, women, sexually abusing children, get the idea. Nauseous. Maine may not be Boston, but I think we are a bit more sophisticated with our humor. A couple of audience members walked out early and were ridiculed. The rest of us who remained were ridiculed as well for not laughing. Bigfoot joke anyone? Sorry to say, there wasn't even a shot at ex Georgia cops or a freezer. Oh! Donovan did show the John F. Kennedy Assassination footage, and then attempted to link the "Grassy Knoll shooter" to Bigfoot running away in the Patterson Film. Crickets chirped.

The evening wasn't a complete waste, thankfully. Comedian Dan Sally was very funny and engaging with good timing. One wanted to hear his jokes told through. Unfortunately, well into his routine, he became sidetracked by the heckling team of Donovan’s sister and girlfriend.

By the time headliner Nardizzi came to stage, Donovan's stints between acts left Nardizzi little atmosphere to ply his trade.

As the hour struck eleven and this comic purgatory came to an end, the lights turned to Loren Coleman to say a few words. Loren had been in the back and had left. The two hecklers, Donovan’s girlfriend and sister, loudly expressed their displeasure in his disappearance, but no one listened. My only thought was “Who could blame him. I should have left too.” By now even the crickets were silent. The mike was opened so that anyone present could tell a funny joke. We just walked out.

Loren Coleman sent me an email thanking me for attending and apologized for the evening. It was not what he, or anyone, expected. Donovan was in charge of the promotion, the venue and ticket sales. As the benefactee of Donovan's very poorly planned Bene-foot, I'm sure he can only be thankful that it wasn't well attended. The deplorable part is that his name and that of the museum was used by Donovan to foist this upon us.

I once was in a local play that was so bad, it closed opening night and was never mentioned again by the local theater gang. It was terribly written and produced. I am confident that the Cryptozoology Museum will survive, but like that play, this event should be dead, gone and forgotten.

November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun :)

The Parot

A fairly quick study.

A young man named John received a parot as a gift. The parot had a bad attitude and an even worse vocabulary.

Every word out of the bird's mouth was rude, obnoxious, and laced with profanity. John tried and tried to change the bird's attitude by consistently saying only polite words, playing soft music, and anything else he could think of to "clean up" the bird's vocabulary.

Finally, John was fed up, and he yelled at the parot.

The parot yelled back. John shook the parot, and the parot got angrier and even ruder.

John, in desperation, threw up his hand, grabbed the bird, and put him in the freezer.

For a few minutes the parot squawked and kicked and screamed. Then suddenly there was total quiet. Not a peep was heard for over a minute.

Fearing that he'd hurt the parot, John quickly opened the door to the freezer.

The parot calmly stepped out onto John's outstretched arms and said,

"I believe I may have offended you with my rude language and actions. I'm sincerely remorseful for my inappropriate transgressions and I fully intend to do everything I can to correct my rude and unforgivable behavior."

John was stunned at the change in the bird's attitude.

As he was about to ask the parot what had made such a dramatic change in his behavior, the bird continued, "May I ask what the turkey did?"


November 21, 2008

I Want A Wooly Mammoth For Christmas

Here is a story that will either creep you out, or send you to your local Home Depot looking for a better security system for your home, or a bigger gun.

Just because we as humans "can" do something, should we?? I think this is just a bad idea.

The Times Online
Published:Nov 20, 2008

PARIS — Scientists said they had reconstructed around half of the genome of the woolly mammoth, a species that became extinct at the end of the last Ice Age some 11,000 years ago.

The sequence comes from DNA in hair snipped from two woolly mammoths whose bodies have been preserved in Siberian permafrost for tens of thousands of years, they reported in the British-based weekly journal Nature yesterday.

Important gaps in the picture remain, but even so, enough data is there to make a comparison between the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) and its closest living relative, the elephant, they said.

The two species are so similar that their DNA differs by just 0.6%, or about half the differences between humans and chimps.

The team, led by Stephan Schuster of Pennsylvania State University, notched up a first breakthrough last year by using mammoth hair to extract mitochondrial DNA, genetic material that is inherited from the female line.

The latest work focuses on nuclear DNA, or chromosome-bearing strands that have the most important protein-making software.

“We’re sequencing random fragments and believe we have 50 percent of the genome. We don’t yet know the full size of the genome,” co-author Webb Miller told AFP in a phone interview.

The hair technique marks a giant’s step forward compared to the previous method, which consisted of teasing DNA out from bone marrow in the remains of frozen marrow.

DNA of this kind can be badly damaged by bouts of freeze-thaw over the millennia, enabling water and bacteria to enter through porous bones.

But the keratin sheath of hair provided a surprisingly good shield for the DNA inside, said Miller.

The two mammoths from which the hair shafts were taken died around 20,000 years and 50,000 years ago respectively.

In addition to the new source for gene sequencing, the scientists have harnessed new technology that can unravel DNA code in a fraction of the time it took a few years ago.

Rebuilding the mammoth’s genetic code has fired speculation that scientists may one day revive this species and other Ice Age beasts on the lines of the Hollywood movie “Jurassic Park."

These creatures became extinct relatively recently, offering the possibility of recovering scraps of DNA from bodies that have been preserved in bitter sub-freezing chill.

Miller said it should one day be theoretically possible to replicate a mammoth — or rather, a mammoth-like animal — by taking the elephant’s genome, stripping out the code that is specific to the elephant and replace it with code specific to the mammoth.

The new code would be fused into an elephant’s egg, replacing its programming nucleus, and then be transplanted into a female elephant.

But, he said, such an endeavour was fraught with technical hurdles and would need lots of money.

If the interest to achieve it was there, the first step would be to be compare the genome of the elephant — its publication is expected next year — with a complete error-free genome of the mammoth.

“What will be possible some day in the future is to synthetically make all the substitutions within the elephant sequence,” he said.

“Doing that, you’re going to need to know the sequence. The work that we did represents a large step in that direction. We need to get not only the other 50% of the genome, but we need to sequence each base pair many times to make sure there are no sequencing errors."

Miller argued that the fast-track methods for gene sequencing and analysing could be of greater use in saving species today rather than reviving species of the past.

The team was poring the genome of the Australian marsupial called Tasmanian devil, whose numbers have been ravaged by cancerous facial tumours.

“We’re looking at the genome to make suggestions to guide the breeding programme, saying ‘a version of gene X is known to be associated with resistance to cancers, so you should save this individual and that individual,’ but also retain genetic diversity,” he said.

Why the woolly mammoth died out is a mystery in itself. Some scenarios blame climate change that destroyed its sources of food; others say it was wiped out by human hunters.

November 13, 2008

The American Bigfoot Society

The American Bigfoot Society is currently seeking members from across the country. We are currently accepting members for two fields of service.

Field Operations - This branch is for those who wish to be active field researchers or investigators. They are responsible for investigating sighting reports and engaging in group field activities.

Field Support Services - This branch is for the "armchair researcher". These folks will collect historical data on sightings and location, assist in information gathering on investigations, and supply information to the field teams.

If you can fill one of these rolls please visit our MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION link. Membership applications are being accepted regardless of what state you may live in. The American Bigfoot Society is a new organization focusing on active field research and the exchange of information. If this sounds like a group you would like to participate in, please check out our website at

We look forward to hearing from those as excited about this research as we are!!