September 10, 2009

ABS Salt Fork Expedition Report

The American Bigfoot Society April 2009 Expedition Report is now online.

Salt Fork State Park, Ohio.

September 7, 2009

The Grey Area Returns

Hey everyone. Yes, it's true. The Grey Area is back from a summer break, and stronger than ever. Here is a list of our upcoming shows. Our time slot of 9 Eastern/8 Central remains the same, every other Wednesday.

Here is the upcoming list of shows:

1. September 9th: Craig Woolheater of the TBRC will be on the program to discuss the upcoming Texas Conference scheduled for Tyler Texas.

2. September 23rd: Larry Battson will be on our show to finish our conversation about his own work within the field of bigfoot research. If you missed part 1, you can find it archived on our show page for blogtalk.

3. SPECIAL NIGHT (same time slot) September 30th: Michigan Recording Project Round Table discussion. During this hour we will discuss the Audio and information provided to the general public in reference to the work being performed by the Michigan Recording Project in Michigan. Guests to be announced.

Then the very next night

4. SPECIAL NIGHT (same time slot) October 1st: Round Table discussion of Ethics since the Michigan Recording Project disclosure. Do you know what "Ethics" really is? Guests to be announced.

5. October 7th: Thomas Steenburg. Tune in and hear about Tom's ongoing research in Canada. Maybe he will even discuss his filming for Monsterquest.

Tune in live and participate in the chatroom, or download the show on I-Tunes. As always we will be taking calls.