November 6, 2009

UPDATE Michigan Recording Project.

I thought Mr. Faulman wanted to remain anonymous?? Was that not the reason for waving around the NDA, and not answering questions??

Pat Barker of the MRP:

Although, I have to admit I'm still pretty self-righteously indignant about the fact that when you've tried to do everything right, tried to share in as forthright a manner as possible, given the fact that you've all signed non-disclosure agreements, none of that matters when you bring a little bit of it to the world wide web. Because the rules are different here. Even though you're trying to protect your witness and can't divulge all, because you can't divulge all, suddenly you're considered to be being hoaxed or are accused of having knowledge of a hoax, or it's suggested that your integrity is in question, or you may even be lying. WTF?

These are her words. Not mine. I am going to guess Pat and the rest of the MRP never thought this article would see the light of day. Especially not within the "bigfoot internet community".

This article in the Marion Press Newspaper speaks for itself.

I can not upload PDF articles to this blog (at least I haven't figured out how) so click THIS link, and it will take you to my site, where you can read it for yourself.

As one person who reads this blog said "BUSTED"!!!!!!!!!! What excuse will they use now to not answer questions? Mr. Faulman busted himself back in 2002.

*Update* I just found a site tonight so I can host this PDF file.

2002 Article in the Marion Press Newspaper