July 29, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I received the news, Teresa Hall has left the Bigfoot Forums. I was told to go check out a specific thread on the JREF, where she posted the news. So, I did.

Do I think Teresa is really gone?

Nope. Does anyone really leave?

Am I happy to see her leave the community completely?

Nope. Odd isn't it? Maybe it's because I have a cold.. No, I don't think that's it.

I don't know how I feel about Teresa's departure. Maybe, I will figure out how I feel about it, by the time I finish writing this article. This blog often times is a "theraputic" outlet. I type my thoughts, which, at times, start out fuzzy, then become clear. So much about this "community" confuses me. Who should we trust? Who should we talk to? Who is hateful? Who is really extending a hand of friendship? How do you tell the difference?

Teresa posted on the JREF, she wanted me (along with 2 others) to "leave her alone."

How do you make such a statement,

When you are front and center in the trashing of others? Why should anyone cut you any slack, and "leave YOU alone"?

I must admit, when I read her plea to be "left alone," I had a very primal reaction.

Since 2008, Teresa and her merry band of "friends" (far more than 2) have done whatever they could to make my life, hell. I have had some of the nastiest things posted about me, on the Internet, by these people ~ posted as if this information was true.

Teresa went right along with the lies told about me. She said nothing. I wrote specific blogs stating

"If you don't like me, or this blog, or my website, stay away. Leave me alone, and I will leave you alone!"

Did that stop Teresa and her friends? No, they said I was "playing the victim" and looking for "sympathy".

Did they "leave me alone"? Heck no. They didn't even stop to catch their breath.

When YOU know the truth, and YOU do not speak it, YOU are just as guilty for allowing a lie to run rampant. YOU could have spoke the truth, YOU chose not to. When YOU know the truth, and YOU speak the lie yourself ~ YOU are just as guilty.

Teresa and her friends just couldn't back off me. I have had to deal with far more mis~information, written about me, by this group of people, since 2008, than Teresa has ever had to deal with. Some of it she could have stopped, and chose not to. In fact, nothing on this blog posted about Teresa is untrue.

Teresa states she has been dealing with criticism for 3 months. Wow, that is horrible!! Wow, and I thought the more than 2 years of lies being told about me, by you, and your friends, was bad.


I feel better now. Yeah, that's sarcasm.

Teresa wants me to "leave her alone?"

I have mixed feelings about Teresa's departure from this community. Why? I will be honest and say, I have no idea why she turned on me in such a vicious way.

For those of you who do not know, I was (I thought) friends with Teresa Hall. All that changed in 2008. It was almost as if she was looking to start a fight with me, on everything from the Administration of the Searchforbigfoot, to the Internet show we hosted together, "Let's Talk Bigfoot". I won't go into the details of those disagreements (unless Teresa wants to dispute my comments) but needless to say ~ it was stupid. Why was it stupid? I have co-hosted 2 shows since then, and while I have disagreed with my co-hosts, during discussions in reference to new guests and show ideas, we all remain friends to this day.

There was no disagreement, Teresa and I, could not have worked out. Teresa chose to turn it into an issue that would end our friendship.

When you call someone "friend" you should be able to disagree, and not let that disagreement interfere with that friendship.

I was warned, "If Teresa leaves the Searchforbigfoot, one by one, all her friends will fall in line, and you will be the target." Those people were right. My god, it was like watching domino's fall. I defended Teresa, against these comments, about her. I actually told these people, "No, she wouldn't do that. We are good friends and we have much in common. Why would she do that?"

I have thought about this since Teresa left the Searchforbigfoot in 2008. Why?

When anyone loses a friend, they want to know, why? Well, unless they are a robot, they would like to know the answer to that question. Even as I sit here today writing this article, I don't think she was honest about her reasons for being so angry with me. If she was honest ~ Wow!

The Teresa I knew, was funny. She had a sense of humor. Teresa, and I, would laugh on the phone for hours. Her and I shared so much in common. I felt like she would be a friend I would have for life. Well, we all know how that panned out.

Some people have said,

This blog should be about Bigfoot, and not the drama surrounding the people. I don't necessarily disagree with those people. But, in my emotional journey with Teresa, I discovered something.

It's easier getting into the woods to find a 9+ foot, upright, bipedal primate, than it is to get to know some of the people involved in this, make friends and keep them.


It's the lack of trust. I never would have thought, Teresa, would have turned on me the way she did.

That my friends ~ is a warning, a warning everyone should be aware of. When I became friends with Teresa, I was under the impression, if I conducted my research in a way that was anchored in sanity, I would have no problems with the people in this research.

I was wrong,

Instead, once my friendship with Teresa fell apart, I had everything about my life questioned, from my health to my personal relationships, on Internet message boards ran by her friends. Teresa knew and still knows the truth of these situations, yet she has chosen to remain silent. On some of those issues she chose to speak, and when she did, she towed the line of the lie.

Why shouldn't I be upset about that? Anyone with an ounce of feeling would. I used to trust, but now I am very leery. Do you blame me? I don't blame others for feeling the way I do. Once bitten and all.

I don't hate Teresa, or anyone. I am however disappointed. I am disappointed in myself for not listening to people who told me, exactly, how this friendship would end. Yeah, I chose to believe Teresa and had faith in our friendship. Does that make me stupid? No, just someone who once believed, you should treat people the way you want to be treated. At least that is what I was taught by my Dad.

What makes me angry is this,

You should be able to rely on honesty from those who know it. Especially when it's the same people who lecture about truth, and honesty, and call themselves your "friend".

Teresa fell flat on her face, when it came to the "truth." Could she have stopped the lies? Probably not. But, she also never spoke out against it either ~ instead she even opened up the show (Let's Talk Bigfoot) to allow one of these lies to spread, even further.

Now, Teresa wants to be "left alone".

If you play with the emotions of others, Teresa, you don't have the expectation of being "left alone."

You go on and do whatever it is you need to do, Teresa. But, if you return (as I think you will) and allow these lies to continue, I won't "leave you alone". I will extend to you the same "courtesy" you extended to me. You allowed not just myself to be hurt by your need to be "popular", but you allowed my friends, and my family to be hurt (who found some of the hurtful things you said, and allowed on "Let's Talk Bigfoot.")

You say you are "not a force to be reckoned with," as the justification to be "left alone". Funny, I never thought I was either, and it never stopped you. Did I ever tell you I should be treated any special way? Hell no. I did, however, expect that as my one time friend, you would not allow lies, you knew were lies, to be told.

I would never allow lies to be spread about you, Teresa,

Regardless of how badly you have treated me. Still, to this day, I would defend you against a lie. I'm sorry you do not feel it necessary to return the same in kind.

This blog, is my outlet to express what I see right, or wrong, within this field of research and the larger community. I chose to allow my situation to be an example of what will happen to anyone who enters this "Bigfoot Internet community," and they don't keep their guard up.

Heck, I have had people in this community HATE me, because of the lies told. Once they actually took the time to talk to me, and get my side of the story, they are now friends. Yes, I should be upset about that. Wouldn't you be upset if people hated you, and you didn't know why? Then you find out their opinion is based on lies told by former friends?

Am I happy Teresa says she is leaving this community? No. Why, you ask? Because no one should have to feel the hurt, I and others, have had to endure. Some would call it karmic justice. I don't. I see it as something that could have been avoided, and a complete shame. Would it make Teresa "popular" to have told the truth?

Heck no.

But, should we care about our "popularity" when it comes to speaking the truth? Should "popularity" be the determining factor, in whether we decide the truth is important?

Everyone needs to answer that question for themselves.

As for "leaving you alone, Teresa"

I will.

But, you should not expect better treatment, from people, you have treated with complete and total disrespect. I am not celebrating your departure, as you celebrated the horrific things said about me. I will still continue to not allow comments about you that are not true, and I will always ask for proof of things you are accused of.

I wish you all the best, and good luck in the future.

Someday I might even forgive you. However, I will never forget what you did, and did not do.

Which is a shame, because I know at heart, you are a good person, who got caught up in friendships you wanted more. But, I refuse to allow you to blame me, for the drama you find yourself caught up in now. You made the decision, it was a choice you made. You could have picked another path - and did not.

You made that decision, not me. Even now, as I end this article, I am still not sure how I feel about your departure, Teresa. But, I wish you the best.

Which is far more, than you wished me.

July 27, 2010

Change can be a long process

I woke up this morning, and stumbled my way to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee. I sat on the couch for a little while, talking to Wayne before he went off to work. Once the man of the house was off to work, I decided to check my email.

It was at this time I realized, I had Blog comments waiting to be approved. One particular comment caught my attention.

“Ahh I see Melissa,

Well ya know, BFF was still abusive to people even when Bipto was there. People were still persecuted because they had experiences that didn't fall within the accepted norm. BFF has always crucified people due to their own limited understanding of the world.

I remember when you came on the bigfoot scene too. You were what many would consider part of the in-crowd, and thus you probably didn't even notice it. But there were people being beaten up at BFF all along, you just had your own thing going and could care less. So while you are praising Bipto for changes he 'can' make, you might consider this when holding back contributor comments because they NOW appear too volatile for your shifting position. Just because your personal background may not include the really negative experiences there a few years ago, it doesn't mean that hundreds of others didn't. BFF was just as bad then.

Part of the REAL problem is the paradigm of what the leadership wants/expects bigfoot to be. Partly because they are mostly armchair researchers who have limited experience. Anybody who has theories or experiences that don't fall within this narrow parameter, will always be on the attack from the MOB. That's a big part of the problem that needs to be fixed Mel, or the foundation for abuse will continue. And do you really think change will happen if you don't clean house of some of the screwed up leadership who encourage the bad behavior? So when you start playing nice and withholding posts because you know Bipto personally, well you end up thwarting the real change that's needed, that you advocate.

Little will change Mel unless they deal with the very issues that CAUSE most of the conflict. In management when you target change you can either address the symptoms (which is usually ineffective), or you address the cause and thus the core of the issue. Unfortunately it sounds like you are now influenced by your personal friendship with Bipto, but it was only ONE YEAR AGO that he left, and things were ALWAYS the same at BFF many years before that.

Read your own interview of him to remind yourself how BFF always was:

Just one example of the public perception:
" JohnCartwright, on Aug 22 2008, 06:19 AM, said:
1. Why do they allow personal attacks on witnesses at the BFF?"

Unfortunately in this situation, it will probably be as they say, 'the more things change, the more things stay the same'.

So Mel, just because you know the person in charge, think before you endorse the same old institutional status quo.

I hate the comments section of this Blog. Why? Because very astute comments are missed by the passing readers. My only option is to highlight them, by posting them on the front page.

This comment was posted Anonymously, and the person is correct, I understand exactly why. And, to clear up any confusion, I have not denied any comment to this Blog, on this issue, because even the hateful comments are a good example of what is wrong.

Honest answer, Anonymous, I just didn’t see your comments until this morning. I have refused comments that are filled with profanity (obviously your comments were not). Why? Because I used the word a*s once, spelled exactly that way, and received some angry emails.

My life these days is more about “Life” than bigfoot (whenever possible) Sunday, Wayne and I drove to the banks of Lake Erie for his grandsons 3rd birthday party (that time was actually cut in half, because of an interview I had agreed to months ago). Then yesterday, we went to a friends for a cook out, and did not return home until after ten… I know many think I live, sleep, eat and breath bigfoot. This has never been true. I enjoy the conversations, and I enjoy some of the people, but I enjoy life more, and always have.

Your comment however did get me to thinking. You’re right. But, let me explain something. I am not “defending” Brian Brown. I have been very outspoken on this issue, and as such, now that Brian has stepped up to the plate I feel it only fair to allow him a chance to “clean things up.” I want to see change. What I don’t want to see is Brian become so overwhelmed with the criticism he simply says “Screw you all, I am going to kill the site!” Or, even worse yet, “Screw you all, I am going to leave the site exactly the way it is, so you will really have something to complain about.” This would be unproductive.

But, I would rather the BFF disappear into the vastness of the internet abyss, rather than have it remain the same.

You know, you also brought up something I have discussed in the past. You’re right. I was accepted on the BFF. I was considered part of the “In” crowd. You should ask people (who know me) what I have thought about that, and even said in reference to that issue. I know why I was liked. I have a no nonsense way of discussing issues and expressing my opinion. I don’t beat around the bush, and often tell it like it is. The difference? I can express an alternate point of view, and not be insulting or harassing. There was one situation with a woman, but even today, I would tell her she is full of something very stinky. Not because I disagreed with her opinion, but because her opinion is and was offensive to women, and border lined on pornography.

Did I recognize the issues, on the BFF, I complain about now? You bet, I did. I even took the time to complain, all the way back then. I did as I was asked. I took it to personal message with Administrators. Nothing was done. Often, I never even received a response.

I became unpopular when I started to publicly defend people who were being treated unfairly during open discussions about their past and current work. The same questions asked and answered, over and over, in the very same thread. Every answer, exactly the same. That actually made me giggle.

Ask yourself this question folks:

If you are trying to garner the truth of a statement, do you think the answer will change if you ask the very same question on a message board, giving the person being questioned the opportunity to go back and check their prior answers?

I find this funny, because these are the same people who discuss how you should interview witnesses. If these are the interviewing techniques used for witnesses, we have real problems.

Anyway. I became unpopular, because I chose, long before leaving the BFF, to speak my mind about how people are mistreated in this field. I spoke privately at first, but then quickly realized, as much as the Administrators say they want complaints brought to them via Personal Message, they really don’t, but boy, do they react and react quickly if you voice your anger publicly.

When I first joined the BFF, I was so thrilled to be able to discuss the topic of bigfoot, I will be honest and say, I really didn’t pay attention to what was going on. I guess, if I had signed up on the BFF to be yet one more “troll in residence“ I might have paid more attention to who was doing, and saying what. I had been warned by many to stay off the BFF, for the very reasons, we discuss today.

In fact. My very first post on any message board, was to defend none other than Jim Flowers himself. I logged onto either the BFF or the BFD and seen Jim being attacked by someone. I posted a comment stating words to the effect "we should have respect for people who have done things and been involved in issues much longer than we have." Well, I don’t remember anyone calling me a “hero worshiper” after making that post, in fact I was told “You will fit in here, just fine.” Do I regret that now, knowing what I now know?


Why? Because if I had said (or said that today) about Dr. Meldrum, John Green or anyone else who has the perception of popularity, I would have been (and would) be publicly trashed by those who are sympathetic to Jim Flowers and his “friends”. Remember it was Jim Flowers, Blackdog and that group that started the “Hero Worship” ordeal. They didn’t seem to mind it though, when it was one of their own.

Was I wrong for saying it? No. Because it's true. My comment was however directed to the defense of the wrong person.

I really (I should bold that) became unpopular when I decided to look into the issues surrounding casting.


Had I known how hateful, some people involved in this research, could be, I would have never started all that work.

What’s odd about that is, I shouldn’t feel that way. No one should feel that way when they work hard to try and seek answers for themselves. People should always be encouraged to seek answers or educate themselves. To not do so, is to live up to the definition of “hero worship”. Why?

If you do not educate yourself, you are depending on the word of someone else. Does that sound familiar?

I was accused of trying to make Matt Crowley’s work meaningless, when in fact, my work had nothing to do with the verification of his work. I have said this a thousand times (or more) and still, I am accused of conspiring to make Matt Crowley look bad, as if my whole reason for being was about Matt Crowley and his destruction.

Matt Crowley’s work was to determine whether artifacts could be created on purpose. We know that is possible. I knew that was possible and said as much when I first heard about his work. That was a no-brainer for me. I specifically worked to find out what caused the artifacts, and how we can avoid them while casting in the field. That is the logical next step, if we as self described "researchers," do not want these “artifacts,” to happen in our field castings. If we do not guard against this, why even cast? Artifacts do not need to happen, as long as we observe proper casting procedures. Why wouldn’t we want to know what those procedures are?

The work of Matt Crowley and myself are two very different sets of work.

Yet, I was accused of all kinds of things. In fact Matt Crowley has a website practically devoted to me, and his assumptions about my life, and no one says a word.

How very scientific of him.

Yet, I type one word in reference to my casting, and I have the Crowley lap hound (Wolftrax) nipping at my heels and calling me filthy names (which has been allowed by some BFF Administrators) and telling people I have said things, I have never said. Why, you ask? It is my personal opinion, those who are sympathetic to Crowley, do not want you to think for yourself. They would prefer you hang on their every word and only get information from them. These same people (other than Crowley’s lap dog) told me privately during my work -- they loved my work and they were grateful I had done so much to try and figure out the solution to a very big problem. Some of those people are BFF Admin at this very moment, but they wouldn’t admit to this blasphemous thought or personal comment to me, in public.

Still to this day, I can't figure out what was so damaging about my work - in comparison to Matt Crowley's work. Was and is he angry because I did not try to verify his results? I have no clue.

I understand the hatred, more than anyone can imagine.

Did I do all this for the kudos? The fame? How about the fortune?

No. I did the casting work, because I don’t want to waste my time casting in the field and not be able to rely on the outcome. That’s all. There is no nefarious reason behind it. I did not do the work to unseat Crowley from his perch. I did it (by and large) for my own education. Heck, one of my very first postings about casting basically said “I don’t think you can use a casting agent to preserve dermal ridges, because the casting agent is so thick, it would destroy any of the fine dermal ridge evidence.”

See, I can be wrong too. Although I am sure you have been told I never admit that.

I left the BFF, not because I had become “unpopular” (not that you, anonymous, accused me of that). I left the BFF, when I realized not only were people being mistreated, but there was a concerted effort to keep people uneducated about the various issues going on behind the scenes in this field of research. Why should I, or anyone else, discuss what they are doing (on the BFF) when you get accused of horrific things, that have nothing to do with the issue at hand, or even true.

That standard of not educating the new researchers is now being extended to items such as books, where opinions of issues are allowed, with no knowledge of the actual content. This is encouraged by Redwolf, who used to yell “Educate yourself," or “Do your own Research.” I still hold that standard, as I feel it is important for people to have an opinion, but if at all possible, it should be an educated one, not one based in ignorance.

At this point, I am not endorsing anything about the BFF. I am saying, however, I think Brian should be allowed to clean up the problem. If he does not, I am fairly certain he knows what my response (and that of others) will be. I have made no secret of my distaste and my displeasure of the way the BFF has been handled over the years. Recently, it has gotten worse with Brian’s departure, that is crystal clear.

One person is told they are wrong to defend a friend, while another is told it's okay to throw around profanity and/or insults, because "it’s their opinion, and we can't stop that." Did I mention the "protected opinion" comes from a friend to many BFF Administrators?

I have no problem with skepticism or the voicing of skepticism. I have a problem, with skepticism that is used as a weapon to stop conversation. I have a problem with skeptics who have made “skepticism” a dirty word. Skepticism in the minds of some has become just another way to be a jerk, and get away with it.

I’m just voicing my opinion, I think the person is an idiot. Are you saying a skeptic is not entitled to an opinion?

These days, throw in the word “skeptic” and you can get away with some of the most hateful and profanity filled comments, not allowed on a message board. Anywhere else, you would be considered an internet Troll. Why? It’s almost as if people think being a skeptic is a protected minority in this country.

I am confused as to why, some (who are so vicious in their “skepticism”)would even post on a message board about Bigfoot.. To be quite honest. Seems like a big waste of time to me.

The longer, I am involved in this research (online), the more I realize, we know nothing. We know nothing because we can’t get past the name calling to have open and honest dialogue. Why this hostility is allowed on a site that calls itself the “Best place for Sasquatch talk on the net,” is beyond me.

I’m sure it could be, if people were allowed to discuss the actual research. It is my hope, Brian, will bring it back to that. I'm not saying we should all agree with each other, but there's a way to disagree, and be civil about it. If your Mom asked you a question, you thought was silly, would you call her stupid?

Of course not. You would simply say "I don't agree with that," and move on.

Why do we allow such hateful attitudes to take over, once someone turns on a computer? Do we think it makes us look more educated? Do you think (to the general public) it makes us more credible?

I should also say, I know Brian Brown. Am I friends with Brian? I wouldn’t call us friends. I think more often than not, if you were to mention my name to Brian, he would most likely respond with “What did Melissa do, Now?” Which always makes me laugh out loud.

I don’t email, call or correspond with Brian on any kind of “regular basis.” We know each other yes, and I think he tolerates me, but I would not think Brian would consider me one of his friends.

What I don’t think is lost on most in this community is, many of those who are BFF Administrators, now, are very disgruntled, and this goes back to their BFRO days. Why they feel the need to be so hateful to people who had nothing to do with their leaving the BFRO, and other organizations since, is beyond me.

Do you know what I find interesting about all this? When you think about how all this “drama” got started, it started long before me (although there are many who would like to make this my fault):

Those who left the BFRO, and are vocal about that departure, praised the BFRO and spoke on the BFF about how wonderful it was to be apart of such an organization. These same people (once they were unceremoniously discharged) couldn’t say enough bad things, and still do to this day. The same situation happened, when these very same people left the AIBR. The AIBR was the most wonderful place for bigfoot conversation that ever existed. Once these same people left the AIBR, they couldn’t publicly trash the group enough.

Did you know these same people did not like the BFF at one point?

Yep, that’s right. They formed their own message board “The Bigfoot Discussions Forms.” There, they could freely discuss their displeasure with the world of internet bigfoot research, the people involved, and bashed the BFF openly.

Now, these same people are BFF Administrators.

When I say “these people” I am talking about Teresa, Redwolf (Kathy Harper), Bittermonk (Sam Rich), Blackdog, Jim Flowers, Stacey Flowers, Wildman, Ty and GuyinIndiana, along with others. Some were involved in the BFRO, some were not. Some were AIBR, some where not. But, all met up on the Bigfoot Discussions Forum, and discussed their displeasure with the perceived stifling of their opinions within the BFRO, AIBR and the BFF. The website is still there (BFD) and can be read by anyone. Unless they cleaned it up (perception being what it is)

Yet others should just keep their mouths shut, because their opinion just isn’t important. They are just silly bigfoot researchers, trying to post on a bigfoot message board.

What is clear, is these people need to be in control. They are the “masters of their internet universe,” they don’t want that to change and will viciously attack anyone who casts doubt on their agenda.

I, among many, are living proof of that.

Do I consider myself a victim? Nope. Not at all. I would rather they attack me, than someone who might actually be hurt by their hateful comments, and have made myself a target, so many others could escape their wrath.

They just never knew that, until now.

In closing this lengthy article, let me say, Anonymous. You bring up good points, and I did not want you to think I was ignoring your observations or comments, and No. I will not withhold my displeasure if Brian does not clean up this mess.

I have the feeling he will though. The BFF has been too important, to him, not to. When you own a website and build it from nothing, it becomes a part of your life. You want to see do well, and have people take advantage of. Why else would you start a website?

Brian is no different I suspect. He just needs some time.

July 24, 2010

BFF Drama Update

Word on the street (or the Bigfoot Forums) is that Brian Brown has returned as Chief Administrator of the site. You can read this announcement for yourself HERE

I see this as a step in the RIGHT direction, and as such, I will back off criticism of the BFF and give Brian a chance to clean things up. I respect Brian and what he has worked hard to create, and as such I think it's only fair he have the opportunity to get this creation of his back on the right track.

Lets all support him in the work ahead of him. I will.

July 17, 2010

Dear Anonymous.

In a response to my latest article,"What the Heck" a comment came in, and was posted. I decided to put this response by me to a specific portion of that comment, on the front of this blog.
The person has chosen to remain Anonymous through multiple postings, but I think what this person says is interesting and requires a response. I would hate for this specific statement to be lost in the comments section of this blog.

Anonymous said:
"I have seen Melissa in action on other forums/boards so I know what she's like, or maybe I should say I'm basing my opinion on how she presents herself." End Quote.

I'm sorry, do you know me? I don't think so. Have you ever spoken to me about my thoughts, and how I approach issues? Do you know what is important to me, and not? I doubt it.

How I present myself? Is there a way one should present themself on the internet? Is there a rule book? I see you have been arguing the BFF Staff should present itself anyway it wants - yet, I and others should present ourselves in a way which pleases you, and those sympathetic to the BFF cause?

Explain to me how that works in your mind.

My actions on other forums? Let’s see, I was banned from one forum, after I and a friend busted a hoaxer. Seems the hoaxer is friends with the Owner and some staff members (at least this is the "official" reason, and the banning notification came countless months after it happened). I know this person is a hoaxer, because I spoke with the person he worked with on this project (by phone), and was told “The photo is legit, but they have been doctored”. Yeah, I should just be quiet about that kind of thing, right?

I was removed from another board once a relationship broke off. He was a member of that particular group, I was not. I in no way violated any of their posting guidelines. Big deal, moving on.

I have only been talked to or warned about postings I have made on the BFF once – and that was for defending a person whose mother was being called a “drug addict”. I sat there for at least a half hour and watched BFF Admin come in and out of that thread, before I said anything. One can only assume it was because of who the comment was directed at. Are you going to tell me the BFF Admin needed to discuss how to handle that situation? No one is that stupid (at least I hope not). I already discussed another situation on the BFF so, I won't bore you with those details.

How did I handle that warning sent by Teresa Hall? I sent an email to Paul and Brian telling them I would not be returning if this was acceptable behavior on the BFF. I returned once to correct misinformation about myself and a specific organization. Other than that, I do not waste my time.

Tell me Anonymous, how would you feel if you or someone you loved was called a drug addict or something equally as bad. So, how do I know what happens on the BFF?

I am told, DAILY. I am thanked daily for my strength in speaking up about this issue, and from more than just banned members. I hear from current BFF members who are sick and tired of the favoritism and the inability to discuss topics without being verbally assaulted by the Staff or other “friends” of Staff. Are they trying to talk about “crazy things”? No. They simply do not share the opinions held by the staff.

You don't know me, or anything about me, so your comments about how I present myself, are really about as valid as any opinion I could express about you, Anonymous. I could also say there is something to be said about a person who posts such hateful comments about someone, and does so, “Anonymously”.

I bet your attitude would change if you were placed in the bulls eye of certain BFF Administrators - you wouldn't be so critical of me, and would most likely fully understand what I am talking about.

I have some homework for you "Anonymous". Go onto the BFF and find one of the many threads which have discussion of my "Pink Forum" (which isn’t pink, so I can only assume they are color blind). These comments and conversations have been going on, long before I ever posted a negative word on this blog about the BFF. Tell them it is wrong to discuss these things, they should leave me and my members to do what we wish and just simply ignore me and my site - and let’s see what happens to you. Did you miss what happened to the BFF member who defended Dr Onion on the BFF? I bet you won’t get nearly as far on the BFF as you have gotten on this blog. Post there, the same things you posted here.

Just let me know when you do it, so I can grab some popcorn. It's going to be fun to watch as you have your backside handed to you, just before you get banned for arguing with a Staff Member, and telling them how to run their site.

Odds are you are friends with those in control of the BFF, so it wouldn’t matter anyway. I figure that, since you think you know so much about me, and in that one statement parroted comments made by specific BFF Administrators. You know, I could be wrong. The BFF has been rescinding warnings levels since all this started, so you might be just fine.

You also said:

I've just been around the internet on this subject for about 8 years

Funny, that’s about how long the BFF has been in existence. So, you are most likely more than just passively concerned about this topic, as you would like me and the readers to believe.

Since you have been around so long, why don't you tell the readers of this blog how the comment below would be received by certain members of the BFF Admin team, if said to anyone but a friend of certain BFF Admin.

It's a good thing it was Jim Flowers (friend of certain BFF Admin) or HRPuffnStuff would have been the victim of a blood bath, or called a "Hero Worshipper" (Phrase coined by JimF and his friends for such comments). You sure as hell couldn't say that to Dr. Meldrum on the BFF and walk away with your pride intact. Stop pretending like this does not happen on the BFF. If you have been around it for 8 years, you know better, and shame on you for pretending like these things don't happen.

I am all for the expression of opinion and ideas, but they should be your own, and not come after someone has put you up to it.

I wish you all the best “Anonymous”. But you shouldn’t lecture one person on their “behavior” and not be equal in your judgment of others.

July 15, 2010

What the Heck?


Who would have thought a woman (who posts on many boards) as "Dr. Onion" could be such a complete trouble maker, that the staff of the BFF would feel it necessary to dog pile on her?

That's exactly what happened yesterday.

Why? Well, it all got started because of a thread (on the BFF) about a good friend of hers (and mine) Joedy Cook. You see Joedy has this hand cast, he received from a person who casted it in the State of Ohio. Is it a gorilla? Is it a bigfoot?

Who knows.

But, Joedy had the nerve to make this cast available for "Monsterquest". I swear that show has been the best, and the worst thing that ever happened to this field of research. "Monsterquest" was damned if it did, and damned if it didn't, within the inner circles of this community of researchers. If you agreed to be involved with the program, you had a target placed on your back..


In this BFF thread, Joedy Cook is compared to Tom Biscardi. I am willing to bet not one person on the BFF administration team has spent any time with Joedy Cook. For that matter, many people who call themselves bigfoot researchers. The majority in this, only know Joedy from "Monsterquest". That does not seem to matter. The accusation was put out there, so anyone can decide for themselves.

Is there anything posted, in that thread in the the form of proof, that Joedy Cook is a hoaxer, on the BFF (after 2 years)?


So, Dr. Onion finds this thread for the first time, on the BFF, Wednesday. Which had been revived on Monday. Dr. Onion decided to make her opinion known.

In response, a BFF Moderator by the name of "Masterbarber" says this:

Does it matter? This is her opinion (pay attention to number 2):

Dr. Onion perceived an implication, that's all that should matter. It would appear others were allowed to discuss what they felt was an attempt by Joedy Cook to hoax. Why is that allowed, yet a post in his defense is not? I really don't get that. But, Masterbarber does not stop there. If a member says they are upset by comments on the BFF or any message board, it is not your job to decide whether their opinion is valid. It's their opinion.

This is posted by Masterbarber:

As a member of the staff of the BFF, shouldn't you be above these kinds of childish tactics? Not only did Masterbarber belittle Dr. Onion and her right to have a differing opinion from the thread, but he copies part of a post by Dr. Onion, strikes through a portion of that post, and adds in his own wording. Where is the exact BFF guideline wording that states, "Members may not express disapproval of an opinion". Please point that out. Whether Joedy was accused of hoaxing or not, the insinuation is there, as Dr. Onion felt the need to express her displeasure of the comments.

You know, it's not like Dr. Onion said,

"Accepting some dumbass who claims to be an expert in a field he doesn't even understand and evidently you don't either."

No, that was blackdog. Apparently that was perfectly fine. In fact I believe a member of the BFF Staff said, Blackdog is entitled to his opinion. Blackdog was not openly reprimanded or forced to explain his "opinion". Favoritism? Absolutely.

And the staff of the BFF wonder why there is a boycott of their site.

This is one of the most ridiculous actions I have ever seen, taken by an administrator. In fact one BFF member had the guts to stand up for Dr. Onion, until that person was silenced. That is actually funny because this other member defending Dr. Onion was very calm and collected. This member raises very good points, but the response was simply "shut up or else".

If you ask me, the disruption came when 4 staff members dog piled on Dr. Onion. One even went so far as to make a comment (or was it a warning) about her "past posting history".


Do you mean when she expressed her opinion back in 2008? Yeah, Dr. Onion is out of control. Anyone who posts a dissenting opinion every 2 years is a serious problem and needs to be reigned in, immediately!!.

This is my favorite part:

Why did no BFF staff member step in and scold this person, who is clearly stirring the pot, and completely off topic? I guess Dr. Onion is much more dangerous, and must be silenced! Or, maybe, JohnWS is simply expressing the thoughts of the BFF staff, so they don't have to say it themselves? JohnWS is in this "clique". Paranoid are we?

As if Dr. Onion is so dumb she needs to be fed an opinion by me or members of my forum? Actually, Dr. Onion posted her thoughts on that BFF thread, THEN, told me about this. I have never asked or even insinuated she should go to the BFF and intentionally start trouble. I have in fact asked staff members of the to stay away from the drama, that is the BFF.


Because of the threat for them to be banned, if they did show up and participate. Since that threat, anyone who is known to be a participating member or staff member of the, has been piled on like this - on the BFF. So, they at least follow through with threats.

So, my response to this is, grow up!

While Dr. Onion knows how I feel about the BFF, she will tell you I have told everyone I know, to make up their own minds, and do what they are comfortable with - on everything not just bigfoot.

By the way, I am most appreciative to the BFF for reducing my "warning level", Which I received for defending a persons mother who was being called a drug addict on the BFF. (Does anyone find it a coincidence the person who was attacked was the mother of Autumn Williams?) But, if you think for a second, I intend to back off, or shut up, you have all, seriously, lost your minds. I am done with the BFF, as are many good and decent people involved in this research. The BFF was once a place where we could talk and discuss ideas and opinions, now it is simply a place to go and be harassed and insulted (with the blessing of the staff). Do what you wish, I really don't care, ban me, I have no intention of ever returning. The Administrative team of the BFF allowed a good person to be attacked, by no less than 4 members of that staff - if that is not uncalled for, I don't know what is. To those who are decision makers on the BFF, if what I say about your site bothers you, then stop being such raging jerks. It really is that simple. Otherwise, you can look forward to many posts like this in the future.

I don't want to ever be apart of something like that.

I am sure, if I am banned, it will be for posting these comments from the BFF.. Lord knows they can't allow any of their idiotic decisions to make it out into the public domain, where they might have to answer for them. Does anyone really think complaints of heavy handed tactics, by the BFF staff, will be addressed if you send a member of the BFF staff a personal message? Please.. That will turn into the biggest waste of your time, and most likely land you in the bulls eye of their target of discontent.

By the way H.R. Puff and whatever your name is,

An opinion is an opinion held by the person voicing that opinion (see definition above). There is no "rule" that anyone must explain their opinion, so you understand it, I don't care if you are an administrator, and have requested a clarification. Apparently, it's not your opinion, especially if you don't understand it. If this is a new rule on the BFF, then you need to get back in those threads, and ask Redwolf why she feels the need to trash something she is ignorant of. How about the opinions expressed by Blackdog? No one understands his opinions/rantings, yet he spews them all over the BFF, to the detriment of the BFF. When have you or Masterbarber demanded he explain his opinion to your satisfactions?

What posting guideline did Dr. Onion not follow, that required you to step up and tell her she needed to explain her opinion, when asked by staff member? That is very self-important of you all to think you have that kind of power over the thoughts and opinions of the BFF membership.

And don't tell me you are trying to head off drama in the threads. That is a tired argument, and clearly not true (again, see above comments re:Redwolf, Blackdog).

Yeah, not reading a book, yet trashing the content and its author, is forming an opinion out of ignorance, and you should be curious about that.

I wonder why you're not.

Practice what you preach within your own ranks, then come lecture the rest of us. By the way. I notice the conversation that Dr. Onion and the other member was told to stop, is now continuing this morning...

For those interested in this embarrassment of an exchange, you can read it HERE

On a related note.

I would like to express my condolences to Joedy Cook and his family. Joedy's daughter, lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis, on Tuesday morning (07-13-2010). It is the worse pain a person can feel. This little girl had more strength and courage than most adults I know.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Joedy.

July 8, 2010

BFF Lurker thoughts.. Interesting.

This comment was sent to me via personal message on my forum. I am re-posting with permission. I know who this person is, and am keeping that person's identity anonymous. I know what happens when you speak out publicly against the BFF.

Sent 07/06/2010 @04:27 PM

Hey Mel,

I wanted to say Hi and tell you I am reading this book right now. I was reading what you were saying about the BFF and everything seemed okay when they were talking about the fact or fiction aspect of the book...but when it started getting personal I was so disappointed. At one point ( I think it was Redwolf..I don't know her real name) basically made snide comments about how the only reason anyone gives Autumn any attention is because of what she looks like.

It actually showed me a lot more about how Redwolf, JayleeD and Teresa are as women than anything else. I simply cannot stand women who judge other women by their looks. Have we learned nothing about the evolution of women's spirit? It's a funny though because I have read Dian Fossey's book and Jane Goodall's books and no one talks about what they looked like. There was a lot in Dian and Jane's books that they thought no one would believe. But you know that Leakey put them out there because he believed women are better researchers in such cases, and it has nothing to do with looks.

It just made me so sad when I read how they were being over on the BFF....I want to tell them what I think...maybe I will and see if they ban me...hahahaha. I just could not believe how petty and ignorant they are being. I remember them being the same way about you....and it just put me off...I usually hang around women who do not judge each other on how they look. I hate superficial bulls*t...but that's how they are I guess.

I don't really even know anybody over there anymore and it seems like everyone I liked came over here! Anyway I am liking Autumns book so far and you know why? Even if it is is exactly the kind of stuff that Fossey did when she was studying the's about becoming part of their world, not making them adapt to ours...but to do that you would really have to live where they are over an extended period of time.

Anyway...I also feel that even if I saw a bigfoot creature...I would not tell anyone about it....because I just don't see any good coming from it...I don't think these creatures need us in any way shape or form...they've been fine without us for years....the only thing I'd worry about is habitat loss...we just need to keep land wild for them. They'll be fine if we do that. is good to see people having civil discussions here...

take care

July 7, 2010

Stop the Presses!!!

Former Bigfoot Forums Moderator "RedRatSnake" sends an Email to Steve Streufert at Bigfoot's Blog ..

And, does RedRatSnake have something to say!! Good for you RRS!!

You can read his email (posted with permission) on "Bigfoot's Blog" by clicking THIS link. Scroll down the page, his email is posted right above "Angry bigfoot speaks"

I think for the first time, those who are speaking out against the BFF, are being heard - and this is not going to just go away for those in charge of the BFF.

I remember telling at least one member of the BFF Admin team a year or two ago, After Autumns mom was called a drug addict on the BFF and it was allowed. Eventually - they would upset someone who they could not control, and they WOULD regret it.

Has this finally happened, in the form of Bigfoot's Blog (Steve Streufert)??

RedRatsnake, you are starting to regain the confidence I lost in you.

July 5, 2010

Oh,, Steph Responds!!! Collecting Bets Tomorrow :)

I posted the comment Steph sent to my blog, as I would never deny someone the right to defend themselves. But, then I said to myself,

"self, why not put her reply, right on the front page?"

Steph appears to be very happy with her reply. I should make sure everyone can read it. It really is the only fair thing to do, and well I do have my selfless moments from time to time.


Too bad Steph didn't allow the comments to her blog, I know were sent to her directly (because I read them) like she promised she would.

Huh....Maybe she just forgot about those silly emails disagreeing with her assessment of Billy Willard?

Here is Stephs response to my blog, where I devoted an entire article to her misinformation about an expedition she didn't even think about looking into or asking simple questions before she posted her hate filled article about Billy Willard. Way to be front and center with ALL the info Steph.

Apparently Steph can dish it out, but she can't take it.

Steph writes:

oh ya, better go read your own article. "Billy Willard and I put together an expedition that included researchers from 5 different organizations, with 30+ researchers, from 10 different states."

I think the conversation is over. ive answered you on my blog.Ya it may be ba a rag blog as you like to call them. im not trolling for anything just ran across your critical whiney self-promoting page. Thanks for the conversation but ive seen and had enough for now.

End of Quote

YEAH!!! wheww, I almost reverted into a lively round of "I know you are, but what am I!!" Hahaha..

First of all, what is a "ba a rag blog"? I know I never said that. Why? I don't even know what that means..

I did read the article, I wrote it sweetie. Did you score low in reading comprehension? Well, school isn't what it once was, or so I have been told.

Nowhere did I post in that article, all 30+ people were on the property for the entire 7 days. You took a run down of the participants, and tried to turn it into something sinister. I can understand your need to play "Gotcha" but, that just comes across as desperate.

Okay (big sigh from me) point to where it says (another dramatic sigh)"All 30 people were on the property the entire 7 days", and you will win a big beautiful gold star. Hell, I will give you two, but no more than that, greedy.

This is why you should never post angry.

Which reminds me, I should find some really cute smiley faces for this blog.

You're right, this conversation is over. I have far more important things to do, like pulling out my fingernails, or even better, getting my wisdom teeth yanked (without Novocaine/ No-va-caine). Yeah, I can think of so many other things I would rather do, than try to reason with someone who can't admit when they are wrong.

Steph, you were busted causing trouble, and you got your pride handed back to you (along with a specific body part). If you want to complain about being critical and self-promoting, and whiney, please take the time to read your own blog, take a nice long read. I have seen you post more hate, than anything to help further this research.

Me thinks someone is jealous...

I used to think you were smart, now I just lump you in with your friends - Teresa, Jim, Blackdog, Redwolf and the rest (oh, you didn't tell people?). You are no better. In fact, your animosity is so high for people in this, it really makes me wonder why your involved. I remember when you first came on the scene. You started out posting comments to this blog. Not many, but you did. You were so nice and cheerful. What happened to you?

Usually when people are wrong, they just admit it. Now, before you get your panties in a wad, I usually don't have to admit to being wrong. Why? (You ask in a questioning voice) Well, my little toad stool, I ask questions and get the facts, (pay attention here Steph, this could be a critical moment in your blogging career) before I publish an article to this blog. If you would do that very simple thing, you wouldn't be on the defensive tonight, and posting in such a foul mood.

Maybe someone just woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

All kidding aside,

You have no desire to know Billy Willard or anyone outside your own little group of hate mongers in this field of research. I know exactly why you went after Billy. The reason is not hard to figure out, once everyone knows the company you keep. Your only interest is spawning more anger and hate, and you will do it for others if necessary. That's fine, but I really think you should be honest with yourself and everyone else. I bet by the time you finished reading the articles about your friends (on the way down the page to your article) you were all dis·com·bob·u·lat·ed (figured I would sound it out for you with your comprehension problems and all).

I suppose showing everyone your bigfoot video is out of the question?? Aww too bad. I would have enjoyed watching you defend it against your pals. I heard you peddled it pretty hard in certain circles. Makes me wonder why you won't release it for everyone to see - since you believe it is so important to be critical of everyone else. I wonder what you would do, if that pointing finger came back at you.

Oh, dang NEVERMIND. Thank you for showing me. :)

By the way, IF you responded to me on your blog, I really don't care. Your comment here, show me how little I should care about anything you say. Oh, and yes, you are a troll. The things you have said about me in the past, were not original, not even your work and well, made me feel bad that you needed hits on your trash rag of a blog so bad, you would resort to such tatics. I rarely feel bad for someone, but you hit my soft spot there Steph.

Dangit, you did it again. I need to grab a tissue.

Again,thank you for not proving me wrong. Man, you had me worried! I had 50 bucks riding on whether you would post in a positive manner, or be as hate filled as always. Guess which side of the bet I took.

I will spend the money wisely. TOOTSIE ROOLS FOR EVERYONE!! Except Steph. Steph is a big meanie..:)

FYI, you didn't just happen on my blog. You have been here off and on since I wrote the article about you. I have a site meter - geesh. At least TRY to tell a convincing lie...

Best of luck to you Steph :)

July 4, 2010

Why is this so important?

I have been reading the various comments about this current situation with the BFF.

One person posted to "Bigfoot’s Blog", they didn't understand why this was such an important issue and the BFF should be allowed to function as they choose.

I sat here for a day or two thinking about this. Sure, the BFF can function however they like. They make their own rules, and people can choose to sign up or post.

I suddenly realized why this issue bothers me so much.

No, it has nothing to do with my own treatment by these people. Look at the front page of the BFF, you will see the wording "The Web's most popular one-stop shop for sasquatch talk". The name "Bigfoot Forums", its extensive list of members (most of which sign up and never post, but you wont read that on the BFF banner) makes it appear to be the most important message board to discuss bigfoot on the internet.

"Everyone talks about Bigfoot here on the BFF" is inferred. That is so not true.

Take a second, and ask yourself these question.

1. "How many researchers have YOU talked to, that told YOU they knew about the bigfoot forums, and would never post?"

I stopped counting that number a long time ago.

2. "How many witnesses have YOU spoken to, who have told YOU they went to the bigfoot forums hoping to find someone who might understand what they were dealing with. They read the site and decided to stay away from bigfoot researchers because of the hostility, or because they posted about their own experience on the BFF only to be called a liar, a hoaxer and ran off the board?"

3. "How many witnesses have asked YOU, "Do you post on the BFF?" Would you say "Yes"? Or would you pause to consider the answer, and it's affect on your witness?

You should pause. Why? Because that means they have been reading the BFF, and they are wondering if you will be treating them with the same disrespect they have seen given to others. I tell them, "I once did, but I do not anymore." That comment is usually followed with (by the witness) "Good, cause I'd throw you off my property if you were involved with "those" people."

My dad always said, "If you have to hide what you're doing, then you probably shouldn't be doing it."

I know I am not the only person who has heard those specific comments from a witness, as it is talked about privately among most researchers. I can't be the only one, because I hear it all the time.

Take a minute and really think about those questions, and your answers. Whether we agree with what happens on the BFF, we are all lumped into this same group, because the BFF touts itself as the place all researchers want to be (whether they say it or not, that is the impression). I haven't been on the BFF since last year (posting). Still to this day, if I talk to a witness, inevitably the name BFF comes up, and they tell me how they went there, and just went away. "What's the point?" They say, "They will only call me names?" or "They say they want you to talk about your experience, but when you do, they attack."

In fact, I heard these comments from the last witness I spoke to face to face. Let me tell you now, whether the question is justified or not, if a witness feels the question was posed in a rude manner, they WILL assume this WILL happen to them. They only see what has happened before, they don't care that their story may be different. Instead, of the BFF Admin recognizing this fact, they allow witnesses to be called "liars", with the excuse "I just wanted to see what your response would be." It's no wonder witnesses leave the BFF, and never return, or never seek out other Message boards.

This is not acceptable. These witnesses are not criminals. This is not an interrogation. Nor, should it be.

I have talked to so many people who identify themselves as researchers who have logged onto the BFF, only to find themselves, their questions, or ideas, publicly thrashed (and I do mean "thrashed") they absolutely refuse to discuss the topic online - anywhere. These researchers come to me in private, because as they say, "you have been so outspoken about this problem, I wish I had found your Blog a long time ago, I never would have went to the BFF, if I had."

Why should they want to?

We all complain that witnesses don't want to come forward, but, at the same time we have this public entity (the BFF) that sure as heck wouldn't want to make me talk. If we hold the "Dr. Meldrums", right down to the "joe bigfooters", responsible to objective criticism, why do we allow the BFF to go unchecked? What gives the BFF the right to publicly suggest that all researchers want to be a member of that forum, when that couldn't be further from the truth?

Life experience story time,

I used to be a member of an AOL chatroom - where the name of the chatroom had nothing to do with the content. It was basically a bashing chatroom. The name of the chatroom would bring people in who felt they just had to respond to the topic of the room. Once in the chatroom - they could not help but respond because the name of the room was so cruel, but once they did, they were quickly pounced upon by people in the chatroom, who would hurl insults "Of course that's not true, you idiot". Needless to say, I was told AOL shut the room down.

Most, very quickly understood what this room was all about, and stay.. Others, not so much. I stopped going there when one day I realized "These people are just mean. This isn't in fun, they are just hateful people." No, they didn't turn on me.. One afternoon a woman logged in, and applied to the affirmative "Men are jerks" (the name of the AOL Chatroom) then must have stopped reading the comments, because she started posting about how her husband just told her the day before, he was divorcing her and had found a new woman. She went on and kept typing about how she had been unable to sleep, she had been crying all night, and did not know what would happen to her and her kids, as she had been a stay at home mom..

Well, I felt horrible for this lady. One of the members (a female) typed words I never thought I would ever see.. "You probably deserved it." Instantly I felt sick to my stomach. This woman must have finally looked at the chatroom and the comments of hatred being thrown in her direction, because she quickly left. I left also, and never went back.

I see no difference between the tatics of this (now closed) AOL Chatroom, and the BFF. Why should I, when posts like this are tolerated:

"Accepting some dumbass who claims to be an expert in a field he doesn't even understand and evidently you don't either."

This is just the long way around calling someone a dumb a*s.

Through strong armed tactics, the BFF attempts to control the content on other Message Boards and Blogs, by threatening to ban from the BFF, if you criticize the content of their board, or copy content. Although they actively post articles from other bigfoot websites, news organizations etc.

Privacy is violated. I have even seen a BFF members real name posted on the board, and this person's name was allowed to remain posted even after the member requested their real name not be used on the BFF or any forum. This is why people create "usernames". Yes, they may be out there publicly discussing the research, but when they go on a message board, they should be allowed some anonymity, like everyone else.

Personal Messages are read on the BFF, regardless of the insistence by the BFF leaders, they are not. Many, many, will vouch for that, heck even past administrators will tell you that is "business as usual" on the BFF. Personal information, you supply your profile with, is changed at the whim of certain Administrators. If you complain, they just don't care, or they tell you it's not true, and many blindly believe this.

Hoaxing only seems to matter on the BFF- if you are not a friend of certain staff members.

Last year the Michigan Recording Project,

was sheltered from questions about misleading information, after multiple members of the MRP were found to be embellishing the information about their research site. Members on the BFF were threatened with being banned if they questioned the MRP about their location, and suspensions were threatened for anyone who asked questions about these misleading statements by the MRP, or discussed the information about what the location was really like.

Now, Autumns book comes out,

and it appears to be okay to openly discuss the possible "location" of "Mike" and his alleged encounters with a bigfoot, Mike calls "Enoch", and whether or not she is embellishing a story or creating a hoax for profit.

Why were the MRP protected? Because they are friends with many on the BFF Admin team. Autumn is not. Double standard? You decide.

I suppose they can do whatever they want, but those of us who know the BFF affects our ability to get witnesses to open up, or researchers to openly discuss their ideas, should be very public about not being associated with the BFF. We can't force the BFF to change, but we should not sit back and allow ourselves to be lumped in with this group of people, who do not speak for the majority of researchers out there.

The BFF does not speak for me,

but as long as this community remains silent on their dislike of the actions of the BFF, we will ALL forever be lumped in with this group, that has given this community a black eye in the mind of the public, witnesses and fellow researchers who recognize the toxic attitude of the BFF.

So much of my time is taken up, because of how researchers and witnesses have been treated on the BFF. People who once thought I was 'full of it", finally have these things happening to them. They come to me and apologize. I don't mind being there for someone in need of someone to talk to, but this should not be happening because of a "Bigfoot Message Board".. We should all be talking to try and figure out this mystery. Instead, because of the BFF tactics, I (and others) spend a large majority of our time talking to these researchers and convincing witnesses, we have nothing to do with the BFF. The BFF is a site, this community, should be able to be proud of. It's been around the longest, and has some great topics.

Too bad you can't discuss those topics, or be happy it's around. Being banned from the BFF, should not be a badge of honor, but that's exactly what it has become.

These things are what bother me.

These things should bother me. They should bother you. While the BFF is and should be allowed to function however they want, this community should feel a responsibility and an obligation, to not endorse or frequent a bigfoot related site that does not do anything good for this research community.

The time for "private conversation" about this to end.

Last year, due to attempts to control the content of my forum and blog, I removed all links to the BFF. If you own a website, forum or blog, do the same in silent protest. The BFF gets hits, because of these links, and these links make them popular in google searches.


July 2, 2010

How deep does denial go?

This is exactly what I will say to those, who after reading this blog, and spending time at "Bigfoot's Blog", then tell me they were harassed on the BFF or banned. How the BFF treats their members is common knowledge. Steve has warned you. I have been warning you - hundreds of people talk about the same thing in private.

I am sending out this Geico commercial to those who defend the bigfoot forums today, and I know will end up on my website in the next few years, and I pray to god, you find the strength to do what you should have done a long time ago - log off that forum and don't go back.

If you don't, you can't say, you were not warned. Oh, and "I told you so".

I was just reading a comment over at "Bigfoot's blog", and I can't help but post a response to the person who actually took the time to post it. While I can appreciate Bill's loyalty (which will get him far on the BFF) Steve did nothing wrong. Steve offered his two cents on your comment - here are mine.

[quote, Bill] As a neutral observer here is the way I see it. Most of your posts on the BFF were promoting your blog, [quote]

And what is wrong with that? If you are a website owner, blog owner, etc, you can’t get a link on the BFF, unless you link to them first - and they must verify the link. The BFF also states that your site MUST be open and remain open to the public, in order to keep a link to your site on the BFF. That is self promotion also (also telling others how to run their websites). But, lets not discuss that, right? The BFF does not charge to read their site, neither does Mr. Streufert.

Seems even to me.

No one at the BFF seems to care about promoting radio shows, websites, blogs or anything else, unless the staff suddenly decides you are not playing by their rules. Then you are a self promoting jerk, that needs to be removed. I have always found that interesting.

Trying to convince some of us that some on the current Administrative Staff at the BFF are some how "victims", is laughable.

After I stopped posting on the BFF, someone on the Administrative staff took it upon themselves to go into my personal profile. Someone (who has not taken responsibility) removed and changed my information. I know for a FACT they can read personal messages - folks. I have the same exact website as the BFF - I know for a FACT it is not nearly as difficult to read these personal messages as one would be lead to believe. In FACT Teresa Hall told me she downloaded the software to do just that, when she worked on my forum. She used the excuse “we need to get this information if someone is accused of harassment via personal message.” The BFF Admin are asked about this all the time. They get a simple head pat to calm their fears, and go back to business as usual. I know my personal messages were read, and confronted someone on the Administration team about it.

And, those on the Admin Team at the BFF, wonder why, so many people are furious with them, or bad mouth the BFF?? Must be nice to live in the land of make-believe, where you do nothing wrong and are ALWAYS the victim of cruel vicious members who you as a BFF admin have never done anything to. How do I get to your neighborhood of make believe? Sounds like a hell of a place.

Nothing was said or done. In fact, I was ignored, by the BFF Admin I took my concern to about my personal profile information. How did I know my personal messages were read? Two ex BFF Admin told me to stop sending personal message on the BFF, because my pm’s were being cut and pasted to the Admin section of the BFF. I know this is true, because they both read them to me.

On the -that move will get you not only removed from the Staff, but banned. People deserve privacy. If they want to privately monitor, they should be telling people they are doing just that. Instead, they lie about it, and it's business as usual.

I have no doubt, once Steve was seen as not "playing along", the rush was on to see what he was saying on the BFF in his personal messages. Hey, that's just the way it is.

So, don't sit there and talk about how innocent the actions were at the BFF toward Steve - I, and others have seen what I hope - you never see.

[quote, Bill] in the last one you linked to your blog where you insulted some posters on the BFF for doing what you say you have the right to, give their opinion, and you were called on it. It doesn't matter if you posted the insults (or what you saw as the truth)on the BFF, you linked to your blog in which you did so. It's hard to blame them.

I would say that makes Steve even with Blackdog, Redwolf and others who were not discussing the topic, but bashing Autumn and her audacity for publishing a book without facts (they wouldn’t believe anyway). Neither Blackdog, Redwolf or anyone else bashing Autumns book had even taken the time to read the book. So, offering criticism without the knowledge to back it up is what qualifies as sound reasoning on the BFF?? I remember a time when that was called "Pot Stirring" and the offender was suspended.. Oh, that's right, Blackdog and Redwolf are friends of Teresa and the rest of the Staff.

Hell, Redwolf is on the staff now.

When others were defending what they felt was Autumns right to publish this story, they were pounced on, and the Administrators sat back and watched it happen, to include the chief trouble maker Teresa Hall. In fact Teresa couldn’t help herself, she just had to post how happy she was that the “forum” had not purchased the book to pass around.

I am not stupid, and I read English just fine. Steve suffers from neither of these afflictions either, it's also not the first time someone was attacked on the BFF, without all the facts, and it was allowed.

So, it’s okay that the BFF has allowed bashing of other websites for a very long time, and others (who are the target of these BFF attacks) are not allowed to put their opinions out there, or defend themselves? That is a serious double standard, and one, I might, add people are getting sick of. Lets not forget - the internet is forever. Steve has every right to defend himself, and considering the internet is forever, he would be stupid not to.

I defend Steve, because he has the right to publish whatever he wants on this blog or any other website. You know as well as anyone, had he posted his comments on the BFF he would have been, not just banned, but trashed with no ability to respond. THAT is the TRUTH.

Not everyone will agree with them. They need to put on their big people panties and either deal with the criticism, or fix what they have broken, and stop blaming everyone else for their inability to deal with reality.

If they are so worried about what might be printed about them elsewhere, maybe they should take their own advice, and start acting like adults, and not children throwing a temper fit when they are called on their games. You get what you deserve.

Steve is just the latest in a long line of people who have seen the real side of what the BFF has to offer, and will. People should start blaming the BFF and making them accountable for their actions. How can people discuss what they think, when it comes to this research, if they are bullied and harassed?? They can't.

Sometimes, it’s not everyone else. It really is what you fear to be true. Do yourself a favor, start asking the questions that are not popular, and lets see what happens to you.

No? That's what I thought.

May you find inspiration in this Geico Commercial, because I gotta tell ya, there are many in this who need to find their self confidence and stop pretending these things don't happen. Yeah, the BFF can do whatever they want. But, if they are going to lecture about truth and honesty, they should at least pretend to be practicing that themselves.

Don't come crying to me Bill, when this happens to you. I will most likely take a box of tissues and throw it at you.

You can read the full article by Steve on his website:

July 1, 2010

New Article at "Bigfoot's Blog"

This is a wonderful blog, and the owner Steven Streufert a man to be reckoned with. Apparently he has been pushed too far, and is not just pushing back, but taking a stand, and asking others to stand with him. Mr. Streufert apparently was banned from the BFF because of articles he wrote on his blog in reference to the BFF and their well known "tatics".

I have never been sure what makes the BFF so special, no one is allowed to discuss the site, and doing so, off the BFF WILL get you banned (if they don't like what you have to say).

I took my stand against the BFF censorship of this blog, and my website, in January of this year, by refusing to log in. No one should bend to censorship. It's sad to hear nothing has changed, and in fact appears to be getting worse.

Read it for yourself, along with the other FANTASTIC articles on his blog.

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