October 25, 2010

What's Your Goal?

Are you a self-described “Bigfoot researcher?” Do you spend an overly abundant amount of time in the woods looking for an upright bipedal ape? Do you spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on field equipment and technology to aid in your search? Do you freeze your butt off in the winter, and sweat half your body weight in the summer?

If you answered a resounding, “Yes,” to any of those questions, then I have a question for you.

What will you do if you find it?

Lord knows I have written a number of articles on this issue. Why? Well, it’s a question worth exploring. It’s a question I ask myself, all the time.

To document or to hide.. Which do you choose?

1. I have always come down on the side of documentation, as being the end goal. Why? Because I feel it’s important that every animal on this planet be recognized, and allow that recognition to lead to protection. Over the years, however, I have seen and heard first hand, what documentation and discovery has done for some animals we know about. So, is my goal the best one? I doubt that a little more every day.

2. Then we have the side of, “document for my own personal knowledge.” I think that’s great, but what is the goal here? Find the animal so you know it’s out there? Well, if you’re a Bigfoot researcher, didn’t you already think it was possible? Heck, I know researchers who would stand up in a court of law and proudly proclaim they have in fact seen a Bigfoot, so they already state they know the animal is out there. Personal knowledge should be established.

Is it possible to document the animals existence, and not jeopardize it? I think that is a possibility. But, there are many who would do whatever is possible to stand in the way of this. “You need a body!!” People yell loudly. I guess, from a scientific perspective, yeah that may be true, but why is it necessary? Wildlife Biologists dart, tag and collect samples of wild animals all the time. Yes, I know the problem with this idea is in the illusive nature of this animal, but are we so limited now in our thinking (as humans) we can not find a better way? Is killing really our only option?

What do you think?

October 8, 2010

UPDATE - The Grey Area

UPDATED information for "The Grey Area", October 20th 2010.

The Grey Area will be scheduled for 2 hours on October 20, 2010. Our first hour will be dedicated to Pete Bethune (as discussed in the article below). Our second hour will be discussing the issues surrounding Whaling and the IWC with ACS Executive Director Cheryl M. McCormick.

Cheryl is the Executive Director for the American Cetacean Society, where she is responsible for developing and managing education, research, and conservation programs aimed at protecting whales, dolphins, porpoises, and the habitats upon which they depend. In this capacity, she is involved in international policies governing commercial whaling, regional maritime policy development to reduce whales/vessel interactions within shipping lanes, and working with national and international NGO’s to address cetacean welfare, and the interaction between anthropogenic influences and environmental dynamics on cetacean conservation and population viability.

This will be 2 hours packed with the most recent information, about the issue of Whaling, and those involved with the International Whaling Commission. Boy, now there is an organization every person on this earth should know about, and be watching very closely. Why? Well, tune in and find out.

This is an issue we should all understand!!!

The Grey Area

October 6, 2010

Whale Wars ~ Pete Bethune, Captain of the Ady Gil

Join Monica and Melissa, October 20th, as we talk to Pete Bethune, Captain of the Ady Gil.

Thousands watched during last years season of Animal Planets hit television show "Whale Wars" as Captain Pete Bethune's boat,"The Ady Gil" was rammed by a Japanese fishing vessel, The Shonan Maru II, sinking the Ady Gil to the bottom of the frigid waters of the Antartic.

After you check to be certain no one is hurt, and you watch helplessly as your multi-million dollar boat sinks to the bottom of the ocean, what do you do next?

Make plans to board the ship, that sunk yours!!!

That is exactly what Pete Bethune did. He was promptly arrested by the Shonen Maru II Security, and taken to Japan, where he sat in a maximum security Japanese prison for 5 months.

I must be honest and tell you all, I watched this specific episode, and was stunned to see the Japanese protesters more upset that their supply of whale meat is being affected (FYI Whaling in the antartic waters for anything other than scientific purposes is Illegal) than they were about Mr. Bethune boarding a Japanese Fishing vessel - which is what he was charged for. So, I had to ask myself, is this really about scientific research, or a loop hole to kill whales (for human consumption) as is claimed by the Sea Shepard crew?

Listen to Mr. Bethune tell his story, and decide for yourself.

Tune into "The Grey Area", there are always two sides to every story - and this is an important issue.