January 31, 2012

A Weekend in the Woods

Wayne and I just returned from what I call a "scouting trip". Basically that means we checked out an area with a sighting report.

Here are a few photos :)

Now, in the next photo - can you see the deer in this photo?

I have done nothing to this photo - they really are there. Can you see them? I promise they are not invisible.

Here ya go - with a little patience and zoom.

Once these deer stopped moving, we lost them completely. There are actually 3 deer. Animals that live in the wild like deer depend on this, "natural camoflauge" for survival.

Nature is an awesome thing.

New Books to check out !!

Here are some new things to check out.

Dave Coleman has released: The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television

Description: The Bigfoot Filmography and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television is heavily illustrated with 100s of rare photos, poster and lobby card reproductions from the Cine du Sasquatch genre. Loren Coleman (no relation), the renowned cryptozoologist and author of over 30 books in the field, offers an introductory overview to the field of cryptozoology and hominid cinema.

You can buy it on Amazon

AND there is a website you can visit to learn more The Bigfoot Filmography


Lloyd Pye has released a new book called, "Big".

Description: The story unfolds in the mountains of Washington State, where bigfoot sightings occur regularly.

It begins with a hunter encountering and then wounding a bigfoot with a shotgun blast to its upper back. Shot, bleeding, but not quite dead, the bigfoot passes out beside a stream deep in the woods. It is discovered by Marcy Dillon, a high school senior who intends to go to medical school. She has gone to the stream to gather herbs for an important school project.

As Marcy approaches the bigfoot, it revives and is rightfully terrified of her, but it is too weak to harm her. Given the reprieve, she manages to convince it that she wants to help it, not harm it any further....

You can order the book or get more information on the official website, "Big"


*a permanent link has been added to this blog, in the right sidebar, for both of these books.

January 25, 2012

Say what??? Melba Ketchum and the never ending DNA Study.

The Bigfoot Community went "wild" last night with the outing of (what was called) information about the DNA work being conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum.

Well, here it is,

This is a movie or proposed media project proposal. This is not the results of Melba's DNA study.

Melba immediately released this statement:

"To address the recent hype and misstatements concerning my paper, please be advised that the information pulled off the US Copyright website for a 2010 preregistration for a proposed media project is not an accurate summary of our scientific testing and data and does not reflect the current conclusions of our scientific paper. The contemplated media project was never produced and no update was ever made to the short description on the preregistration statement. Instead of working on proposed media projects, we have been focusing our time and energy on our ongoing scientific testing and data which will be accurately summarized in the final version of our scientific paper. The final paper presenting our data, analysis and updated conclusions will be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal but we do not have a publication date at this time.

- Dr. Melba Ketchum"

So now the "bigfoot is people" camps are fist pumping, doing hip bumps and dancin the jig basically claiming victory in the fight to put Bigfoot in the "human" camp.

Why are they celebrating? I have no clue. They should actually be worried that Melba is leaving their camp.

Clearly, this is not Melba's opinion.

Excerpt from Melba’s Paper:

"the information pulled off the US Copyright website for a 2010 preregistration for a proposed media project is not an accurate summary of our scientific testing and data and does not reflect the current conclusions of our scientific paper."

Note the words in Melba’s statement: “Is not.”

What do you take from that bolded section of Melbas quote? I know what it says to me.

Melba Ketchum has become the “poster girl” for the “Bigfoot is human” crowd. Her statement says to me that may be a bit presumptuous on the part of those who think Bigfoot is human.

This study has created more questions than it has answered. While we were told we would have the information before the end of 2011 – we are once again in a “holding pattern”….

You know, this could be why peer reviewed papers are not discussed UNTIL they are actually peer reviewed and published.

At this point, as always, I just want to know what all this hype is about. I really hope this community is not going to go through another “just trust me, I will tell you everything soon,” situation. If the Ketchum study proved nothing I can live with that. If the Ketchum report has come up with some new information, I can live with that too. I, like many others are just tired of the “come back in a few months.” Then the, “well, I’m not quite ready to release information yet and here is the super reason.”

I have given Melba Ketchum the benefit of the doubt and published very little on my blog about her “DNA Study.” But, as many of you can imagine, I am growing tired of the excuses and the releasing of “just enough” information to keep everyone hanging on her every word. I am not even going to get into my own questions about how Melba was able to ensure the validity of the samples she took from people across the country. That does concern me, because I have seen the countless eye rolls when you discuss proper methods of evidence collection. So, my fears about the quality of the samples are justified.

To sum this all up, so I can end this article:

The report is not out. What was posted was a proposal for a “media production”. The information in that proposal is not an accurate representation of what her study has concluded.

In other words: false alarm. Nothing to see here folks! Move along!

January 22, 2012

Bigfoot Endorses Newt Gingrich?

Awwww Rick Santorum you're slow on the draw!!

Bigfoot makes his decision and endorses ......

UPDATE!! Fox News' Chris Wallace reports on, Fox News Sunday, Mitt Romney will FINALLY release his tax returns on Tuesday January 24th. Mitt admits he handled the "tax return" issue poorly.

January 21, 2012

Justice for Riley !!

Hello All :)

First, thank you to all who have signed the petition demanding justice for Riley Rawlins. I know Monica, Chris and their families thank you deeply.

But, were not done yet. Right now the Petition has 202 signtures - we need more. Every signature goes straight to the email box of the Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins. This is your chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Whether you live in Dallas Texas or not - your address does not matter. Please sign the petition. Add your name to this very worthy cause. Your signature tells the District Attorney giving this woman the opportunity to recieve a lighter set of charges is NOT the Justice Riley deserves. NO Grand Jury, NO plea deals - straight to Trial for this woman. At least on this point I agree with the Dallas Police Department.

Today this heartless woman, who took Riley Rawlins from this world,

posted on her facebook page:

"What a Beautiful day today! Feels great outside :)"

It's not a beautiful day for Monica, Chris or their families. Sign the petition and tell the Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins it is time to DO HIS JOB!!!!!


Special Edition of SasquatchWatch Radio ~ Justice for Riley Rawlins!!

Listen to internet radio with SasquatchWatch Radio on Blog Talk Radio

For more information on the death of Riley Rawlins and how you can help please visit the sites below:

Justice For Riley on Facebook
Sign the Petition
Lake Highlands Teen Killed Crossing the Street
Lake Highlands mom mourns death of son, waits for arrest of suspect
Lake Highlands student struck and killed over the weekend

Let them know how you feel about this:

Craig Watkins Dallas County District Attorney:
Email Address:
Phone Number: (214) 653-3528

Chief of Police
David O. Brown
Dallas Police Department

1400 S. Lamar
Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: (214) 671-3901

Deputy Chief Craig R. Miller
Phone: 214-671-3584

Dallas City Hall
List of officials to call – with special emphasis placed on the City Manager, Mayor and City Council members.

List of
phone numbers for each Official on the City Counsel

List of
email addresses for each Official on the City Counsel

January 20, 2012

Justice for Riley ~ UPDATE!!!

Please don't miss the important names, phone numbers and email addresses at the end of this article!! To this community,

With the Okay of Monica I am updating this community on what is happening in the fight for “Justice for Riley.”

First of all, if you haven’t become a member of the “
JusticeforRiley” Facebook Page please click on this link and become a member. Numbers count!!

If Monica or Chris were writing this, I am sure, they would be thanking each and every person who has been sending emails and making phone calls demanding answers. We may all be “crazy bigfooters” in the eyes of the general public but at least we know right from wrong!

I spoke with a member of the media (who has been supportive and running stories) this morning and she tells me the sheer volume of email she has received, in reference to Riley, has been overwhelming. She called the public outcry – enormous!! Which is a good thing.


Now, she also told me, the Dallas Police Department (she feels) is leaning toward taking this to the Grand Jury. Is this a necessary step? No. The Dallas PD can charge this woman directly and bypass the Grand Jury completely. She strongly recommended we begin lobbying for charges to be filed and for this to NOT be taken to the Grand Jury.

Problem: A Grand Jury can reduce the charges or simply allow the woman to be released with no charges at all. When a jurisdiction has a Grand Jury option this course is usually taken because the Police do not think they have a strong enough case. The Grand Jury tells them if they do or not.

What’s the answer?

START EMAILING AND CALLING every person on the City Council for the City of Dallas. Call and email the Mayor’s office and the City Manager.

For the life of me I still can’t understand why the Dallas Police Department is having such a hard time deciding what happened.


She admitted to driving “at least” 70 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. Was she not going fast enough? If my math is correct, 70 minus 35 is 35, and 35 is the speed limit in this area. So, this woman was exceeding the speed limit by the exact legal speed limit in this area. Ironic. I know this is right, because I couldn’t believe the numbers myself until I used a calculator. If that isn’t the definition of reckless I don’t know what is.

She swerved from behind a vehicle that was stopping for a traffic light and passed on the right. While this may not be a traffic violation in Dallas County, Texas, any rational person would argue this is a highly traveled intersection, both pedestrian and motor vehicle. Add in the speed and this is a reckless person behind the wheel of a vehicle.

She blew through a light at 70 miles an hour, does the color of the light, really matter? What do you think her intent was?

She had no driver’s license at the time of the incident. This woman knowingly broke the law the second she climbed behind the wheel of her car, and then took the life of an innocent pedestrian. I would argue had she obeyed the law in the first place, Riley, would not have met his tragic end that night. We are not discussing someone who had a license at one time or was driving on a suspended license we are talking about a woman (an adult) who willfully disregarded the law where it pertains to the possession of a driver’s license in order to operate a motor vehicle legally. Her only excuse was that she could not afford a license. What about the cost to Monica Rawlins and Riley Rawlins.

She had no insurance at the time of the incident. Mandatory in Dallas County – and I believe the entire State of Texas.

She traveled a total of 551 feet BEFORE STOPPING her vehicle. 409 of those feet, with 17 year old Riley on her vehicle or being dragged. So, that means, this driver traveled an additional 142 feet BEFORE stopping her vehicle. Her total distance traveled from the time she hit Riley, until the time she stopped was MORE than the length of a football field.

She was never taken into custody for a BAC or drug testing. How do you know she wasn’t under the influence of an illegal substance or her driving wasn’t impaired? You don’t. I bet Riley Rawlins was tested for any illegal substance or alcohol that may have been in his system at the time of this accident.

Also a FACT:

17 year old Riley Rawlins is dead as a result of this womans reckless disregard (reckless disregard n. grossly negligent without concern for danger to others.) for anyone other than herself. Riley will not graduate high school. Riley will not be a Marine, go to college, get married, have children or ever see his family again. Riley’s mother will NEVER hold her son in her arms again. FACTS.

I will also tell everyone that the Chief of Police and the D.A. have no idea what Monica Rawlins wants – because they have made almost NO effort to talk to Monica who is and was Riley’s Mother. I have never seen a Police Department in any jurisdiction keep the family members (especially the parents of a child) completely and totally in the dark like this. Monica has received more information from the Media (who have been accurate in their reporting) than she has received from the Public Officials that are paid by the Tax Payers of Dallas County. In fact when the Dallas District Attorney was questioned about this case on his Facebook Page his only response was to delete any comment in regard to this horrific situation.

I think the pressure is getting to them. Pressure that would simply GO AWAY if these paid public servants would simply – Keep Monica and Chris informed about the death of their child, Riley Rawlins, and include them on the decisions. It is their job to make Monica and Chris understand why they are doing what they are doing. I have never seen parents ignored in this way – ever.

While we may be “crazy bigfooters” our community is large and expands like a net over this entire country – and we know the difference between right and wrong.

For more information on the death of Riley Rawlins and how you can help please visit the sites below:

Justice For Riley on Facebook
Sign the Petition
Lake Highlands Teen Killed Crossing the Street
Lake Highlands mom mourns death of son, waits for arrest of suspect
Lake Highlands student struck and killed over the weekend

Let them know how you feel about this:

Craig Watkins Dallas County District Attorney:
Email Address:
Phone Number: (214) 653-3528

Chief of Police
David O. Brown
Dallas Police Department

1400 S. Lamar
Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: (214) 671-3901

Deputy Chief Craig R. Miller
Phone: 214-671-3584

Dallas City Hall
List of officials to call – with special emphasis placed on the City Manager, Mayor and City Council members.

List of
phone numbers for each Official on the City Counsel
List of
email addresses for each Official on the City Counsel

On a personal note to the Dallas District Attorney and the Chief of Police:

Had you simply kept the mother (Monica Rawlins) of Riley Rawlins in the "loop" and kept her apprised of the direction of this investigation - you would not be under the incredible amount of pressure you are under right now. YOU are paid by the taxpayers of Dallas County to "Protect and Serve", even Monica Rawlins and her Family. When family members do not understand or know what is happening (remember not everyone understands the law) they become frustrated and frankly, pissed off.

The only way people can fight back and demand their rights and words are heard, is by speaking out publicly, and DEMANDING answers. The friends of Monica Rawlins and Chris Buntenbah stand firmly behind them, and will continue to until their is

JUSTICE FOR RILEY!!!!! We will accept NO LESS!!

January 17, 2012

Sad news ...

Sasquatch researcher and chronicler John Green’s wife, June Doreen Green (the former June Howard) passed away at 01:10 a.m., Tuesday morning, January 17, 2012, at the Chilliwack General Hospital.

You can read the full story
at Cryptomundo

I had not been lucky enough to meet Mr. Green or his wife, June, but my sympathies are with him at this very sad time.

Romney calls Gingrich super PAC flick 'biggest hoax since Bigfoot'

The Republican Primaries are heating up, and what is the logical next step?

Mitt Romney said to Newt Gingrich Last night, "If we're talking about super PAC ads that are inaccurate, Mr. Speaker, you have a super PAC ad that attacks me. It's probably the biggest hoax since Bigfoot. The people who've looked at it said it was entirely false...somehow for you suggest I have different standards here is not quite right." end quote.

You can read the entire story

Mitt Romney just lost my vote. Maybe Rick Santorum is the only true "Conservative Republican" on the ballot. As I sit here and think about this comment by, Mitt Romney, it is obvious to me he is blissfully unaware of the thousands of people across this country who have been witnesses to Bigfoot, people who vote, people Romney just insulted and called liars.

That's basically what he did.

It also strikes me that Mitt Romney must be blissfully unaware of the scientists who are still looking into this mystery. Mitt Romney let his mouth get ahead of the facts when it comes to the people who have looked into this and continue to this day.

Ignorance of the truth is no excuse.

Personal note here: It really angers me when someone in our Government mocks or picks on people who have been witness to something that has changed their life. These people who witness this animal are not asking for anything but answers. Has Mitt Romney spoken to any of these witnesses? I am betting he has not. So, again, he is blissfully unaware of what a witness to a Bigfoot goes through.

People have lost their jobs, families and reputation by coming forward - and the ignorance displayed by Candidate Romney makes this no easier for them.

I would like to thank Mr. Romney for proving, once again, politics is a "popularity contest" and has very little to do with the people he wants to represent. Maybe if Mr. Romney could come down from his high horse for 5 minutes and talk to just a few of the people who have had this mystery turn their lives upside down he might have a different take on this. Romney wouldn’t even have to leave the comfort of his cushy office chair, there are witnesses in the Military, Police, and within our very own Government although, they are probably less likely to talk about their own sighting, now after his snarky uninformed comments.

But, I am sure Mitt Romney has T-time scheduled at the local golf course. And I am sure Romney will not do or say anything that interferes with his popularity contest. It takes guts to put your own personal opinion aside, and listen. Guts I can see Romney does not have. Which is a shame, I thought better of him.

But, people who see bigfoot are expendable, right?

Missouri Momo on the Travel Channel

Hey everyone set your DVR's now!!

Friday January 21, 2012, 6:00 PM ET - the Travel Channel will be airing a new show on the Missouri Momo, featuring Randy “Driveroperator” Harrington and D.W. “Darkwing” Lee.

"Legend of the Ozarks," On the Travel Channel, don't miss it :)

January 16, 2012

Opinion... What is it.

This definition comes to us from the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

This definition is pretty straight forward, I think, and requires little conversation.

I find this portion is especially interesting.

Why is that? It’s how we understand various ideas and the opinions of each individual person. How do we as humans form opinions? We do so based on our own personal life experiences. When we are young, we are taught various lessons, by our Parents and School Teachers (and others) that help shape our view of the world and, what is possible, or not. We either pick up on the "views" or lessons, or we do not. But, that doesn’t mean we stop questioning our own beliefs, judgments or views, and later form different opinions.

Questioning is a good thing.

And opinions are just as varied as humans. Why? One reason is we are all blessed with “free will”. Free will is the ability to think and judge, for ourselves. In other words, you are allowed to make up our own mind. We can make the same decision as others or we can choose to take our own path. Life is great that way.

I can just hear everyone now, “Melissa why are you giving a talk on opinions?”

The words “opinion” and “proof” have become the new dirty words. I am sure the urban dictionary will catch up with us bigfooters soon.

Here is an exercise on opinion;

What do you think the following picture is? Is it a Bigfoot? Is it a boot or a tennis shoe?
This screen capture was taken from a YouTube video which was uploaded by a Mr. Tom Burnett. Tom thinks this is a print left by a Bigfoot. Based on my own experiences, education, and what I have seen in the past, I think this is either a boot print or a tennis shoe. The tread pattern is very distinct, which tells me the boot or tennis shoe is relatively new.

Am I wrong? I would like to say for the purposes of this article that I could be. But, experience tells me I am not.

But what does this have to do with the price of a gamecam at Cabellas?

AlexMidnightWalker has decided that every opinion that does not agree with his is open to ridicule. Okay, that’s cool; I question various ideas and opinions here. But, Alex has taken it a step further in defense of his friend Tom by starting up a new Facebook page with Nazi innuendo and some of the most hateful things I have ever read.

Also, for the record. I had no intention of drawing any attention to Mr. Burnett or his videos, until AlexMidnightWalker decided to make this an issue and publicly out his "friend".

Today, Alex acknowledges myself and the comments I made about Tom Burnett’s YouTube videos. A word of caution: on the right hand side of this "work" posted by Alex are Tom Burnetts words - they are profanity laced. Read at your own discretion.

Mr. Burnett had been on a Facebook page discussing his videos and how (I and others) needed to (I’m paraphrasing here) “get into the woods because we wouldn’t find Bigfoot on the internet.”

Well first off;

I wouldn’t ever say something like that unless I know the people I’m talking to are not already doing as I suggest.

Secondly; AlexMidnightWalker A/K/A Alejandro MedianocheCaminada; you have your timeline off. My comments were after your friend Tom Burnett posted his profanity laced comment. Mr. Burnett never even attempted to explain why he thought his opinion was correct. There was zero discussion. Mr. Burnett is right and the rest of us are (in his words) B*stards.

Read the time stamp it tells the story.

I was right too. It is this kind of “research” that makes the general public laugh at the ENTIRE Bigfoot community. I will not take that back.

But, I digress. So, in the interest of fairness, I clicked on the videos for Mr. Burnett, and found something I had never experienced. I had heard about this, talked to a few people who believed these things, but never had I ever experienced it in full color and video. To put it simply – I was in shock.

Now, Mr. Burnett has every right to discuss his opinions on Bigfoot. BUT, and here is the kicker, opinion does not equal fact.

Mr. Burnett has every right to put on the internet what he thinks is evidence of Bigfoot. But, when you do that, you should be willing and you should expect people to disagree with you – and some very strongly. This is where “free will” comes in. Mr. Burnett has every right to publish or upload whatever he likes. That does not mean every person in this field of research MUST agree with him or keep our opinions to ourselves. On top of it, Mr. Burnett is asking for money, and damn near guarantees twice your money in return on your investment.

Opinions are not just blessedly bestowed upon those in the “paranormal community” but we in the “flesh and blood community” are entitled to our own differing opinions as well.

If Bigfoot can shape shift, use wormholes for transportation or disappear, I say “Okay, but point to another animal on this planet that can do the same thing?” There is no other animal. I bet a deer roaming the woods during hunting season would love to have this ability. When I hear the use of the word, “wormhole,” honestly it just irritates me. Why? Because it shows a lack of understanding as to what a wormhole actually is. Nothing can survive the power of a wormhole. Entire universes are destroyed by the power of a wormhole. So, you want me to believe a Bigfoot utilizes wormholes for travel? Shape shifting?

This is not “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

Why would Bigfoot have this ability when no other animal in the world, to include humans with all of our technology, can do this? Why would I assign this particular “ability” to a Bigfoot? That’s not mocking it’s a dang good question. These are not belittling questions. I’m not mocking anyone. I am saying straight out, matter of fact. I can be no clearer.

These are theories and ideas proposed by some in the “paranormal community.”

These are not my theories, and as such I do not understand. It is up to those with these “opinions” to explain them. If you don’t want to be laughed at, then start offering something which explains these ideas and why you hold them.

It’s disingenuous to be angry with someone because you refuse to explain your opinion.

Starting a new Facebook page in order to twist the current situation does nothing to help people understand why you think these things, Alex. You can ridicule me, and others, all you like that won’t change the fact that I do not understand these ideas, and telling me, “Because I said so,” does not cut it nor will it ever.

Can Bigfoot read my mind? I don’t think so, because if he could I would have probably been hit in the head by a rock already.

When did some become so sensitive the mere questioning of, “evidence,” is such a horrible thing? It’s my hope and prayer that everyone continues to ask questions. If, or when, you get answers use them to form your own opinion. If we do not agree, that’s fine. At this stage in the game, all we have are questions. Not even the likes of AlexMidnightWalker have all the answers.

If he did this blog would not be called, “The Search for Bigfoot,” it would be titled;

“Bigfoot Found.”

January 11, 2012

Kill v. No-Kill v. Habituation

In an attempt to get my mind moving forward, I have decided to take on three (3) issues – all at once. I love a hot topic and I really enjoy the conversations that can be sparked.

In an earlier article I posted on this blog:
Question I discussed my own particular thoughts on the Kill v. No-Kill argument. I just read it today, again, and realized my attitude about this issue hasn’t changed. Which, I find, interesting.

Kill v. No-Kill v. Habituation.

Sounds like the opening to a legal case, doesn’t it?

The No-Kill camp: believes in employing technology and boots on the ground (along with witness interviews) to try and prove “Bigfoot” is a living breathing animal.

The Kill camp: employs all the same techniques as the No-Kill camp – with one very obvious difference:

They have not thrown out the idea of killing one of these animals. Let’s face it, killing a Bigfoot and shipping the body via UPS to the offices of a scientist would absolutely end this mystery.

Habituators: This group of people is rather difficult to define. Every one of them I have spoken to are staunch “no kill” advocates. They wouldn’t even send in the body of a Bigfoot if it died of natural causes.

The Habituators are exactly what the word defines them as. They claim to have a Bigfoot (or many) living on or traveling through their property. They claim to have regular encounters with these animals.

They claim to have made their property, “Bigfoot Friendly,” by leaving food items and other things that will make these animals want to come back.

Which group has it right?

*big shrug* I have no idea. None of the three groups above have provided absolute proof of the existence of Bigfoot. Okay, calm down. I know the “non-Bigfoot researchers” who read this blog are yelling at their flat screens, “Well, if the Habituators have this animal on their property all the time, why don’t they show the world this animal is really out there?”

That is a dang good question. Because according to them, they are not uncertain (at all) of this animal’s existence, they know it’s there and they can show you. But, here is the catch – you can’t have anything on you to either film or document this animal in anyway. Why? Because they state the Bigfoot won’t come back. Some will even tell you, “You must be pure of mind or you won’t see their bigfoot(s)."

You can draw your own conclusions on the, “pure of mind,” comment – I aint touchin that one with a ten foot pole.

This Kill v. No-Kill debate has raged for years, and years – long before I became involved, and it still rages today. I bet people will still be debating this in another 40 years. Which stance is best?

I guess that depends on you, and what you can live with.

Now, before I get angry emails, I am not picking on or poking fun at the habituation crowd. Why couldn’t it be possible? Any other animal can and could be habituated. All you need is the right information about what they eat and prefer – and you can set up your own habituation scenario right in your own backyard. But, be careful, that animal you are habituating may be a bear.

I keep seeing reference to Dian Fossey and the Habituators.

Dian Fossey did her work after the Mountain Gorillas were known to exist. Dian did not build a hut in the African jungle and leave out food in the hopes of having them “drop by” for a snack. She went to them. She had trackers that could find the gorillas. Dian put herself in the world of the Mountain Gorilla; she did not bring them to her world. I would even venture a guess and say if Dian Fossey were here today, and she knew about these Habituators she would not be happy. I would bet $50 bucks her advice to these "Habituators" would be to "Grow a set, get off your ass and use your knowledge to help educate and get this animal protected!!"

Why? Dian Fossey worked hand in hand with science. If it hadn’t been for scientific funding, her work probably would not have happened. I also think she would have been upset with the withholding of information that could bring about the protection of any animal, especially a large primate like Bigfoot.

Dian Fossey showed the world, the mountain gorilla, was not a savage beast. She took films and photos. Dian did not refuse to share her discoveries with the world, because she knew the best hope for the mountain gorilla’s survival was to change the belief that these were beasts into an animal that was important to the ecology of Africa and one that deserved to be protected. Dian showed us the beauty of the mountain gorilla. She fought knowing that fight, could and did, end her life.

Dian Fossey knew how important it was to share her information with the world.

Dian had emotion, but she used that emotion to educate and inform (okay, she also used that emotion to scare the crap out of some poachers too. giggle)

I have heard it said, “Habituators,” don’t want to show the world what they have out of fear of harm and an emotional connection to Bigfoot. How can anyone hunt your habituated Bigfoot without the location? No one is asking for directions.

I reject the notion that emotion is more important than knowledge and education when it comes to the survival of Bigfoot. Dian must have been just as worried that if she succeeded in habituating Mountain Gorillas it would make it easier to hunt and kill a gorilla. Yet, she went forward. I think it was because she had to know education was the key to the survival of the gorilla.

Since the “Habituators” won’t end this, I guess it will fall to the Kill v. No-Kill crowd.

What other choice is there?

I’m not sure Bigfoot needs our protection. It has, if you believe the reports, being surviving without protection laws for a long time.

Hey, people are still seeing it.

What I worry about is the Chicago Executive who builds a log cabin in Northern Wisconsin. Someone who never thought this animal could possibly exist and is one day surprised - out of his mind! What is he going to do? Protect himself and his family –that’s what.

This person probably won’t tell anyone, because he won’t really be sure what he shot. Bigfoot doesn’t exist right? There is nothing on “the books” to keep this from happening.

Kill v. No-Kill v. Habituation.

Which one is the better solution?

You decide. Then, let me know what you come up with. I have no answers. I have made my decision based on what I can live with.

January 9, 2012

"Sweet Absolutes"

*Photo of Riley Rawlins

Life is filled with what we think are “sweet absolutes”. We all think one day we will move out of our parents’ home, get a job, get married, have kids and then those kids can take care of us.

We think to ourselves, if we do the right thing, nothing bad will happen.

Then in one instant, just a brief flash that only takes milliseconds, those “sweet absolutes” can be ripped away and our lives are forever changed.

I have stared at Facebook, off an on, since Saturday evening, looking at the words;

“What’s on your mind?”

No one wants to hear what is on my mind right now.

I’m angry, to put it mildly. I am angry. I’m sorry, I can’t deny that, and I can’t pretend. I am angry that a 17 year old boy, minding his own business was taken away from his mother and family because someone couldn’t be bothered to wait for a red light!

Saturday afternoon I spoke with Monica and we discussed Riley’s plans for after high school. Riley planned to join the Marine Corp.

Little did either one of us know – the real danger was in his own backyard.

I want to tell this woman what kind of young man she took from this world. I want to scream it in her face until I can’t scream anymore!!

Riley never hurt anyone or anything! Riley was such a kind and loving young man – the kind of kid we all wish for in this world. When, Monica, or anyone around Riley hurt, he hurt. Riley could even recognize when I was trying to hide my own particular issues. Let me tell you, it is a surreal moment when a 14-15 year old gives you advice – and it makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that!!! You’re right!!” How many 17 year olds do you know that still call their mothers, “Mamma”. I used to pick on Riley about that.

God, how I wish I could pick up the phone and hear him say that to Monica now.

When I moved from Monica’s in Dallas, to my new life in Ohio, never did I even consider Riley not being here. As I sit here now, my brain tells me all of this is true, but my heart wants desperately to hear it's not.

As a rule, this blog is cathartic. I type and put my thought into print, and release them to the “universe”. The thoughts and opinions are out of my head. This time, there is no release. As I sit here now I have no more answers than I had when I started writing this.

This should not happen. No parent should ever have to say good bye to their child, especially over something this senseless.

So, I sit here. Wishing with all my heart and soul there was something I could do to ease the pain of my best friend, Monica, knowing I can’t.

For all of you out there with “sweet absolutes,” go home tonight and give them a hug. If they told you this morning, they hate you because they couldn’t have Lucky Charms and instead you forced them to eat oatmeal – forgive them. Tell them you love them, no matter how much they will hate you tomorrow, or the day after that. Hold your “sweet absolutes” close to you and hug them;

take a few seconds to memorize and feel how unconditional that love is.

There are no warnings.

Riley Rawlins touched my life in a way, very few people ever have. Rileys infectious smile, laughter and genuine love for everyone around him - touched every person he met be they young or old. The loss of someone this special is tremendous.

I will forever carry Riley in my heart and I will think about him every single day for the rest of my life.

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January 6, 2012

New Bigfoot Conference Announced!!

1st Annual Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot - Sasquatch Convention:

When: May 6th, 2012: - 12:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Where: The Chautauqua Suites, Mayville NY.
Admission Fee: Adults $12.00 Children under 15 $6.00

Speakers include:

Larry Battson
Billy Willard
Melissa Hovey
Steve Kulls

There will be more information in the coming weeks. I will post updates as they happen or you can click on the link above to stay informed on the official website. See you there!!

January 5, 2012

Cliff Barackman meets the Curvey Couch of Fox News!!

Cliff Barackman of "Finding Bigfoot" shakes up the curvey couch on Fox and Friends, AND, interviewed by none other than Steve Doocy. Cliff went on the show to discuss "Finding Bigfoot" and the bigfoot mystery in General.

I could have lived without the "feral human" comment, but all in all, I would say - Great Job Cliff!!

Denying the necessity of Science

I’m going to jump right into this article.

Regan Lee writes on her “
Frame 352 blog

It's a living being minding its own business and we do not have the right to intrude upon its habitat and attempt to kill or capture, simply to satisfy our egos. It gets to that, and only that. (expletive removed by Melissa, I get yelled at by readers) science. We don't need to prove a damn thing. Witnesses who've seen Sasquatch know. The rest of us who haven't, well, too bad for us. Maybe we'll be blessed as well some day.end quote

I think this paragraph gets right to the heart of an issue I have been thinking about for a while now.

What do witnesses want?

I have to say, I disagree with Regan Lee. When witnesses contact a person they know is a “Bigfoot Researcher” they may believe with all their heart and soul they have seen a Bigfoot, but they, as much as any researcher, want proof.

Why do I think that?

Because witnesses contact people within the “Bigfoot Research Community.” They send emails to Bigfoot Organizations. They call the 1-800 numbers, asking us to come and take a look at their property, or an area where they had a sighting. They write in their emails, “I know I’m not crazy”. Witnesses think, if anyone can prove they seen a Bigfoot – it is someone within this community. Witnesses know we collect any possible evidence of what they are reporting. Witnesses allow us to stay on their properties and hold “night ops”. If they didn’t want proof as much as your average researcher, they wouldn’t contact us, or allow us on their property.

Can we at least agree witnesses are not calling the AARP?

Until this animal is recognized, these witnesses know they have seen something that is not supposed to exist. They feel as if there might be something wrong with them. They look to the “bigfoot community” for validation. Some witnesses want and some need “proof” that what they seen was real. I have heard them say it!!

Why is the word “proof” becoming such a dirty word?

Before readers would send me nasty grams over the use of profanity, now I hear from readers who don’t like the word, “proof”.

What’s up with that?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but humans, be they bigfoot researchers or members of the general public ARE encroaching (or intruding) on the habitat of this animal (if it’s out there). We are building homes, roads, communities; you name it in wilderness areas. What kind of effect is that having on populations that may exist?

I am willing to bet one day, one of these homeowners will be responsible for doing what most of us never want to see done – killing one of these animals out of fear, and never saying a word out of fear of legal repercussions, IF, it hasn’t happened yet.

How much good will that do this animal?

You will have one dead, and more in danger of being killed out of ignorance and fear. Ignorance breeds fear, and those two emotions make for a very dangerous combination. Just look at the damage those two words brought to the population of Great White Sharks, after the movie Jaws, and we knew they existed!! We darn near wiped them out. So, don’t tell me it can’t happen to this alleged animal.

Now, because of science, we have a much better understanding of the Great White Shark and its numbers are thriving. Science did that, through education and examination of this animal- we now have a far better understanding of the Great White Shark, and it is not nearly as feared as it once was. Science did not wipe out the shark, they worked to save it.

Science is not nearly as destructive as some like to think.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the resident population of the United States, projected to 01/05/12 at 17:14 UTC (EST+5) is: 312,804,594

They can’t all fit inside Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or Seattle. We can try to educate, but how do you educate about an animal that is not supposed to exist? There is no college course or even high school class that includes a serious study of this topic.

Because I said so;”

Is not a valid argument, for the existence of Bigfoot, or its protection. I would be more concerned, with the average citizen, than any Bigfoot researcher when it comes to a Bigfoot being shot or killed.

Until science recognizes this animal those of us who call ourselves, “Bigfoot Researchers,” will only be taken seriously by those who have been witness to this animal. But, until a scientist in some lab has undeniable “proof” of this animals existence;

Witnesses will still worry about being called “crazy” if they talk about seeing this animal.

I would like that to end.

Larry Battsons Wild World: Tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern

January 4, 2012

AlexMidnightWalker.. On the Sierra Shooting.

Sierra Scam!

Why do I continue to post this guy’s YouTube videos? Well, if you can get me to laugh at 8:00 a.m., I want to share that laughter with the world.

In this video, Alex, talks about the part of Justin’s story where the alleged Bigfoot has its arms in the air in the international sign of “don’t shoot.” Alex says, he has never witnessed this, so this part of the story can’t be true.

Why? Well, Alex, states he has seen adults and juveniles and they never do this.

I have never seen this either, but then again I haven’t been witness to a Bigfoot. I will say this, however, I have seen many videos of chimps and mountain gorillas with their arms waiving in the air as people or outsiders approach – and it’s a display basically saying, “get the hell outta here, or your in big trouble mister!!”

Moving on;

“Scat on the road, bigfoot doesn’t do that,” says, Alex.

Question, does Bigfoot care where it poops? Why wouldn’t a Bigfoot poop in the road? That sounds like the opening to a joke, doesn’t it? If a Bigfoot, wouldn’t poop in a road, why not? Every other animal poops wherever it wants.

Okay, enough poop!!

Alex thinks this is all for money, which is interesting. I haven’t heard one account of Justin or the investigator most associated with this, Derek Randalls, asking for money. Should his story turn out to be true, then I say go for it. Something deep inside me thinks if the roles were reversed and it were Alex sitting on the possibility of proof positive of bigfoot he would be shopping his story for cash, to the highest bidder.

Alex, also announces, he was one of the people who called the forest service and complained about this situation. But, now Alex says he isn’t willing to put his name on the line for something that could just be a coyote.

Hey, if you believe in something strong enough, you should have the guts to put yourself on the line, and follow through. I wish I had been privy to that phone call.

U.S. Forest Service: "Hello, U.S. Forest Service, how can I help you?"

Alex: Hello, I would like to report a bigfoot shooting in the Sierra Mountains of California."

U.S. Forest Service: "Sir, do you know where in the Sierra Mountains? It is a rather large mountain chain?"

Alex: "No not exactly."

U.S. Forest Service: Do you know the name of the person who allegedly shot the bigfoot?"

Alex" No, not exactly, but I know the name of the bigfoot researcher he is working with. Oh, and it was two bigfoot that were shot."

U.S. Forest Service: "Two Bigfoot were shot?"

Alex: "Yes, an adult and a juvenile. Oh, and get this, the Adult bigfoot was giving the international symbol for don't shoot, and he still shot him!! I want him arrested and a criminal investigation opened!!"

U.S. Forest Service: "Are you a witness to this shooting?"

Alex: "Well, no."

U.S. Forest Service: "Then how do you know all this?"

Alex: "I read about it on the internet."

I am willing to bet that was pretty darn close.

This is my favorite part of this whole video. I am transcribing word for word (well as best as I can. If you watch the video you will hear stammering that is not included in the transcription. Hey, I have a lot to do today).

Quote from Video: “I know people who have come face to face with em, or I have heard of it spoken of them, they came face to face with them, with a gun, and ahhh, the sasquatch will typically look you in the eye make a connection, you know I am human, don’t shoot, you know basically. Just you know, startle you, this is a human then he goes. That’s their; Modus Operandi. He’s not gonna just sit there and wait for you to shoot him.” End quote.

Bigfoot now has a "Modus Operandi."

So, finally Alex goes back to his roots. Whew, I was afraid he was departing from his comments just a week ago about Bigfoot and mind speak. Although he didn’t come right out and say it – the inference is there. Alex also thinks Bigfoot can simply disappear – so – why didn’t this Bigfoot in question and the juvenile allegedly shot by Justin just disappear with a “poof”? How in the world did they get shot? Do they only learn the disappearing act at a specific age? If so, that still doesn’t explain how the adult was shot. I would assume the adult female was at an age to have already learned the “disappearing act.” I bet David Copperfield would be totally jealous!!!

HOLD UP - I haven't heard a thing about David Copperfield in a long time.. Does he know something us flesh and blood researchers don't??? I'm sorry, that's funny to me.

I too have spoken to witnesses who say they have come face to face with these animals with a weapon. BUT, they have never said anything other than, “It looked too human. I couldn’t pull the trigger.” No one has ever said to me the animal talked to them and made them not shoot through some sort of, “connection.”

When you ask the researchers who think Bigfoot can disappear, “why didn’t the bigfoot disappear before being shot?” They get very angry. Those that refuse to answer that question will instruct you to read their past writings on the issue. Which tell you nothing either.. It's a never ending circle of no answers. I can understand why. But, this is their theory, not mine, and the question is a good one, I have never had a reply though.

The only people with the answers about this “Sierra Shooting” situation are Justin, Derek and Dr. Ketchum.

The rest of us can only speculate.

But, we may as well have fun while we do!! :)