September 10, 2012

UPDATE: Information I forgot .... MRP.

Oh darn it!! I have to give an apology now. 

I completely forgot to add the photos in my last blog which showed what was posted by Wayne and myself in reference to the Michigan Recording Project. 

It's not like me to not ever back up my comments with actual proof. So many of you must have been confused by this complete oversight. 

Although the thought strikes me, I was not the person making the accusations. So, as the accusations are not mine - it's not really my accusation to prove or disprove. One would have to wonder though why it was not demanded of, Nadia Moore, that she disclose the proof of her accusations. 

Could it be because of a personal issue? Could a personal issue be more important than the truth? 

I should certainly hope not. But, it is always interesting who demands proof of information and who the demands are made of. 

That's just an observation of fact. It's a good thing I'm not afraid of a little work. 

But, I would understand how, Nadia, would not have any of this information ----- she never requested it of me -- nor was she around during the time of this fiasco. If you don't go searching for the truth, odds are, you won't get it. 

Now - before I hear, "But Melissa could have taken these screen captures today." 

No. The first image is of a Google image captured today. Note how Google has changed where the GPS coordinates are on the image. Actually, looking at the differences in the Google format between 2009 and today - the layout has really changed in the last few years. 

As you can clearly see the GPS coordinates are all removed from the photos (below the first one). Please note the area where the coordinates would be (next to the BFRO Reports logo) have been whited out along with the eye alt. There are no street names, no highway numbers - nothing. 

As for the article; sadly you will have to wait. This whole fiasco went down in 2009 - and we replaced our computer in 2010. But, no worries the article has been re-ordered. You will have to wait about a week though. 

Of course, if I get it sooner, I will post it. 

 Enjoy :)