January 28, 2014

Be Good to Each Other

I know lately many probably think I have lost my mind, posting things like, "Have a great day everyone!!" and all that ~ on my Facebook page;

But..... If I may take a second of your time.

Life is short, so very short and so very precious. I think sometimes we forget that in our, get where we need to be ~ make things happen, kind of lives.

Be good to each other; I forget this. I get so caught up in things ~ I forget that life isn't about the battles I wage ~ it's about those things you do that make another person’s life better. No one, at the end of life ever says, "I wish I had cussed out so and so. We are more likely to say, "I wish I had NOT cussed out so and so." Who wants to leave this life angry? Certainly not me.

Be good to each other; seems like such a simple concept but in practice can be very difficult. Trust me I know. I have had more than my share of untruths being said about me. In fact one person has been telling some whoppers about me now for at least 5 years.... One would think this person would eventually give up. Do I fire back? No. Why not? Because I feel sorry for this person. No really I do. I feel bad for anyone who can only be hateful. How unhappy must that life be? It's not a life I would want to live.

I can read the angry comments about me, and simply move on, because I know the truth - I lived it.

Be good to each other; Live your life like it's your last day on earth. Do all the things you want to do, and be happier, than even you think, you're allowed. We only have one life (unless the Dalai Lama is right).

If you are on my Facebook page, or reading this article; know that every single second of every day I am wishing every one of you the best day you can possibly have. Filled with love, happiness and laughter. If you are having difficulties in your life, please know I am thinking of you.

I am sure many of you are scratching your heads right now and wondering, "What happened to Melissa?"


This is who I am. The side of Melissa you probably didn't even know existed. Yes, I disagree with people in this community ~ but my disagreements do not equal hate. To show you are a caring person in this community seems to be a crime or shows weakness. I disagree with that.

So, have a GREAT DAY everyone. And know there is at least one person in the world that is rooting for you!!!

January 16, 2014

Tonight on Blogtalk Radio !!


The SquatchDetective Steve Kulls returns, to BlogTalk Radio at 8:00 PM Eastern, with guest Guy Edwards of the Blog site "The Bigfoot Lunch Club".

After you finish listening to the, SquatchDetective;

Larry Battson's Wild World is also live on Blogtalk Radio at 10:00 PM with guest Willie Wilcox of Utopia. Right now Willlie is on tour with ZZ Top. Bet he has some stories to tell !!

That is all folks, Have a GREAT DAY !!

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January 15, 2014

The Sierra Shooting.....

Justin Smeja
Here is a blast from the past. I wrote this article back on Jan 3, 2012. This was my first article on Justin and his story and I believe the last.

Other than adding Justin's name as a caption this is unchanged.

Enjoy !!


Was a Bigfoot shot and killed in the Sierra Mountains of California?

A gentleman by the name of, Justin Smeja, says “Yes,” and he is the man who did it.

Now, before I start this story let me say this. I have stayed away from the telling of this. Why? I wasn’t there and I haven’t spoken with Mr. Smeja.

Is this story true? Well, I am going to spread the story some more.

Justin Smeja says on October 8th of 2010 he was out bear and deer hunting with a friend. When they rounded a corner in a truck and seen what, Justin describes as a “monster”.

Okay, everyone stop. Take a deep breath.

Let’s be honest, most people would think the very same thing if confronted with an animal that is not supposed to exist. Bigfoot is the stuff of nightmares for most.

Why? Because unlike Bigfoot researchers, the general population thinks “it’s a good story, but really, it can’t really be out there.” Sure they watch the T.V. shows and then take the Yahoo polls, but when new reports come in, the witnesses are still just as freaked out as ever.

Thinking something could be out there, is far different, than seeing it and knowing it’s out there.

So, Justin, and his friend (who is unnamed) round this corner in the truck and spot this Bigfoot. Justin states he grabbed his rifle (I am assuming he exited the vehicle) and put the Bigfoot in his scope. 

At the same time his friend is looking at the Bigfoot through his binoculars, yelling at Justin, “It’s a person in a suit, don’t shoot!” 

While (according to Justin) the alleged Bigfoot has its arms in the air in a manner which suggests the animal is trying to say “don’t shoot!” Justin does anyway, and says he hit the animal in the lung.

First issue, If you don’t know with absolute certainty what you are about to shoot is not an animal, but could be a person in a suit (say for example for a production company or just some idiot who thinks it’s funny) you probably shouldn’t be pulling the trigger.

So Justin pulls the trigger and hits this animal in the lung. Assuming of course it’s a Bigfoot, and not some poor schmuck in a costume with a bad sense of humor.

Justin then reports two juveniles are seen, as both Jason and his friend look for what they now think is a female Bigfoot.

In the interest of time let’s just cut to the chase, because in his own telling of the situation on
Abe’s show, things were a bit confusing at this point.

Understandably there was much rushing through his head and both of these men had to be scared out of their shorts if they really thought they either killed a human in a suit or lung shot an animal. Either one of the options can carry some serious life changing issues. One might also, reasonably assume, if the animal didn’t drop where it stood, it may come back looking for you. I might think that.

Justin then reports he shot one of the juveniles. Apparently Justin was being approached by one of the juveniles, and against the advice of his friend, Justin, neck shot the juvenile.

What happened after this point is of no real consequence. If you believe the story told by, Justin, it is game over.

As I sit here and listen to the story I can’t deny he sounds like a man who has great remorse for whatever he may have done, OR, he is a great storyteller. As he discusses his friend, holding the dead juvenile in his arms and saying, “what did you do?” It’s almost painful to listen to.

Whether you believe, Justin, or not – this is one powerful story. Way better than anything told by Biscardi or the Georgia Boys.

I have the feeling that one day this story will rank right up there with “Ape Canyon.” It will be told for years to come.

But, Justin Smeja has unknowingly re-kindled a fight that has been going on within this field of research for a very long time; the Kill vs. No-Kill debate.

First of all, let’s be very clear on one point. Justin was not a Bigfoot researcher at the time of this shooting. Our own Kill vs. No-Kill label doesn’t apply. By his own admission, he was simply out in the wilderness hunting for known animals when this happened, if his story is to be believed.

The one part of the story I have the most problem with is when Justin states they left the juvenile in the bushes to come back for it later. Why? Well, it wouldn’t have taken any time to put that dead body, of the juvenile that they had, into the bed of the truck. Instead, Justin states, they simply left it in the elements and thinking they would come back for it. Justin talks about fear of someone hearing the shots. Why would he have been worried about that if they were still within the legal hunting hours?

That part of the story, for me, is very confusing.

If this story is true, those that are upset should ask themselves one question. Is getting upset with this man going to turn back the hands of time and magically restore life to one or both of these animals?

No, we can get as mad as we want, but the animals in question will not magically regain life.

Justin did, however, take this horrible situation and make the best of it he could. While, he could not find either of the bodies, he did recover samples, which he states were turned over for DNA analysis. Justin could have just said, “Forget it, I don’t care!” And not even went back to look for either body. But, he did (or so he states). He could have walked away from this whole thing. If, he had done that, that would have been a real loss and an absolute crying shame especially if his story is true.

Look folks, I am a realist. I do not think science will ever take us seriously until we have something in the way of DNA that proves this animal exists. We can fight each other all we want on this Kill v. No-Kill issue, but at the end of the day science makes the rules for the proof of existence.

Whether we, like it or not or even if we agree with it, our “feelings” do not matter to the world of science who is asking for solid proof. Those are the rules in which we must play this game if we want this animal recognized and protected.

What I find ironic is this. Everyone; Kill and No-Kill, are anxiously awaiting the results of Dr. Ketchums results.

Some of which come from samples recovered from this, “Sierra shooting incident”. If you are angry with, Justin, over this shooting, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to say you are anxiously awaiting the results of Dr. Ketchums work? How do you think Dr. Ketchum came across the necessary samples to do DNA analysis? All of her work can’t rely on hair samples. She must have blood or tissue samples of some kind, I would think.

Anytime you take away someone’s right to do something, you open the door to having that same right taken away from you.

While today you may not see a reason for why you might want to shoot or kill this animal, there may come a day when you are forced into making that decision. Do you want that decision to have already been made? Life is full of choices, sometimes, they are unforeseeable. Don’t fool yourself.

I have said a thousand times (probably more);

I am No-Kill, but I would not take away someone else’s right to do what they think is right. The decision to be Pro-Kill or No-Kill is a personal decision each one of us must make, on our own. I was not with Justin on that faithful day. I do not know if his story is true. But, my aunt (whom I love very much) has always told me:

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” I think that is really good advice, so long as you don't also have to remove your brain.


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News ~ What's Going On !!

Here is the latest relevant news within our community ~ in no particular order. 

Tonight Adam Davies will be on Sharon Lee's radio program!! Hear for yourself about his Orang Pendek work!! There is a special time for this show (I am sure it's due to Adams location) of 2 PM Eastern time. But, no worries, It will be archived so you can listen later.

Peter Weimer of Wewanchu Cottages and the Bigfoot Expo in Chatauqua Lake has something worth checking out January 16 and the 19th -- so this weekend in Cleveland. Check it out!!

Creature Weekend just made a fantastic announcement!! John Mionczynski has been listed as a speaker for this years event!!! 

Visit for more information!! I have never heard John Mionczynski or Bill Munns speak, but from what I hear, it's worth every single second.

Cabelas Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings Weekend: Coming up March 14,15,16. Check out their facebook page!

Of course, Bigfoot Bounty, will be on Friday night again for Episode 2 on SpikeTV. What will this wacky cast of characters be up to this week? From the promos it looks like, the highly anticipated, dagger slinging will begin. Tune in and find out  

Check local listings for time and channel in your area. 

But, here is a bit of reading. Guy Edwards posted a blog on "The Bigfoot Lunch Club" in reference to their ratings for the premiere. Don't worry Fans, there is still time to pull this out of the fire. It's only the first episode.

Have a great day everyone !!!!


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January 13, 2014

Bigfoot Discovery Museum!! Go check em out !!!

Wanna spend a great day learning about Bigfoot? Do you live in, or will you be in California? Visit Mike Ruggs Bigfoot Discovery Museum. I hear all kinds of great things about this Museum and, Mike Rugg, is a fantastic guy. 

Stop in and check out the museum. I am sure you will learn lots and have a good time while doing it. 

You can also visit them online at:

Have a great day everyone !!!!


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January 12, 2014

Justins Response Part 2: Emails Returned.

As promised, I sent emails out. No one could go on the record but I was able to have a chat on Twitter with Jon Kroll who is the Executive Producer for Bigfoot Bounty. 

Twitter is a tough place to get answers to questions. 

Here is what he said. I gotta tell ya, nothing surprises me anymore. I honestly feel bad for Justin. But I don't blame people in this community for being angry. We heard this coming from his mouth. Pretty seamlessly too.

According to Mr. Kroll, Justin knew this would be aired and understood, so should I feel bad?? 

But, Justin was right and when I make a promise I keep it. 

Shame on Spike TV for doing this. It was not necessary. But, thank you Mr. Kroll for explaining. 

Edited to add:  Just so I don't get accused of jacking his comments without his permission, by those who should have done this to begin with, but instead chose to sit back and complain.


As for the gentleman out there accusing me of causing trouble for Justin, and calling me a word that rhymes with "itch", let me just say this. 

I don't know what I did to you, other than not giving you information about a personal matter, you were not paying the bill for, and was none of your business. Yes, I accepted your apology. Trust is earned not simply given. You did exactly what I thought you would do. I am not stupid. Call me whatever names you like, but don't you think your time would have been better served doing what I did? Sending emails to try and vindicate Justin? Instead you threw a hissy fit. As much as you would like to pin this mess on me, the words did not come from my mouth, and I was not even close to being the first person to make this information public. I still don't know why Justin would say such a thing considering all the work done to distance this from the "cat vet." But, whatever. 

In the future, control your temper and maybe do what is necessary to clear up confusion. Not add to it and the drama.

P.S. I'm glad I told you nothing. You had the information right in front of you and you still got it wrong. By the way, a friend doesn't do what you did - regardless of how entitled they think they are. 


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Justin Smeja responds.

I will just get right to it. 

Justin Smeja responded to the drama surrounding the "Feral Human" comment from Spike TVs first episode of "Bigfoot Bounty". 

Justin says, this was a 2 hour conversation, that Spike TV edited, to about 20 seconds. Justin says he discussed all the results but instead they edited down to only the "cat vet" results he discussed during filming. Now, if he's talking about, who I think he is, then I thought she was a horse vet. But, I could be wrong. 

Could this be true? Sure I guess. But, I have some emails out. If what Justin is saying is true, and it could be, but if it is, it's an even bigger reason to not care about this show at all. They said this would be a hunt using science. They didn't say anything about twisting words and making people look bad as a goal. But this is television.

If this is true, they put Justin in a very bad spot and frankly there was no need for it. Heck, this is the most sensational story - in a very long time. 

Read his comment for yourself. If a I hear anything from the emails I am sending out I will post that info here. 

It is my sincere hope that what Justin is saying is true. 

Even if he is, there are more than enough reasons to think this show is ridiculous. 

If Justin is telling the truth, I will be happy for him. No one should have their words twisted for ratings or anything else. 


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January 11, 2014

My review of Bigfoot Bounty 1st Episode.

Wow, has the reaction to this show been something else or what? Loren Coleman even took me to task for posting the various comments I read on social media. 

Hey, you know your something - when Loren Coleman takes time out of his busy day to try and trash your name. Although he did say he does "respect me".

That may be past tense now?

Personally, I think all opinions are important and I am not going to apologize for making the opinions of everyone heard. They have the right to say what they think about a Television show. Since when are reviews taboo? 

I respect Loren Coleman and I respect his opinion. But, his is not the only one, that matters. There are many people in this community (and outside it) that thought this show was simply ridiculous. 

While I posted some of the early comments and reviews, I watched the show at 2:30 a.m. (I got that sliver out) and decided to watch it - I DVR'd it. I wish I had simply listened to the reviews and gone to bed. Those who took to social media to express their outrage, or gratitude, for not being selected were SPOT ON. 

In the interest of full disclosure. I was contacted NUMEROUS times by the good folks casting for this show. I did not apply, I did not interview, in fact I asked them to stop emailing me. I was not and am not interested. I thought I should make that known since some of the participants are saying that those of us who don't like it, don't like it, simply because we are jealous we were not selected. THAT couldn't be further from the truth. 

What are my thoughts? 

Ridiculous. I understand this is a TV show. I get it. Heck, I would probably call it more of a game show if you want the truth. 

First of all let it be known: Bigfoot Researchers do not go out in the woods and rub themselves down with poop of any kind, nor do we eat it!!! I know what the participant was getting at but the "old time hunters" never took more than an extremely small piece, placed it on the tip of their tongues, then spit it back out. But this participant looked like he was having lunch. 

People at home. Do not try this. You may end up in the emergency room. 

Feral Human DNA..... This is news that everyone, in this community, should be up in arms over. I myself have called for calm when it came to Justin's sighting. But this... Wow. Unless I missed an information release, those DNA tests, of 4 tests, 3 came back bear and 1 came back Bigfoot (Melba Ketchum study). Todd Disotell was right to call him out on this. There is NO DNA test designed to find "feral human" as a result. I'm surprised Todd didn't call you out on the bear results. 

Rictor; you didn't do a bad job for your first time in the field and on Television. But, your reaction to the bad reviews? Dude, it's Television and not everyone is gonna like what they see. Honestly, I haven't seen anyone say anything negative about you. You should be thrilled, not angry. You're a TV star now. Criticism comes with the territory. It's not all roses. Quite frankly, I never asked you to think I was anything special. 

Michael; I get why he brought back the scat sample that he did. He said he was "thinking outside the box." I can get behind that. Most of what we do is just that. Heck, lets not kid ourselves, this hasn't been proven yet so regular methods are clearly not doing the job. Even the judges had to know none of them would bring back DNA on their first night. C'mon. 

Did this first episode showcase the best this community has to offer, in terms of research, equipment use, or methods? No. Which is why I am not even sure I would call this anything but a game show. I can't even blame the producers or the crew for the Feral Human comment. Yes, I know this is a television show and much of it is scripted - BUT - if you don't say it, they can't use it. So, now I am just wondering how much of this "I shot and killed a Bigfoot" is really true. You can't blame anyone for thinking this now. Geesh. 

Of course there was the showing of the scared girl. What else do you expect? 

I am a little concerned about the DNA dart guns. Why? I am wondering when someone will hear a loud scream and rush back with a DNA sample of a participant. I truly hope that does not happen. 

There were avid hunters and people from various backgrounds. Okay, I can buy the reason for that. Not sure their lack of experience with Bigfoot research makes them less capable of winning. There were the usual eye rolls, which I noted heavily, early in the show during the indoor meet and greet. One can only wonder when the real "stuff" will hit the fan. My DVR shut off before the clips for the next show, but I hear from the reviewers, the "stuff" starts flying in the next episode. So, stay tuned for that as it is so important to the overall premise of the show. 

So, that's what I came away with. Just one more reason to explain to everyone I know (outside this community) why I do what I do.

As always, watch the show for yourself. Make up your own mind. 

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Episode 1~ 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty..........

Well, well, well. 

The first episode of, $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, has aired!!


No, hold up. 

So far, the reactions are not good. I didn't watch the show myself, I had to get a sliver shoved way under my nail bed, but I have been watching the reviews on Facebook. 

One on Twitter from none other than the International Man of Mystery Investigation: Josh Gates himself; 

Josh Gates on Twitter

Ooops. Josh Gates could surely make this interesting. Well, he already has. 

I read something about two (2) guys spreading Elk poop all over themselves. Really? I've been doing this a long time and I want this animal found as much as anyone else. Those who know me will tell you exactly what I would say to that request. It starts with an "F" and ends with - yourself. Maybe they were looking for some Elk strange?

One guy puked. Yikes. So, his days may be numbered already unless he hydrates. But, if he hydrates it may only give him something new to puke. Hey, that's just the chance you take. I wish his tummy all the best. HEY people, he could have a sensitive tummy. We don't know. I hope they have pepto on standby. 

Many of those who were turned down are now breathing an ENORMOUS sigh of relief - and from what I am reading on their social media pages I can imagine why. 

I hear the first episode was on the ball for the much needed infighting. Which is always "Reality TV" gold and helpful when looking for Bigfoot too. 

So far it sounds like the beginnings of a train wreck of epic proportions ~ so grab your folding chairs something to drink and get ready to explain to your friends, co-workers and family why you are a Bigfoot Researcher. I don't think it will be long before this entire show comes off the rails and this new bit of "Reality Television" gives us yet one more opportunity, to explain, why we are not crazy for doing what we do. 

And, this comment came into me tonight ~ while I was typing up this blog. The person asked if I planned to write about this topic and asked if she/he could submit an anonymous comment. 

Well, your wish is my command. 

SPIKE TV clearly does not understand that there are millions of people who take this topic very seriously. There is a long standing community of researchers and enthusiasts, most of which know each other. We know that NONE of the people on this show have any research experience, despite what SPIKE TV is telling you. The amazing thing is that the hate tweets were not even from experienced bigfooters, my guess is they didn't even bother to watch the show. We actually do go into the woods and watching these people, it was really clear they had no idea what they were doing.

The premise of the show, put all of the teams in the woods until midnight, in the same location and have them find evidence is.. well.. pretty ridiculous. Most researchers know that you can spend weeks at a time, in the daylight and NEVER find a single thing. As Cliff says on Finding Bigfoot, it's like finding a needle in a stack of haystacks.

This show is a sham.

Real researchers are careful to be totally alone with no one around for miles and miles and do not give up their research locations. This prevents mistaken audio recordings, where one researcher is heard unbeknownst to  the other.

Real researchers know that to have any kind of encounter, you have to do your homework, study an area before going into it. It's all about timing. I've had well respected, known researchers tell me that in the decade they've been investigating and hundreds of expeditions they've had only one experience and found only a few tracks or evidence. Why? This is an extremely rare species that is well adapted to their environment. That the show would encourage the killing of a rare species like this is disgusting. I will never watch SPIKE TV again, there is currently an effort underway in various Bigfoot pages on Facebook to boycott advertisers on SPIKE TV. Yeah, that goes for you too mr Bar Rescue. WE ARE DONE WITH SPIKE.

You can't disrespect a topic that native American's and history has treated with the utmost respect and have anything good come of it. There are few mysteries left for the common man to experience, this show just pooped all over the good people who spend their free time and hard earned money trying to leave the earth a better place.

End quote. 

As a Bigfoot Researcher I gotta ask ~~ was/is this your reality

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January 8, 2014

Go Blame Someone Else ~ You Were Warned!!

My own personal thoughts on the latest ~ no worries his name is not used ~ but if you're sensitive you might want to skip this article.

I just gotta say, its only been one or two days, but already I am sick and tired of this entire community being blamed by these new people (in our community) for the problem of the hoaxer extraordinaire.

MOST of you were personally warned ~ if not berated ~ for your personal decision to defend and back this hoaxer even after it was well known that he had hoaxed (and told the full story) back in 2008. It is not the problem of the entire community to now come out and say, this guy is a hoaxer. You should have listened when we all said it a year (or better) ago. But no. You had to write your blogs, start your websites, Facebook pages and bombard every Bigfoot Forum on the internet to defend this hoaxers right to say whatever he wanted.

I can't even begin to guess at the number of times I read, "he deserves a second chance," by the very people who are now saying (us old timers) didn't do enough to warn the world about his newest hoax.

Really, this guy hoaxes the world in 2008, by hitting every major news outlet in the country, with road kill stuffed in a Bigfoot costume, and you want to blame the established people in this community for not being vocal about his latest antics?

How about, as a researcher, we show some old fashioned common sense. If someone is that public with a hoax (2008) - why in the world would you think anything has changed the next time around? OR maybe give the story 6 months to pan out? Wait and see if their is follow through on promises to show the body on such and such date??

How about that?

But instead there is this push to get behind every foul mouthed jerk that comes along and calls themselves a "Bigfoot Researcher". Lets be honest, many out there believed this hoaxer (again) because he was so vocal and willing to defend himself strongly (as it was put) if necessary. No, he simply silenced people, by insulting and attacking. Which is the status quo these days.

If you think I am saying, "I told you so" you are damned right. How about we not call for more attention for this guy - and start calling for some common sense and reasonable dialogue in this community so we can better deal with these situations in the future.

No, this community does not have egg on its face. Those who backed this guy ~ will. The "Community" (as it is) did not support him in large part and I strongly disagree with the idea that silence equals acceptance. 

Sometimes we just get sick and tired of having to explain the same things over, and over again, when what we are saying is already out there.

Sometimes it makes no difference when we say something ~ no one listens anyway ~ back to listening to the person with the foulest mouth and the most sensational story.

This happened because so many believed him, didn't listen to the past stories, and went out there and defended and bought into his website. This has NOTHING to do with the communities (as a whole) inaction.

And look at that ~ I typed a long winded rant ~ about someone who deserves no mention ~ and managed to do it so you all know exactly who I am talking about, yet did not use his name.

Now I am done. Have a nice day :) 

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January 7, 2014

My Own Experience. 2010 Virginia

I have sat back and thought about this for a long time 2010 to be exact. 

Sometimes you have to just throw caution to the wind and say: here is my story. I ask witnesses to tell me their stories every day, so why I haven’t told mine in some detail I can’t explain. Maybe because I don’t believe it myself, but then I have to because it happened to me.

Am I calling this a "Bigfoot Sighting?" No - lets be clear right now. I don't know what to call this. 

For those of you who say, "I don't believe it!!" Welcome to my world. I don't believe it either, but I have to. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of being in the position of a scoftic, skeptic or whatever you want to call it. In this situation, I am the witness whether I like it or not. Most days, not. 

When I saw this, I was actually angry. My first thought was, "crap, now I have to admit to all those people I laughed at that I too have seen eye shine now." But, I won't lie and say this didn't happen because it did. 

What do you say, when you have seen something you simply can’t explain?  I spoke about this at the 2013 Bigfoot Expo in Chautauqua Lake New York but I have never sat down and really put the entire experience into words or writing. Why? I still can’t believe all I experienced.

Sounds silly huh?

After witnessing, what I did, I returned home and spoke with a friend who I trust a great deal. This person’s advice to me was, “you can never talk about this publicly.” I can understand why this friend offered up this advice. Who wants to admit they seen something they have no answers for? To this day I still look at photographs and try to match it to some type of animal I know about. I still have not been able to do that. So, I keep looking. But part of me wonders; is there anyone else out there who has seen something like this?

I can’t answer this question until I ask.

So, I worked with Rebekah Sisk to put into full color what I experienced. Then, we ran into a problem. When she finished the full piece of artwork which showed the entire area, the eyes, were not clear. The very clear visual I have in my mind, still to this day, could not be accurately reflected in the full portrait of the area (she was working with pastels).

So, she did a second of the eyes alone.  First I will tell you the story. Following will be the artwork by Rebekah Sisk.

In 2010 I was a part of a multi-group expedition headed up by Billy Willard in Virginia. We were at this piece of private property for 8 days total. Some more, some less, but Wayne and I were at this location for the full 8 days along with Billy and a few others.

The week was fairly typical as far as Bigfoot research is concerned.

Friday Night (2 days before the end) Billy and I had agreed to be guests on Bob Coyne’s radio program. We did this interview from base camp, which started at approximately 9:00 eastern. It was our intent to finish the interview then send the teams out for night ops. Billy went first, and to be honest I don’t know how long he spoke with Bob, then I was asked to take the phone and answer some questions. I walked a little bit from base camp, down a slight hill toward two man-made ponds. There it was quieter than my original location next to base camp. I stood there for a few minutes and decided to head back up the hill. When I reached the top of the hill, I walked forward a bit, then turned to the right – and that’s when I seen it.

At this point, my interview with Bob Coyne went right out the window in my mind. I was focused on what I was looking at. What looked to me to be two eyes, were staring at me. But, they were unlike any eyes I had ever seen before. They had very bright centers, and the further out from the center you looked, the more red they became. There was no white, no black, just the orange and red color. I watched these eyes for, I can’t even tell you all how long, when they began to move.  Now, mind you through all this I was aware I was doing an interview, I had no intention of saying anything, but I also couldn't remember the questions I was being asked. I felt like I was talking in circles.

I tried to keep looking at the eyes, while trying to get the attention of anyone at base camp. I had no camera, nothing on me at the time. To be quite honest, I am not sure I would have remembered I had a camera even if I had been holding one.

But, as I said, the eyes began to move. When they moved, they moved in unison. So, clearly they were attached to a fixed object. In other words, when the object moved, that they were attached to, the eyes moved also. The eyes were moving down, toward a light lure that had been placed in a bush earlier that night. I have no doubt, whatever this was, was interested in the light lure itself. Then, something passed in front of the lure but I could still see the eyes.

The eyes then went back up to their original height. It was then I knew it was looking directly at me. You just know when you’re being looked at. I was so certain of this my knees locked. This was the first time I felt a bit of fear. I had no idea what was going to happen next. Whatever this was, stared at me, and I stared at it.

Then, as if I and the rest of the group didn't exist, it simply turned to its right and was gone. I know this because of the way the eyes disappeared. The right eye and left eye turned together, the right was gone, quickly followed by the left.

It was just gone.

Not long after that my portion of the interview was over. I quickly handed the phone back to Mike, and ran looking for Billy and Wayne. We all quickly ran to the location where all this took place and looked for any sign that something had stood there. The area was so over grown, no tracks were even possible. When I was asked how tall I thought it was, I said, “Roughly 7 feet.” It was later I found out both property owners who seen a Bigfoot on their property told Billy, the animal they seen was about 7 ½ feet tall. Coincidence? Maybe.

Now, am I saying this was a Bigfoot? No. I am not. I don’t know what this was. I do know there was no bush or tree that could have supported an owl or any other animal. There was no bush or tree in the area tall enough to clear the bush that held the light lure. So, whatever it was somehow managed to keep itself 7 feet in the air, then bend down, mess with the light lure, and return to the exact same spot.

Possible? I guess. But what could do that?

This is why when I go onto a property for research, being worked by another researcher, I don't ask for the whole story. I know the property owners say they seen a Bigfoot but I do not want details. Why? Because if I see something, I might be able to independently confirm their story. 

I did not see, with any certainty, the rest of the body. I saw part of it pass from left to right in front of the light lure. But, what that was, I can’t be certain so that is a part of the story I simply leave out. 

Why? Because I know many are saying right now, “Oh my god, she seen a Bigfoot!!” That is not what I am saying.

I would like to hear possibilities though.

How big were these eyes? I can only guess, but I was only about a 100 yards from whatever this was. If I had run up to it, with a silver dollar, I would imagine the silver dollar would have just about covered one eye. They were very large. I was actually surprised by how large they were.

Am I saying this is some kind of “bio-luminescence?” No. I have the feeling the light lure aided in what I was able to see. But, the lure was not giving off enough light to show the entire body. I will add this. The very center of the eye is something I will never forget. It was so bright. Even if I live to be 100 I will never forget that. 

What is this? What can cause an animal to have eyes that look like this? Before moving to Texas and working in a law firm, I was raised on farms. I was raised a country girl. I have seen many animals in my life during the day and at night. Nothing I know about fits this description.

Have you seen anything like this? If so, I would love to hear from you. You can either comment in the section provided for comments or send me an email at the email address listed on the right sidebar at the top. You will remain anonymous. 

Here are both pieces of Artwork. Take a look for yourself. The bottom is simply trying to better show the color variation I seen. So, no, it did not have 4 eyes. ;) 

Copyright Rebekah Sisk  

Copyright Rebekah Sisk  

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