January 17, 2006

I bet your wondering,

Exactly why I started out this blog with these 5 men. Well, first of all, they are not the only people I intend to profile on this blog, but in my mind they are my Top 5. Anyone who has been in this research field for any period of time quickly determines who out of a very small group, are the ones who they most identify or agree with.

These 5 names are the most recognizable in this field, along with others that I will get to in a while.I think its important to know the names of those before you. I think its important to understand their wins, losses, triumphs and tragedies. These were and are first and foremost, men. Men who did not back down in the face of ridicule or scrutany. They were and are men, who believed in the existance of this animal so strongly, nothing could shake their desire or determination to find this animal.

I start out with these 5 men, because I respect their hard work, dedication and courage. This is not an easy area of research (as I have discovered). The area you work in, can be cold, wet, hot all the things that make you long for the quiet comfort of home and a nice warm bed- not to mention dangerous. Yet, they decided this was what they wanted to dedicate their lives to doing.

I respect these men. And while we have a whole new generation of men and women stepping up to carry on the work they have done so proudly, and with such dignity..

I profile these 5 men because we should not forget the names that came before us.


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