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June 19, 2014

Book Review: Patty A Sasquatch Story, Written by Michael Mayes with Illustrations by Robert Swain.

Cover of "Patty a Sasquatch Story
Written by Michael Mayes
Illustrations by Robert Swain

I don’t write book reviews often; in fact I think I have done two. The book I am reviewing in this article is so special I had to bring it to the attention of everyone.

Patty A Sasquatch Story

A children’s book written by Michael Mayes and Illustrated by Robert Swain.

While I say this is a children’s book, this is the kind of book a parent can read with their child, and learn some pretty interesting information themselves. This I will talk about in a bit.

Patty A Sasquatch Story is the “ugly duckling” story – updated with a Bigfoot theme. Pretty smart and something I haven’t seen done before. What’s even more interesting is how Michael has woven information about a specific historical account, to not just tell a story, but to teach children a little about the Patterson/Gimlin film.

In the back of the book is a section called, “The Sasquatch Insider” which is a kind of reference guide to words, names and other things, Bigfoot related that are discussed within the book itself. This portion of the book is worth the time all by itself.

I thought this book was wonderful. Not only did Michael find a new and interesting way to tell one of the sweetest stories, but he found a way of doing it, while teaching children some very interesting information.  I did have a little trouble reading some pages, dark print on dark pages, but that is a minor issue when you take in the totality of the book and the positive information and lesson it teaches children.

Robert Swain did a fantastic job on the illustrations – which are worthy of purchasing – I hope he sells prints.

To be honest, we need more books like this with stories that teach children about this topic, without scaring the bejezzus out of them.

So kudos to Michael and Robert!! It is my sincere hope this is the first in a long line of books geared toward children with a positive message about the topic of Bigfoot. 

If you are interested in purchasing this book here are few links: 

Back cover of: Patty A Sasquatch Story

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May 29, 2014

In Memory of Philip Spencer

Memorial by Charlie Raymond 
Yesterday we all learned of the passing of Philip Spencer. Philip was a great friend to many in this community, including myself. Let me tell you about the Philip I knew.

The first time I ever spoke with Philip, by phone, he called me up one day and said,

"Mel, I want to send you something. I want your honest opinion and I don't want you to hold back."

That set me back on my heels. I already had a deep respect for Philip and I already knew he and I had different opinions on issues in this community. But, he sent me the file and I looked at it and gave him my opinion.  His response?

"That's what I thought too."

That's how it was with Philip. You could disagree with him, or offer an opposing opinion, and he never took it personally. I've had some of my best discussions with Philip and I learned a lot from him. He told me stories out of Kentucky about more than just Bigfoot - that stood my hair on end. He was an endless source of stories and he loved to share them and his knowledge. Charlie Raymond; spoke of how, Philip, worked with him and taught him so much.

Well, that's just the kind of man Philip was.

The American Bigfoot Society was proud to have Philip as a member for many years. He offered years of field experience and an opposing view, at times, which gave many much to think about. He also discussed photography with the group. Which as we all know - how to take a good photo or film is pretty darn important. Philip went out of his way to share his knowledge, because he wanted to help anyone that needed it.

I will miss Philip a great deal. He didn't have to be my friend, or a friend to anyone else. He wanted to. 

And I am so very grateful for the years I had knowing this fine man who was a great friend, loved by many, and a devoted Researcher.  

My most heart felt condolences go out to Philips sons, his entire family, and the friends who loved him so very much.    

I asked a couple people who knew Philip also if they wanted to add words to this article.


Pudd his dog was his best buddy. Philip researched Bigfoot and other mysterious creatures in Anderson County Kentucky for over 20 years.

Philip was a captivating story-teller, charismatic personality and people fell in love with him instantly.

He Loved to watch MMA, eating Honey Crisp Apples, being out in nature, photography, and of course bigfooting. He also provided most of the witnesses and locations for the TV episode "Hillbilly Beast". Philip also promoted the adoption of dogs and cats. 

Philip has been an invaluable liaison, teacher and good friend of mine. I owe much of my knowledge to this wise, dear friend.  I'm really going to miss chatting with him about the latest Bigfoot research, the history of bigfoot activity in Kentucky and life in general.

- Charlie Raymond: The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization.

Please check out the wonderful video Charlie made in memory of Philip: 


He was a great friend. 

The Kentucky connection was what started our friendship. 

We shared research info and would consult with each other. He called me at least once a week to discuss recent events and we talked constantly through private messages. He was a big fan of my artwork and encouraged me constantly. He encouraged me to write an article for his blog about some paranormal events that took place with some of my relatives in KY, and was wanting me to write a book.   

Kentucky ran through his veins. He was a true southerner. He thought Kentucky & Kentuckians deserved more credit than it was given, and always cringed when the usual stereotypical comments were made.

You would not be able to find a truer friend anywhere on this earth.

- Adrianne Brashear Arney

April 4, 2014

The credibility roller coaster has re-opened ~ under the same management.

In large part I have been away from the community for a little over a month now. I returned home this past Sunday and took some "down time".

But, from what I am hearing, not much has changed.

Let me say this, and it is my sincere hope that people do what I ask. Go get a dictionary and look up the words; Investigate, Investigator and Research.

Yes. I have heard all about the latest "researcher credibility" drama. And, as usual, it comes from the same people. 

NO ONE in this community has "credibility". 

Why anyone in this community thinks they have the right or the ability to assign "credibility" is beyond me and frankly - that high opinion of yourself used to get you ran right out of this.

Investigating a claim - whether some think the claim is a hoax or not - is by its very definition - INVESTIGATION. If those who are throwing poo at Dr. Meldrum are not willing to get their boots dirty and go investigate the many claims of Todd Standing then by all means please stay home and let those who are willing to do the heavy lifting - do what they do. But, sitting behind a keyboard and proclaiming Dr. Meldrum's credibility is shot for doing the very thing we all should be doing - is just spiteful.

Question I have is - what have those throwing the poo ever done to make themselves worthy of judging the credibility of others??????

Do I think Todd Standing is legit? Do I think his claims are legit?

I don't know. I have never been to his research location, I have never spoken with him - I have never investigated his claims. I have my suspicions - but they are suspicions backed up by nothing that equals proof of hoaxing.

*aside here* the word "Hoaxer" is thrown around now simply because one researcher doesn't like another - so the sting of that word is practically gone now.*

Inside this community there are those who enjoy watching the work of others and deciding "credibility". Most of these people haven't spent more than a couple hours near a tree - let alone conducted a full investigation of a property or picked up a phone to talk to a witness. I know many would like to think we can assign credibility but here is the kicker ---

True credibility will and has always been assigned by those - outside this community.

I am not in this to prove to other "Bigfooters" or "Skeptics" that this animal is out there. The end to this mystery won't come from this community agreeing that an investigator has the ultimate proof - that will come from science and the world. I'm sorry if that hurts the feelings of some, but it is the truth.

Besides, if you think the ultimate goal of this research is to convince some of those who are going after Dr. Meldrum now - I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Their agenda is clear and it has nothing to do with Bigfoot.

I understand that for some investigating claims is a tough pill to swallow. But, if we are going to call ourselves investigators THAT is the job.

Even with this recent info - I would STILL go to Dr. Meldrum for advice LONG before I would go to those who attack Dr. Meldrum now. His ability to set aside his own ideas and go in with his eyes wide open and willing to find the truth (regardless of what it might be) makes him the kind of person who will always be respected by those who truly care about the progress of this research.

Besides, let's be honest here, it was said after the "Snow walker video" that Meldrum's credibility was shot. How many years ago was that??

Get in the woods people - investigate the mystery.

You won't find Bigfoot trying to decide who's credible and who's not. But that seems to be all some care about.


January 28, 2014

Be Good to Each Other

I know lately many probably think I have lost my mind, posting things like, "Have a great day everyone!!" and all that ~ on my Facebook page;

But..... If I may take a second of your time.

Life is short, so very short and so very precious. I think sometimes we forget that in our, get where we need to be ~ make things happen, kind of lives.

Be good to each other; I forget this. I get so caught up in things ~ I forget that life isn't about the battles I wage ~ it's about those things you do that make another person’s life better. No one, at the end of life ever says, "I wish I had cussed out so and so. We are more likely to say, "I wish I had NOT cussed out so and so." Who wants to leave this life angry? Certainly not me.

Be good to each other; seems like such a simple concept but in practice can be very difficult. Trust me I know. I have had more than my share of untruths being said about me. In fact one person has been telling some whoppers about me now for at least 5 years.... One would think this person would eventually give up. Do I fire back? No. Why not? Because I feel sorry for this person. No really I do. I feel bad for anyone who can only be hateful. How unhappy must that life be? It's not a life I would want to live.

I can read the angry comments about me, and simply move on, because I know the truth - I lived it.

Be good to each other; Live your life like it's your last day on earth. Do all the things you want to do, and be happier, than even you think, you're allowed. We only have one life (unless the Dalai Lama is right).

If you are on my Facebook page, or reading this article; know that every single second of every day I am wishing every one of you the best day you can possibly have. Filled with love, happiness and laughter. If you are having difficulties in your life, please know I am thinking of you.

I am sure many of you are scratching your heads right now and wondering, "What happened to Melissa?"


This is who I am. The side of Melissa you probably didn't even know existed. Yes, I disagree with people in this community ~ but my disagreements do not equal hate. To show you are a caring person in this community seems to be a crime or shows weakness. I disagree with that.

So, have a GREAT DAY everyone. And know there is at least one person in the world that is rooting for you!!!

January 16, 2014

Tonight on Blogtalk Radio !!


The SquatchDetective Steve Kulls returns, to BlogTalk Radio at 8:00 PM Eastern, with guest Guy Edwards of the Blog site "The Bigfoot Lunch Club".

After you finish listening to the, SquatchDetective;

Larry Battson's Wild World is also live on Blogtalk Radio at 10:00 PM with guest Willie Wilcox of Utopia. Right now Willlie is on tour with ZZ Top. Bet he has some stories to tell !!

That is all folks, Have a GREAT DAY !!

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January 15, 2014

The Sierra Shooting.....

Justin Smeja
Here is a blast from the past. I wrote this article back on Jan 3, 2012. This was my first article on Justin and his story and I believe the last.

Other than adding Justin's name as a caption this is unchanged.

Enjoy !!


Was a Bigfoot shot and killed in the Sierra Mountains of California?

A gentleman by the name of, Justin Smeja, says “Yes,” and he is the man who did it.

Now, before I start this story let me say this. I have stayed away from the telling of this. Why? I wasn’t there and I haven’t spoken with Mr. Smeja.

Is this story true? Well, I am going to spread the story some more.

Justin Smeja says on October 8th of 2010 he was out bear and deer hunting with a friend. When they rounded a corner in a truck and seen what, Justin describes as a “monster”.

Okay, everyone stop. Take a deep breath.

Let’s be honest, most people would think the very same thing if confronted with an animal that is not supposed to exist. Bigfoot is the stuff of nightmares for most.

Why? Because unlike Bigfoot researchers, the general population thinks “it’s a good story, but really, it can’t really be out there.” Sure they watch the T.V. shows and then take the Yahoo polls, but when new reports come in, the witnesses are still just as freaked out as ever.

Thinking something could be out there, is far different, than seeing it and knowing it’s out there.

So, Justin, and his friend (who is unnamed) round this corner in the truck and spot this Bigfoot. Justin states he grabbed his rifle (I am assuming he exited the vehicle) and put the Bigfoot in his scope. 

At the same time his friend is looking at the Bigfoot through his binoculars, yelling at Justin, “It’s a person in a suit, don’t shoot!” 

While (according to Justin) the alleged Bigfoot has its arms in the air in a manner which suggests the animal is trying to say “don’t shoot!” Justin does anyway, and says he hit the animal in the lung.

First issue, If you don’t know with absolute certainty what you are about to shoot is not an animal, but could be a person in a suit (say for example for a production company or just some idiot who thinks it’s funny) you probably shouldn’t be pulling the trigger.

So Justin pulls the trigger and hits this animal in the lung. Assuming of course it’s a Bigfoot, and not some poor schmuck in a costume with a bad sense of humor.

Justin then reports two juveniles are seen, as both Jason and his friend look for what they now think is a female Bigfoot.

In the interest of time let’s just cut to the chase, because in his own telling of the situation on
Abe’s show, things were a bit confusing at this point.

Understandably there was much rushing through his head and both of these men had to be scared out of their shorts if they really thought they either killed a human in a suit or lung shot an animal. Either one of the options can carry some serious life changing issues. One might also, reasonably assume, if the animal didn’t drop where it stood, it may come back looking for you. I might think that.

Justin then reports he shot one of the juveniles. Apparently Justin was being approached by one of the juveniles, and against the advice of his friend, Justin, neck shot the juvenile.

What happened after this point is of no real consequence. If you believe the story told by, Justin, it is game over.

As I sit here and listen to the story I can’t deny he sounds like a man who has great remorse for whatever he may have done, OR, he is a great storyteller. As he discusses his friend, holding the dead juvenile in his arms and saying, “what did you do?” It’s almost painful to listen to.

Whether you believe, Justin, or not – this is one powerful story. Way better than anything told by Biscardi or the Georgia Boys.

I have the feeling that one day this story will rank right up there with “Ape Canyon.” It will be told for years to come.

But, Justin Smeja has unknowingly re-kindled a fight that has been going on within this field of research for a very long time; the Kill vs. No-Kill debate.

First of all, let’s be very clear on one point. Justin was not a Bigfoot researcher at the time of this shooting. Our own Kill vs. No-Kill label doesn’t apply. By his own admission, he was simply out in the wilderness hunting for known animals when this happened, if his story is to be believed.

The one part of the story I have the most problem with is when Justin states they left the juvenile in the bushes to come back for it later. Why? Well, it wouldn’t have taken any time to put that dead body, of the juvenile that they had, into the bed of the truck. Instead, Justin states, they simply left it in the elements and thinking they would come back for it. Justin talks about fear of someone hearing the shots. Why would he have been worried about that if they were still within the legal hunting hours?

That part of the story, for me, is very confusing.

If this story is true, those that are upset should ask themselves one question. Is getting upset with this man going to turn back the hands of time and magically restore life to one or both of these animals?

No, we can get as mad as we want, but the animals in question will not magically regain life.

Justin did, however, take this horrible situation and make the best of it he could. While, he could not find either of the bodies, he did recover samples, which he states were turned over for DNA analysis. Justin could have just said, “Forget it, I don’t care!” And not even went back to look for either body. But, he did (or so he states). He could have walked away from this whole thing. If, he had done that, that would have been a real loss and an absolute crying shame especially if his story is true.

Look folks, I am a realist. I do not think science will ever take us seriously until we have something in the way of DNA that proves this animal exists. We can fight each other all we want on this Kill v. No-Kill issue, but at the end of the day science makes the rules for the proof of existence.

Whether we, like it or not or even if we agree with it, our “feelings” do not matter to the world of science who is asking for solid proof. Those are the rules in which we must play this game if we want this animal recognized and protected.

What I find ironic is this. Everyone; Kill and No-Kill, are anxiously awaiting the results of Dr. Ketchums results.

Some of which come from samples recovered from this, “Sierra shooting incident”. If you are angry with, Justin, over this shooting, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to say you are anxiously awaiting the results of Dr. Ketchums work? How do you think Dr. Ketchum came across the necessary samples to do DNA analysis? All of her work can’t rely on hair samples. She must have blood or tissue samples of some kind, I would think.

Anytime you take away someone’s right to do something, you open the door to having that same right taken away from you.

While today you may not see a reason for why you might want to shoot or kill this animal, there may come a day when you are forced into making that decision. Do you want that decision to have already been made? Life is full of choices, sometimes, they are unforeseeable. Don’t fool yourself.

I have said a thousand times (probably more);

I am No-Kill, but I would not take away someone else’s right to do what they think is right. The decision to be Pro-Kill or No-Kill is a personal decision each one of us must make, on our own. I was not with Justin on that faithful day. I do not know if his story is true. But, my aunt (whom I love very much) has always told me:

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” I think that is really good advice, so long as you don't also have to remove your brain.


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News ~ What's Going On !!

Here is the latest relevant news within our community ~ in no particular order. 

Tonight Adam Davies will be on Sharon Lee's radio program!! Hear for yourself about his Orang Pendek work!! There is a special time for this show (I am sure it's due to Adams location) of 2 PM Eastern time. But, no worries, It will be archived so you can listen later.

Peter Weimer of Wewanchu Cottages and the Bigfoot Expo in Chatauqua Lake has something worth checking out January 16 and the 19th -- so this weekend in Cleveland. Check it out!!

Creature Weekend just made a fantastic announcement!! John Mionczynski has been listed as a speaker for this years event!!! 

Visit for more information!! I have never heard John Mionczynski or Bill Munns speak, but from what I hear, it's worth every single second.

Cabelas Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings Weekend: Coming up March 14,15,16. Check out their facebook page!

Of course, Bigfoot Bounty, will be on Friday night again for Episode 2 on SpikeTV. What will this wacky cast of characters be up to this week? From the promos it looks like, the highly anticipated, dagger slinging will begin. Tune in and find out  

Check local listings for time and channel in your area. 

But, here is a bit of reading. Guy Edwards posted a blog on "The Bigfoot Lunch Club" in reference to their ratings for the premiere. Don't worry Fans, there is still time to pull this out of the fire. It's only the first episode.

Have a great day everyone !!!!


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January 13, 2014

Bigfoot Discovery Museum!! Go check em out !!!

Wanna spend a great day learning about Bigfoot? Do you live in, or will you be in California? Visit Mike Ruggs Bigfoot Discovery Museum. I hear all kinds of great things about this Museum and, Mike Rugg, is a fantastic guy. 

Stop in and check out the museum. I am sure you will learn lots and have a good time while doing it. 

You can also visit them online at:

Have a great day everyone !!!!


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