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February 5, 2016

Dermal Ridges and Casting Artifacts Part II


In the first installment of these tests, I used my own foot and Onion Mountain Soil to see if dermal ridges can be captured when the medium capturing the dermals is a soil or substrate. Answer to that question, yes you can capture dermal ridges and flexion creases. The question is still out there however, how do we prevent "artifacts" in casting? In this article will attempt to address some of these questions.

For this round of tests I used soil that had been sifted 5 times to remove as much organic material as possible, and although the soil was reused, it was re-sifted after every experiment.

It has been discussed in order for artifacts to happen, one would need to be casting in a substrate that is fine and very dry, because only these dry, fine soils will produce the needed "wicking" effect. Wicking, some may be asking "what is "wicking"? Simply put, wicking is the water being pulled from the casting agent by the soil - think of the soil as a sponge, sucking the water out of the cast. That is "wicking". Will we have the same "wicking" effect if we cast in this soil from Onion Mountain? Answer, yes it will. The soil from Onion Mountain pulls the water from the casting agent while the cast is setting very nicely.


I was confused as to how these artifacts happen, as I was not getting the desired results. I had used soil and water temperature to this point from 70 degrees up to 100, and nothing, other than what could be mistaken for flexion creases (which I know are the pour lines). I thought, well maybe its the casting agent itself? So, I decided to call I was able to have a telephone conversation with a gentleman who is an expert in casting agents and has worked with them for more than 25 years, he has also (and may continue) worked with the FBI to help them understand how to properly use casting agents in the field, during the course of their investigations.

Here is a link to the website, and if you scroll down the page you will find a thumbnail picture with the title "Plaster Mixing Procedures, USG Plasters and HYDROCAL® Brand Gypsum Cements IG503"

First he assured me, "if you can see what your trying to cast in the soil, you will cast it, if you mix the casting agent properly" (mixing of the casting agent properly was a point he drove home over and over). The water temperature should always be right around the same temperature as the air ( plus or minus 5 degrees) I asked him if organic material or any minerals play a role in the casting process or could various soils rich in specific minerals cause "artifacts" to happen. He responded by saying "No". "Minerals and organic materials will not affect the casting agents ability to retain details or cause details that look like dermal ridges when there are none, as long as your mixing properly". He said the options range from mixing too thick or too thin, or extremes in temperatures. Notice I said "extremes". Here is an example of what he discusses, with the only difference being the amount of casting agent and water.

Cast 1: 1 Cup Water
2 Cups Plaster of Paris
This mix is per the Manufacturers specifications

Cast 2: 1 1/4 Cup Water
2 Cups Plaster of Paris

Cast 3: 1 Cup Water
2 1/4 Cup Plaster of Paris
All water in these 3 experiments was room temperature, 76 degrees, humidity 25%. This water was not heated.

Notice the gradual change in the cast features. The first cast only shows the disturbed soil in the center of the cast (this does correspond to the area where I poured the casting agent). Cast #2 you begin to see fine pour lines toward the bottom of the cast, which show the casting agent pushing out from the center of the cast. Cast #3, you can clearly see the same effect, only more dramatic. So, what was the reason? Changes in mixing. Notice I only increased and decreased the Plaster of Paris and water by 1/4 cup, but that was enough to show changes. Personally I found this remarkable, who would think adding just a little more plaster of paris or water would create such a change in the finished cast.

After creating these 3 casts I wondered about what the gentleman from said about "extremes". I was getting close to creating "artifacts" but this goal was still out of reach. So, I decided to try the next experiment.

Cast 4: Water 105 degrees
Soil baked in oven to 105 degrees
2 1/2 Cup Plaster of Paris
1 Cup Water

Air Temperature 76%, with 25% humidity




Cast 4 shows the very same pour lines in the substrate, again only more dramatic. So, even with the temperature extreme introduced with cast #4, we still do not see dermal ridge artifacts. I then wondered if I had misunderstood the casting expert - maybe it was a matter of Opposite extremes?

Cast 5: Water 105 degrees
Soil Temperature 50 degrees

Clearly this is not the case either.

So, what causes "artifacts". Is it Temperature, and how you mix your casting agent? Yes, but temperature is obviously not the only thing that will cause "artifacts". But, it is clear that if one mixes the casting agent properly and the water temperature is within 5 degrees of your current air temperature, you should only be casting what you can see in the soil. Cast #4 clearly shows what will happen if extremes are introduced into your mixing and temperatures.

November 10, 2015

"Bigfoot Captured," on History Channel

So. Last night, the long anticipated, "Bigfoot Captured," aired on History Channel. I can't help but wonder how many people thought this was a legit capture of a Bigfoot.

Did you?

While I understand this was a 2-hour program that was total fiction there were some interesting moments and comments made.

1. The 3-D printer replication of what, Dr. Meldrum, thinks the skeleton of a Bigfoot might look like. I am going to assume he has settled on this, "Robust Australopithecines," as that is primarily what was used for the 3-D rendering.

If I am wrong about this, I welcome the correction.

2. Drones. You know when researchers first started using thermal imaging in the field everyone thought that technology could never be disputed.

It has. More than once.

I'm not saying I think drones are a waste of time but I just don't see them being technology someone won't find something to argue about. As we could all see from the footage of the drone on the show, you could make out an upright walking, something, but was it a human or was it a Bigfoot?

My guess is human as, Dr. Meldrum, and, Dr. Bindernagel, didn't rush to the scene.

Come on people - it was fiction!! Made you think about it though didn't I?

Is there a use for drones in this research? Yes. But I wouldn't count on footage from a drone convincing anyone of anything. So if you capture footage of a bigfoot from your drone, you'd better high tail it to the location and get some physical evidence.

But, even if you're armed with footage and biological evidence, whether you are believed or not, will still be a crap shoot.

So, good luck.

3. Loved their attempt at bigfoot vocals. Nothing really to add. Just loved it. Yes, I am being sarcastic. I will say this, once they had that Bigfoot in the cage, it started sounding more like Harry from the movie, "Harry and the Hendersons".

4. During the footage of the, "capture", there is talk about how human or not this animal is. One of the characters in the show says, "we will have to wait until it dies to find out." If you think Science is going to wait for a captured Bigfoot to die before they do the, "autopsy/necropsy of a lifetime," I'm willing to bet you have another thing coming. Sure Scientists will take the time to study and watch it's behavior - but I highly doubt they will bide their time and wait for this animal to die of natural causes.

It's just a hunch.

5. Then the statement I was waiting for. Should we even be looking for Bigfoot. Should we allow it to remain a mystery?

If you're a member of this community I know you've had this conversation a couple thousand times. Heck, I've devoted entire blog articles to this issue.

To discover, or not to discover, that is the question.

Talk to a witness and you will have a multitude of reasons for why discovery is important. But is the vindication of witnesses more important than leaving this animal alone to live its life in peace. Granted, this animal doesn't need our help for protection or survival. Although, with the encroachment of man into the wild areas of our country, that may become a more arguable point as years go by.

Humans need things like oil, natural gas, and coal. We need homes to live in. As populations rise we will see the need for more drilling and space to live in. So, while this animal (if out there) doesn't need our help for survival today, it may, in the near future. Lets face it. Drilling for oil, and the like, doesn't happen in cities.

What if we all decided to leave Bigfoot in peace and a mystery - and then it becomes extinct? Then we all lose the chance to at least know something this awesome once roamed our forests. If we know it exists, we can at least try to keep this animal from going extinct. If we can't prove it's existence now, we most certainly will not, if it's extinct.

Yes, I know I may suffer from the illness of thinking man can fix things. One thing's for certain. We will never know if we don't try.

All in all, the show wasn't too bad. Lets just say it wasn't the worst thing I have seen in reference to Bigfoot. The bigfoot costume was pretty good (as long as you didn't look at the face). The show was exactly what I expected.

Rock throwing, angry Bigfoot. They even threw in a running woman for good measure. I will admit, they managed to tug at my heart strings, as the Bigfoot sat in that cage.

What did you think of; "Bigfoot Captured"? 


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July 23, 2015

What does this have to do with Bigfoot?

It's been a while since my last blog. My life has been very busy over the last year. Last October, I was married to Wayne Larsen - and as of a couple weeks ago we bought a house. So you can probably imagine how I may have neglected this blog. 

But, I'm back, with the caveat, I may disappear again for a few short weeks. We move into our new home in Sept. Packing must happen - as much as I hate it!! I would rather be talking to you all. But, be it for better or worse, I'm back.

I have to start out this blog with a question.

What happened?

I slipped away for a few months - and it appears the, "paranormal Bigfoot," issue has become all the rage. Kinda like when Uggs hit the market for the first time.

Seriously - what happened? People I never thought would buy into this are suddenly taken over by their (note I said "their") new reality of inter-dimensional Bigfoot, portals and invisible Bigfoot.... What's going on?

I spend much more time writing on my Facebook page, just because it's easier and faster, but I decided to bring this issue to my blog. Lord knows, I've written many articles on this topic, but here it is again.

What does this have to do with Bigfoot?
I just finished watching a very, "interesting" video (we will just leave it at that). The topic of the video was, "inter-dimensional Bigfoot". I'm not angry and I'm not picking on anyone. But, what I come away with is this:
1. Who in this community has the educational background or experience to refute or validate the stories being told? I can think of no one. We are talking a very specific scientific discipline very few people have the ability (or even the patience) to understand. Having a PHD in psychiatry does not make you an expert in Physics.
2. How do you validate or refute these claims of, "inter-dimensional Bigfoot," or, "portals," when those making the claims refuse to discuss the details surrounding their situations? Especially when, those who speak about it the most, refuse to answer the most basic questions. Instead of rational answers to good questions, those asking the questions are met with hostility and anger. That's not a real good way of getting people on your side. Saying, "because I said so," also doesn't work for those of us who simply don't understand.
Don't be angry with those of us who don't understand. Be angry with yourself - you're not explaining something right if this is so simple and easy to understand. Apparently you're not getting your point across in a way that will sway the masses all at once. 
3. I wanted to stay away from this issue - more than life itself - BUT here we go. The "little demons". Why is this related to the topic of Bigfoot? The only part of the description that matches is the hair. Right out of the gate the two who witnessed this say the size of the creature in question was small so already the most noted part of the description is off.
I agree - every witness should be listened to and information should be gathered. But, the basic question remains. What does this have to do with Bigfoot? Is it possible that alternate realities exist? Could there be multi-dimensions? I suppose anything is possible - but what does that have to do with Bigfoot? No one needs a PHD to know the question, "what does this have to do with Bigfoot?" is a pretty darn good question.
This is the one question none of these people want to answer - or even try. This is not a rude or insulting question - it's a question we should all be asking. Especially when these claims only really gained a strong footing since Eric Beckjord. If a Bigfoot is, in fact, popping in from a different dimension how are there thousands of reports, going back hundreds of years, with no portals being discussed and no disappearing Bigfoot? Even if you remove Native American stories - you still have thousands of reports nationwide with no disappearing Bigfoot or portals being discussed. If Bigfoot has the ability to jump into a portal and be gone - or jump in and out of dimensions - how are there any sightings at all? Don't tell me they are all accidental sightings when there are reports of Bigfoot walking into camps and peeking in windows or approaching children. These same people talk about Bigfoot and Telepathy - why didn't the Bigfoot know humans were coming and they needed to go invisible?
I have heard, "you haven't had a sighting because your a non-believer." by these people. Well - there are reports all the time of Bigfoot by people who do not report portals or the animal disappearing - who say in their reports, "this animal isn't supposed to exist." So non-believers see Bigfoot.
On one hand we're being told Bigfoot has all these abilities - yet lacks the ability to keep itself hidden? If something has become so evolved to master time and space wouldn't it stand to reason it would have also mastered the art of self preservation? I don't think that's an unreasonable thing to surmise.
Which leads me back to my original question -- what does this have to do with Bigfoot? Could these be two separate phenomenon?
Sure. Absolutely- if we agree anything is possible. In fact I would argue that they should be investigated separately until it is understood whether there is a connection between the two. If we are going to discuss this, "scientifically," that is the way it should be handled.
Just my two cents - take it for what it's worth. smile emoticon Have a great day everyone !!!

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January 21, 2015

Creature Weekend May 1-3 2015 ~ Salt Fork State Park Ohio!!

It's that time of year again !!!!!!! CREATURE WEEKEND is coming!!

May 1-3 2015


Come meet Trapper John Tice and several members of the Cast of Destination America's newest show "Mountain Monsters"!

Author and Bigfoot Researcher: Nick Redfern

Ken Gerhard is a widely recognized cryptozoologist who has been referred to as a real life monster hunter.

Chad Arment has been involved in cryptozoological research for over 20 years.  His research is focused on lesser-known mystery animals, historical surveys
of North American cryptids, and the scientific methodology behind

 Sunday BBQ Finale and Evidence Collection Workshop by the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters 

SEE YOU THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 20, 2015

Something to think about today.

As many of you know, I like to take pieces from my own life and experience and use them as examples. I am not the moral majority on every situation out there - but sometimes when you listen to someone else's experience and how they deal with things it gives you something to measure your own situation by.

Some years ago, I worked for a Public Defenders office as an Intern Investigator. I was in my last 2 years of college and wondered which side of the legal world I really wanted to be on and I also needed an internship for College Credit. Every day I reported to the office and was given a list of inmates arrested overnight - and I would promptly gather my things and head to the county jail (sometimes even state facilities. Hey just cause they're found guilty doesn't mean the defense always ends) to meet with the, "client," get his/her story - and fill out his/her paperwork to determine eligibility for a public defender attorney.

Sounds like loads of fun doesn't it? It was. I loved that job.

Best part of the job. Checking out the stories. You know - the alibi. I would sit in a little room made of big concrete blocks, a metal table, a thick metal door - and listen to a person tell a story that sometimes, I know, my eyes rolled, as the level of incredibility rose to greater heights. But as an investigator, listening to these stories and checking them out, was the job. It wasn't something I could just ignore. When I say, "checking out the alibi," I mean exactly that. I would go into some of the worst parts of a city (day or night) to meet with witnesses and talk to or look into whatever the client had told me. Heck yeah, there were times when I was scared out of my melon, but I had to push all that aside to do the job I was being asked to do. This person sitting in jail couldn't do this for him/herself.
The real kick in the pants is when you have no doubt in your mind the person is lying through their teeth - then you check out the story - and find out their not. Yeah, that's an awesome feeling. I mean that truly sarcastically. Personally, It did not make me feel good knowing, I had allowed my initial preconceived ideas to come into the defense of a person who it turned out, was telling the truth. I had to work really hard to change that about myself.

That wasn't the fault of the person sitting in jail - that was on me. Something I had to change. I had to learn how to listen and go where the information took me. Period.
It's not easy.

There are a lot of "titles," in the field of Bigfoot Research/Investigation - or whatever you want to call it. I take the title Investigator seriously. I'm sure you can figure out why.

Recently, I read as a fellow Bigfoot Researcher/Investigator, was pummeled by a fellow enthusiast for even the consideration of going to a site and investigating a footprint found on a property - after a sighting. A picture was sent by the witness, of the alleged footprint, and the request for help was made.
Granted, the photo (any photo) is less than ideal. So, is that where we stop? Picture is poor quality and may be a hoax? Well if that is the criteria then we should stop investigating everything - or stop calling ourselves "investigators." You don't even have to try hard to call every report or photo a hoax - so you can stay in the comfort of your home and call yourself a Bigfoot Researcher/Investigator.

No, I'm serious. If you want the cool title - then get your butt out there and do the job. Or don't ask for witnesses to bring their stories to you. It's that simple. Refer the witness to someone who is willing to do the leg work. Most of us put ourselves out there, looking for witnesses, to help us find proof of this animal. It's up to us to figure out the truth from the stories.

There has been this big push in the last few years to treat witnesses poorly. I don't understand it. Why would we want to insult the people coming to us - before we have any proof - they are not being completely honest? You can't tell and don't know if they are telling the truth, or not, until you are on the property and doing the actual physical work. I don't care what anyone else says - investigation requires actual on the scene work. Period.

Yep, you're right. You could be wasting gas and time. But, you asked for witnesses to come to you. You took the report. You agreed to listen and try to help this person. The expense is something we all deal with.

Sure their is a certain amount of, "gut instinct." But, that should be tempered against the information you are being given. Never forget - this is someone else's story not yours. The stories will almost always take a turn you will see coming, but sometimes not. Then what? What if you have already let your awesome, "gut instinct," take over? Yep - you will probably take your head out of the game and miss something important.

Sometimes the devil is in the smallest detail. The smallest detail is sometimes what we are looking for - whether we realize it or not.

Personally, I don't care how great the photo is or is not. I don't care how great the story is. I treat every witness the same and I investigate their story and, "evidence," the same. I don't go into a witness interview with a preconceived idea or notion. I don't assume out of the gate they are lying to me. I treat them with respect and do the job they have come to me to do. If that makes me a bad person - you know I won't be losing sleep over that.

If I walk into a witness interview and the person starts telling me things I just can't buy into - I still take all the information and then I find a researcher who can look into this kind of report. I am not rude or obnoxious. I simply do my job.

Fellow researchers/investigators - be good to each other. What we do is tough enough. It's stressful and all of us have been let down at one time or another. There isn't much that's sexy about being in the woods, for days at a time, with no shower. More than one private property investigation has left me covered in mud. We are always going to have the, "internet professionals," telling us how we should do things, how we did it wrong, and most importantly how right they were to begin with.

Just remember one thing - at the end of the day it's on you. It's your witness - it's your investigation to take as far as you want. What? Do you think the, "internet professionals," won't say something if you didn't take the investigation as far as they would have? Don't fool yourself. They will be more than happy to tell you that too.

It is possible to encourage other researchers/investigators - and yet politely disagree with their findings? I do it all the time. The photo in question here (footprint) is not the best, "evidence," I've ever seen - but would I blow off the witness and assume they are lying? Heck no. Would I berate the investigator involved and tell them they are stupid for even going to the site? Heck no. That's not even advice - that's being a jerk who thinks they have all the answers.

I would go to the property and do a full investigation. There is more information to be gained - whether it's a property with potential, or the ending of a possible hoax, before it even gets off the ground.
We are the first line of defense against the next great hoax. Whether we think so or not. We can sit behind a keyboard, very easily, and call everything a hoax - but it doesn't make it true. The facts are in the field and with your witness.

Pay attention. Listen and get your boots on the ground.

Finally - be good to each other. Encourage other researchers. Don't always look for the negative. Be CONSTRUCTIVE with your criticism - but acknowledge the hard work that went into what you have the chance to read about. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who just took time from their lives (and gas tank) to help someone else. Recognize we don't have all the answers and be the person you would want to talk to should you need help or advice.

In the end - know regardless of what you find, or don't, you can hold your head high and know you at least did what you could. That's all anyone can really ask.

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December 1, 2014

2015 "Bigfoot Babes" Calendar is on sale NOW!!

Each calendar only costs $20 plus FREE shipping! 

ALL proceeds ($10 per calendar) will
directly benefit the children at the St. Joseph Children's Home. Please consider helping this terrific cause. 

St. Joseph Children's Home treats 40 of,
"the most severely abused," children in Louisville, Kentucky. The children range in age from 5-16 and usually stay in the orphanage 1.5 years
receiving treatment before leaving for a suitable foster home. The children rarely return to their biological parents. 

The home is also in need of basic supplies and financial support year-round. 

Christmas presents are also needed.  
Please purchase a calendar and show your support for a very worthy cause !!!

And, before you ask ~ Yes, I am in the calendar. While I am not, crazy in love with the name of the calendar, I am LOVING that the women of the community have come together for a worthy cause. 

Thank you, Charlie Raymond, for the hard work and putting this together for kids who truly deserve all the help we can give!! 

Go to this link to purchase your calendar;

November 20, 2014

Interesting things in the news.

Put away your Plaster of Paris, Hydrocal, or whatever you use in the field and get some of this mud. 

5,000 years That ain't too shabby. 

This is cool. 

This is the one that gets me. I'm sure, eventually, someone will be able to. Question is: should they?

Stories about cloning the woolly mammoth pop up once a year or so, just when I'm starting to relax. What gets me isn't bringing back a woolly mammoth, it's the other animals that went extinct, animals scientist know little about, they will want to try and bring back next.

Can you even imagine going to the zoo and seeing a T-Rex? 

Who knows, there could be a little furry bundle of joy, at some private facility in a land far, far away as we speak. But, messing with mother nature, I think, is a dangerous game. 

Have a great day everyone !!!!


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