January 17, 2006

Roger Patterson

*Photo Of Roger Patterson*

You are probably asking yourself, why did she choose Roger Patterson to be at the top of this list of 5 ? Well, the answer is quite simple. Roger Patterson, of course along with Robert Gimlin, is the person responsible for the Bluff Creek Footage of "Patty". But, no, thats not why I list him as my top choice. Roger Patterson did in fact continue to search for this as yet undocumented animal until the time of his death, but thats not why either. I could post links to articles posted about Mr. Patterson - there are enough of them on the internet.

I chose Mr. Roger Patterson to be at the top of my list - for his strength of his convictions. Not once since he shot this famous or Infamous film (depending on whether you feel the film is authentic or not) has his story ever changed, waivered or strayed. He has held fast to his claim, that he did -in fact - film a Sasquatch. Even in the face of ridicule and complete skepticizm his belief never changed. In fact, Mr. Patterson continued to search for this animal until the day he passed. Many have thrown their hats in the ring to try and disprove this film, all attempts to date have failed. The frames of this film have been picked apart and disected from people from the likes of average laypeople to those in the Movie Industry, still no one can prove this film is hoaxed or a man in a suit, in fact the more the film is looked into, the more questions seem to come up - more details are being found in this film, thanks to the Next Generation of Researchers I plan to profile next.

Very few people in this world ever encounter something they cannot explain, and still tell the entire world - then after being ridiculed and having their lives picked apart and their family members brought into the microscope of scruitany - have stuck by their story, and maintained that what they saw or experienced was in fact the truth. Thats why I chose Roger Patterson, for having the courage to stand by his story and his film, many want to disprove and make fun of.

My reasons for chosing Mr. Patterson are strictly personal, because I can only hope to have his strength if I ever find myself in the position he found himself in on October 20, 1967. Would I tell anyone? Would I stand by my original story, or allow naysayers and skeptics back me down or silence me? I can only hope and pray for the strength of Mr. Roger Patterson - if I am ever lucky enough to see one of these animals myself, and get it on film.


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