October 8, 2006

John Green

Photo of John Green

When I was younger than I am today, I remember the very first face and name, I could associate with the field of Bigfoot Research. I remember it was a black and white photo, of a man who looked just as down to earth, friendly and honest as my father.. I also remember he was holding what looked to me at that age, a very big foot - this was the first time I had ever seen one of those too.. Never did I imagine, I would one day be involved in this very search myself, and exchanging friendly emails with the man in that photo.

John Green has graciously agreed to, and has answered questions I have sent to him via this wonderful thing called the internet, and allowed follow up questions if asked. I am spreading these questions out over a series of posts. Why you ask? Well sure I could just post them all at once, but I think his words are important. I am guilty of skimming an interview looking for what I want to know, and leaving the rest.

I just hope you all enjoy this as much as I have.

Question: I have read many times, you yourself have never had a sighting, that being the case, what drives you in the pursuit for this undocumented North American Primate?

Answer: Basically, I am trying to find out what makes the huge footprints, which I have seen. Beyond that, I have enjoyed participating in such an interesting area of research.

To be continued.....

*Photo of John Green provided by Rick Noll*


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