January 30, 2009

Article One: Casting VolAsh/Pumice

“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.”

Frank Herbert.

When I first began this "voyage" to try and understand how to cast properly and secondly the preservation of information that may be contained within the very tracks I was trying to preserve, I did not fully understand how this "voyage" would forever change the direction of my life. I began to understand how complex this world is, in which we occupy. The world which we call Earth is in constant change, some would even call it upheaval with the onset of "global warming". Understanding those changes can give us a better understanding of how this world works.

How did this "voyage" change my life?

It opened me up to information I had never really paid attention to in the past. My work had become more about the Earth and the sometimes violent changes, and less about how to preserve a cast that was allegedly left by a mythical or mysterious animal.

How did this happen because of casting?

Well, the issue of Dermal Ridges inevitably lead to a 6-12 month journey into the world of Volcanism and Geology. For instance I have learned there are more than 50,000 soil types in this country, did you know that? I also learned that non-human primates have dermal ridges, I didn't know that either. I discovered the pumice and pumicite ejected during a volcanic eruption is just as varied as the volcano itself. I learned the items ejected or, that flow out of a volcanic eruption begin to break down and change in as little as 2 years.

What did I learn about Dermal Ridges and casting?

The outcome of that may surprise you. This article is the first in a series. I plan to detail the work I have completed in a very methodical way, so that everyone understands the message of the work that has been done to date. By being precise, in explaining this, hopefully some understanding can be achieved. Those who care too, can implement what I have discovered during the course of my casting.

Are the artifacts that were produced possible? Yes, and I have always said that is the case. Anything can be replicated. All it takes is the ingenuity and time. That is a fact.

But, just because something can be replicated, does that mean it will happen?

Because Dermal Ridge artifacts have been produced, does that mean it will happen to you every time you cast a track in the field?

I say no,

It does not have to. What's more I will explain one way to keep artifacts from happening in your work.

I think it only proper I (as a researcher) understand the tools, methods, and techniques to preserve any potential evidence found in the field (in the form of tracks).

I am sharing what I have discovered with you so you as a researcher have a small level of confidence in the quality of your casting and the outcome of the finished cast.

When you decide to set out on your own "voyage of discovery", you will find, the voyage is not about how others see you, but that you have the strength and the determination to see that voyage through, to the very end. Be proud of yourself, and let nothing or no one stand in your way. Your "voyage" may not be popular, and you may not reach the desired outcome, but at least you will have no regrets when you are done.

At least you completed your goal.

To be continued....


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