January 21, 2012

Justice for Riley !!

Hello All :)

First, thank you to all who have signed the petition demanding justice for Riley Rawlins. I know Monica, Chris and their families thank you deeply.

But, were not done yet. Right now the Petition has 202 signtures - we need more. Every signature goes straight to the email box of the Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins. This is your chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Whether you live in Dallas Texas or not - your address does not matter. Please sign the petition. Add your name to this very worthy cause. Your signature tells the District Attorney giving this woman the opportunity to recieve a lighter set of charges is NOT the Justice Riley deserves. NO Grand Jury, NO plea deals - straight to Trial for this woman. At least on this point I agree with the Dallas Police Department.

Today this heartless woman, who took Riley Rawlins from this world,

posted on her facebook page:

"What a Beautiful day today! Feels great outside :)"

It's not a beautiful day for Monica, Chris or their families. Sign the petition and tell the Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins it is time to DO HIS JOB!!!!!



  • At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So we now know who this person is?


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