August 6, 2013

Anonymous Bloggers respond !!!

Well bless their hearts. 

Oh the pain of the witty response. The piercing pain of the dagger thrust into my chest. They twist it and turn it, as the life drains from my body, my soul is ripped away. 

No, not really. LOL. 

A "certain anonymous" blog removed their racist post about Bruce H - and many excuses followed. Their dog made them do it. The cat walked across their keyboards. They had peanut butter stuck to their fingers so the keys were sticky. You know, all the usual excuses when someone has had their fingers slammed in the proverbial cookie jar. I can't remember when I laughed so hard at 7:30 in the morning.

According to these anonymous bloggers it's okay to do this to someone, who has never done anything to you, so you can "bait" others?

Their blog hits must be down. Ha ha!! 

Of course, to make it all better - they posted some comments about Bigfooting around an orchard.... Nice attempt to save face after it was pointed out they have said nothing about actual research in god knows how long.

What I found interesting is, while it's not okay for Billy and I to defend our friend Bruce (according to them) it's okay for them to put on an impassioned defense of someone they said "may contribute" to their blog, or may not, who knows but lets defend that person anyway because it makes us look like good noble people...... So it's the "do as I say, not as I do," defense. 

"Cheers from the crowd". 

They can defend whomever they like, even if they don't know for sure if the person deserves it or is even a contributor of information to their trashy blog, but friends of Bruce H should just stay quiet because he does not deserve or need to be defended.. umm right.... LOL. Wow, you just can't make stuff up like that. LMAO.

I thought I smelled hypocrisy.

Why did I post about their past inaccuracies - they have still not corrected with retractions? Because it's just more proof that they do not care about the truth or being fair, they simply post whatever comes to them, they do no fact checking and they simply post the most salacious material they can find all in an attempt to get the name of their blog out there. I know they hate having this pointed out. It's very hypocritical to be the very thing you accuse others of being. Creating drama for hits and admitting it, does not absolve you of your bad behavior. Making excuses for your bad behavior - does not absolve you either.

Now, they want us to believe they somehow know Bruce, so that means they can say whatever they like. That just makes it worse. So, you know Bruce - yet you still make racial comments about him? Wow...

Note: They made no mention of deleting Billy's comments correcting their information and offering the other side of their past hateful articles. 

Basically saying - we posted a racial blog about a friend of certain people - in order to draw them out - absolutely does not absolve you from what you did. That was most certainly racial - and not political. They used photos to make their point of both Bruce and the North Korea Dictator. It is not satire - it is racist. I feel sorry for those who don't know the difference.

Frankly I don't give two shakes, what these morons think of me. If I cared, I would be as anonymous as they are. But, I'm not. Why should I? Why should anyone? They basically admitted in that "apology post' they will say whatever it takes to get at people in this community. If you're doing that on a blog, that is code for - 'our hits have been down for a while so here is some gossip that we made up last night to bring those hits back up.' 

It's actually hard to believe they admitted to posting racial comments simply to get a rise out of people, but they did. Why would a person write a blog article like that and intentionally try to bait people?

They thought we would put the name of their blog in our defense responses - they were wrong.

They did apologize to Bruce - problem being, they also admitted they posted the article simply to get a rise out of friends of Bruce's. I'm starting to think that blog is run by a group of 16 year-old High School kids. They then took a swing at one of Billy's kids, and then went on to complain about me. LOL. Boo hoo. No I don't really feel sorry for them. 

Don't post racially offensive material, and articles about people you know are not true, and you won't be called out on your crap reporting. 

You be the judge. Sounds like a whole lot of excuses for bad behavior, in an attempt to win back some favor from the community. I am betting they received a lot of angry emails, accusing them of racism. So, they had to remove the post, but decided if they had to remove the post, they would attack the people who drew attention to their crap journalism. If you can call anything they have ever published journalism.

I will say, their reaction was exactly as expected - but we did get a little bigger gem out of it.

So, thank you and Bless your heart you anonymous bloggers.  LOL.