August 4, 2013

Anonymous Bloggers.

I posted the majority of what is below, on my Facebook page. But, the situation deserves more attention. I have remained silent on who the actual organizer of Creature Weekend really is, because the person wanted no attention. Instead he wanted to focus all the attention on the speakers, the general public and the volunteers - who he says are the people who deserve all the credit for Creature Weekend being a success.

Now, you would think he would be given credit for not wanting to be in the spotlight or trying to make a name for himself by specific anonymous bloggers - Oh no... They want you all to know that Bruce is a horrible person who is simply trying to make a name for himself.

If that were the case, don't you think he would have his name all over the posters and advertisements for the conference?

Feel free to look - you won't find Bruce's name anywhere as the person responsible for the event. If Bruce is trying to grab for the golden ring of publicity - he sucks at it. Seriously. 

Don't let a good lie get in the way of the truth.

You get more hits by trashing someone's good name - whether the bashing is true or not. Isn't that right Anonymous bloggers?

I know Bruce H and what was said about him is just awful and a good example of what I have been talking about for a long time. Look on any Bigfoot Forum or Facebook - you might find a picture of Bruce H - but you won't find him. He likes to stay to himself, because he enjoys this field of research and he does not want to be involved in the drama that is always running through this community. Certain individuals who are too cowardly to use their names on an Anonymous blog - hardly even know Bruce - if they know him at all which is doubtful,  yet they compare him to the North Korean Dictator "Kim Jong Un".

The people behind that anonymous blog do not care if their information is correct or even close. They have been accusing ME of being the organizer of "Creature Weekend" since last year - when it first started. Why? Beats me. So, I guess that hasn't earned them points - so they attack, Bruce, for being the person responsible.

First question and the most important is this - why do they even care?

Oh, I know - because bashing people for putting on conferences is so important to the search for Bigfoot.

Yes, it is so clear to me now. If you don't like to socialize and meet new researchers, or share information, then don't go to a conference. Stay home. Complain on the internet about the conference YOU didn't attend. That's much more productive and makes our community look so much better. 

Truth be told - Bruce has never used his name in conjunction with the event simply because -- HE DOESN'T WANT PEOPLE GIVING HIM ALL THE CREDIT. Bruce gives the credit for the success of this event to the people who speak, those who attend (the general public) and the volunteers. In fact, Bruce, said to me at this year’s event, "It doesn't matter if one person shows up or 1000 - as long as they enjoy themselves and learn something they think is going to help them." I can see why that would make him a horrible person.

Actually, if I am going to tell the truth, these idiots have accused me of being the organizer of Creature Weekend and the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo. Okay, but I assure you I am not the organizer of either, but they are awesome events. 

I will not link to this blog. Why? Why should I?

It's an anonymous blog with anonymous writers - too afraid to put their names behind what they say. So, they honestly deserve nothing. The only way they can 'take the heat' is to hide. They sure don't do anything to help this community by printing factual information - heck they can't even be bothered to print retractions when they know the information they posted to smear someone is wrong. That's really all that blog is - one big smear campaign and the large majority of it is wrong.

We need more people in this community like Bruce. Someone who is good to others - and what Billy said about Bruce is absolutely true. Bruce has been a good friend and someone I could count on - when I needed a friend for advice, a laugh or someone to simply talk to.

He has NEVER put anyone down in this community.

Our community could do without these anonymous bloggers, who add nothing to what we are all trying to accomplish. If you are going to trash someone - in this community or not - at least have the steel to use your name so you can be subjected to the kind of "free speech" you so desperately scream about. This Anonymous blog and it's contributors like to dish it out, but obviously - can't take it themselves. So, they have no choice but to hide behind that trashy blog. Anyone with a 4th grade education can see that.

Oh, they have had many excuses over the years for not using their real names - but it all boils down to this - they can't take the heat of criticism and everyone would know their real agenda - which has nothing to do with the truth, so it is probably best that they remain hidden so they never have to explain why they are using a blog to hurt so many good people. 

This community of researchers deserves and needs better from those who say they are "Bigfoot Researchers." Unless your simply interested in gossip about others. In which case that trash rag is right for you. But, don't call yourself a researcher - researchers investigate in order to find the truth. The Anonymous trash blogs - don't care about the truth.

How can I say that? Because Billy Willard has went to that blog to call them out in their comment section on the BS they are spreading - on numerous occasions -- and they have DELETED his comments. I know it's true - because he sent the comments to me and I watched as they went up publicly and then "poof" were gone. THAT is the inconvenient truth.

All I can do is tell you all what I know because I was there. I know Bruce and I know what his intentions are behind Creature Weekend. His intentions are good - and for that he is attacked. How sad. How very sad.

I am sure once these Anonymous bloggers get a hold of this article they will once again, take to trashing me. That's fine. They have been trying to build a following themselves based on lies and misinformation. So, I get a good laugh out of what they will be making up next, trying to build a following for their Anonymous blog filled with known lies, bash others for having blogs, putting on conferences and trying to make themselves an authority.......I sense hypocrisy here.

But at least I have the guts to post under my name.