August 6, 2013

Night 2 of Shark Week, "Return of Jaws"..

Not really sure I like the title used by Discovery for this particular program, because it harkens back to a time when we knew very little about Great White Sharks other than how to kill them, and kill them efficiently.

But, the Great White Shark has returned to Amity, Sheriff Brody.

Discovery took us off the coast of Cape Cod to witness the use of an underwater tracking system (that looked more like a torpedo) which followed along side 2 Great Whites once tagged with a transmitter.

It was simply amazing. This torpedo looking thing, followed right along side these animals as they simply went about the business of being a Great White.

Greg Skomal a shark specialist at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries allowed the Discovery Channel to take us all on this wild ride. I must admit, it was amazing to watch as a Great White shark simply went about it's business, doing what it does best, looking for food.

At one point in the program, a 17 footer was tagged and they followed as it swam very close to a beach crowded with people. But, just at the point where you might have thought it would simply keep heading toward the noisy people, it simply turned and swam away.

Interesting. It's also interesting to think that maybe, just maybe, technology is catching up to the Great White and mysteries about this animal may one day be solved. Which is so important to the protection of this animal and humans.

Do we have anything to fear when it comes to the Great White. I would say no, but we should have a healthy respect for this animal. When you swim in the ocean, you enter their world. A world where they are king, lord and master. Great Whites don't care about political correctness. If you look like a seal, you may be treated like one. But, are we humans on the menu?

No, we are not. But mistakes do happen and people are hurt.

I am very excited that the Great Whites are returning to Massachusetts. The increase in the seal population made this possible and every ecosystem needs a predator to keep it healthy. But, more than that now I won't have to go to South Africa to see a nice sized Great White.

I am glad there are people in Massachusetts who care about this animal like, Mr. Skomal, who want to learn about them, share that information with us, and protect them. Great Whites are so important to our oceans and in turn to us. We can not have a healthy world, without a thriving ocean, our oceans are that important.

And, they are just awesome animals, who deserve to live.