August 9, 2013

Shark Week disappointment, Thank you and Kozak.

Unfortunately, I won't be posting today about last night's Shark Week program. Why?

Time Warner decided to update our cable box by doing a reboot. If you think I was upset, you are right.

I will wait for the re-broadcast and give my thoughts then. But, this gives me an opportunity to do something else.

I want to say - Thank you!!!

I have been receiving more emails and Facebook messages than I can frankly keep up with. I will do my best to respond to everyone individually, but that will take some time but I want you all to know, I am fine and I do appreciate all the kind words of support. You have all really made me laugh.

One person put it best, "the people who attack you now, have always attacked you."

This is very true, so this is an old song and dance, and one that doesn't even faze me anymore. I trust this community, has far more people, smart enough to look at everything and come to their own conclusion. I was right and your emails and Facebook messages prove that.

Please do not defend me. I know many of you would like to, and some have, but it will do no good and all that will happen is; you will be attacked. I don't want that. Seeing good people hurt, is not something I want to see.

In the end, the truth is always revealed.

While I cannot discuss the situation I have patience and I can wait. Besides, there are some very funny things being said - and I always enjoy a good laugh. :)

So, I thank you all, so much. Please know I am more than fine. But, I appreciate the concern and the support. It's good to know there are so many good people in this community!!


Mr. Kozak emailed me the first time on 6-13-2013 and a second email was received on 7-28-2013. Two emails in total. Now, mind you, this photo has been out there since Feb of 2012 and the alleged Mr. Kozak never replied to my emails sent to him in 2012.

You would think, if this is his photo, when he received at least 4 emails (from me) with the photo, in question, attached he would have been jumping to email me back. I made the decision after the first email from the alleged Mr. Kozak to simply give him the benefit of the doubt until this part of the story could be determined.

If, that makes me a bad person, that is not my problem.

Mr. Kozak knew about this photo within days of its release in 2012, and he was answering questions for at least 1 blog. In every statement (as pointed out by a blogger) Mr. Kozak gave, in 2012, not once did he say this photo belonged to him. He said this was a costume from his movie. He said absolutely nothing about this photo belonging to him, or being taken by anyone associated with this movie, "Clawed." The alleged Mr. Kozak said nothing expressing anything other than, the photo I released, showed a costume from his movie. There is a big difference.

Why did he wait so long? It's not as if he didn't know and he had already given one statement to a blogger and was contacted by me.

So, all I can wonder is, what is going on?

Everyone should be asking that question because something doesn't sound right. 

And it does strike me that last year (the same anonymous blog that can't stop talking about this) also had a person posting comments as Mr. Kozak. It was later discovered that it was not, in fact, Mr. Kozak. The blog did nothing about the fake account using Mr. Kozaks' name - it took another blogger, JRidley, to email Mr. Kozak to discover someone was using his name. The last I checked, the comments off the fake account were still available too. So, they know the person was not Mr. Kozak, yet they have not removed the comments either.

I can see the person now, behind the anonymous blog, the excitement and anticipation in their eyes as this person sees a comment coming into their blog, by a big time movie producer. I'm even willing to bet there was a collective puke session from the initial excitement. No checking if it was him, no, that will just ruin the fun. They rubbed their hands together, as they discussed how important they must be, for Mr. Karl Kozak to be sending a comment to their blog. This could lead to bigger and better things!! We can't just ignore this!! Just post it!! Post it now dang it!!!!

The comment goes public!!!

It wasn't Karl Kozak.

You can't make this stuff up. Wait - that blog proves you can. LOL.

So, I started removing the photo after Mr. Kozak's first email. Do I think the photo I released is a picture of the costume from the movie, "Clawed?" Absolutely not. But the right thing to do is to show caution and allow Mr. Kozak the chance to prove it is. If this is his photo (which I doubt) I know many out there would like to know, myself included. 

In my first email to Mr. Kozak, I asked him why he waited so long to contact me. I had emailed him several times with no reply of any kind in return. He ignored that question and every other question.

Which, I find odd. 

Usually when someone is the rightful owner of something, they will give you more information than you ask for. Mr. Kozak sends me one photo, the same photo already sent to me by, John Healy, and has been available online since 2012. I know that, because I released it after it was sent to me by Mr. Healy. Before this photo was available there were no other back shots of the costume from the movie, “Clawed.” There was a lot of chest beating but nothing in the way of proof.

I know the truth of this; distresses some greatly. But again that is not my problem. All I can do is tell you all what I know and that's it.

Oh, and the best part. Do I have an assistant? No. The alleged Mr. Kozak sent his email off the ABS website an email address, more people than I, have access to. At that time someone else was handling email for the group as I was sick. I have been battling a respiratory and sinus infection since Dec of 2012 - which sent me to the emergency room about 3 weeks ago. I am excited to see that bill.


No, I am not looking for sympathy. Others are making this an issue. The truth at times can be uncomfortable. If I were looking for sympathy I would have said something on my Facebook page. If you feel it necessary to bash me for being sick (and I know you people exist), then I have a deal for you;

I will prove it. Kindly donate enough money to pay for my medical bill and I will send you a copy of the bill. :) But you gotta send the money up front. It only seems fair. No worries, I know those that don't like me are not willing to actually put their money where their mouths are. So, that's just one more bill I will have to pay.  :(  Darn it.

So, those who think they know it all should really learn how to mind their own business.

In most groups, that receive reports, there is usually more than one person who reads them and responds. I do not blame the person (who responded to the alleged Mr. Kozak) for not attaching their name or saying what they said. I was unavailable and I had no reason not to get back to him - when I was feeling better. The alleged Mr. Kozak had already waited more than a year, and blew me off, so I didn't think a few more days would kill him and when I was feeling better I did respond.

As a Bigfoot Researcher,

I would love nothing more than to tell you all I have figured out the mystery of this photo. I have not. The alleged Mr. Kozak is not making it any easier, as he has provided nothing which makes this situation any clearer.

If Mr. Kozak has other photos, tell him to release them. Release something that's NOT available on the internet. Others claim a pretty cozy relationship with the alleged Mr. Kozak, so why are they not providing photos or something which proves this is the suit from, "Clawed". It seems odd they would simply believe someone without any proof to back it up.

You have to admit that is pretty odd.

Especially for those people who never simply believe anyone. Maybe this is a new trend they are setting, Instant belief?  Don't ask any questions just simply go with the information you are told via email. That seems to be the way this is headed.

And they call me a bad researcher. At least I am trying to get this resolved.
It's real easy to sit behind a computer and say, "she is making excuses." Well, how do you know that? You don't. You're not here, you are not reading my email, you don't know. If you want to call yourself an investigator - do some foot work. Prove it.
Others have seen the email exchanges between me and Mr. Kozak. So, that's all I need. I have their support and they know what is really going on behind the scenes. But, I understand it's very easy to say things and pass judgment on people you don't really know. You have no 'skin' in the game. If I were a friend of yours, would you feel the same way, or, would you wait until all the information is out before you yell 'she's/he's lying'.

I think we all know the answer to that. The attacks on me are not about the issue at hand they are personal. If this had anything to do with the topic of whether, Mr. Kozak, is the owner of this photo they would be killing themselves to get other photos or something which proves the photo I released was the suit from the movie, "Clawed". These attacks are personal.

Just remember one thing.

While you are out there making these judgment about me, in places where you feel safe in doing so, there is someone keeping track of what you say and eventually (as is always the case) your words will come back to haunt you. That's just the way some in this community work and it happens all the time.


You think you’re immune because you think you are friends with the right people?? Come back and talk to me when you have been involved with this community for more than a couple years. It takes time; but it will happen to you just like everyone else. Especially when you are listening to people who have only been around a couple years themselves and want you to believe they have all the answers.

These kinds of attacks have happened to just about every well known researcher in this community. Jealousy is a real difficult thing for some. 

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering. Mr. Healy has responded to the first set of questions, and I have already sent the follow-up questions. This may take some time, as he has a very busy schedule. 


  • At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As Melissa requested above, I'm not commenting to defend her. I will comment as to all of the people who are crowing about some kind of victory - they are only showing their ignorance of legal proceedings.

    Here is a simple concept that they are overlooking or are completely ignorant - There are no verdicts in a settlement, no "guilty" findings at all, only a settlement, which usually involves compromises on both sides.

    And as was stated above, all of this "Loses Big Time" are nothing but the haters continuing to hate.

    Now, I wonder if they will be doggedly pursuing Kozak for "proof" that he has rightful ownership of the photo in question as they have Melissa? Somehow I don't think that they will.

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    Hello Anonymous. While I can't discuss most of your comments I will say this about the Karl Kozak situation.

    First, no one, not even I, told Mr. Kozak that I was out of town in June.. LOL. He was told, "Ms. Hovey is out of touch for a few days. I will have her contact you in regard to this as soon as possible." Copied straight from my email.

    People can spin this anyway they like. But, it seems to me, now that they have the ear of Mr. Kozak (and have for a while now, allegedly) they would be requesting photos which prove this is his photo from his movie.

    If the photo I released does belong to Mr. Kozak, how did I get it? Who sent it to me and why? Why aren't the defenders of Mr. Kozak asking Mr. Kozak that question? Seems to be a very good question, and a question Mr. Kozak has ignored.

    Mr. Kozak can call this Shenanigans all he likes. I do like that he calls this "shenanigans" after he ignores multiple emails for more than a year (sent by me), then accuses me of shenanigans when I didn't respond to him immediately. He may be very busy, but other people in this world have lives too. Sorry, but the 'I'm a very busy person' excuse doesn't cut it. One would think if this was his photo - he would have responded to multiple attempts to clear this up. Asking why he ignored me for over a year is a good, valid question.

    I can only imagine what would happen if this photo had been sent to one of the Kozak defenders. They would nail him to the cross of bigfootery - and demand every answer to every question I have asked him. So, why aren't they? So why it seems I am the only person asking Kozak these questions is beyond me.

    It's almost as if they are afraid they will discover this photo is not the suit from the movie "Clawed."

    Thank you for reading my blog Anonymous. :)

  • At 8:12 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    P.S. Something worth thinking about folks.

    When this photo was sent to another researcher, there was more of the alleged "animal" in the photo. I spoke with a former associate of this researcher who told me he seen the photo in this person's email. This former associate thought it was a hoax immediately, but said there was more of the "animal" shown in this other photo.

    So, if Mr. Kozak is the owner of this photo, he has a photo showing more of the subject of the photo. He could clear this up by the end of the week.

  • At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Photo doesn't matter it never proved anything

  • At 7:13 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    Who said the photo did prove something? No one. Not sure what your point is, Anonymous.


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