August 14, 2013

Shark Week is over; and do you believe in Coincidence?


First of all I must apologize. I did not get to see the Shark Week episode that I missed last week (canning beets is tough work) But, I did see bits and pieces...

I know. The episodes I missed was:




Alien Sharks was pretty cool and they did show footage of a live Megamouth Shark. Now, that is worth watching. 

I saw part of Sharkpocalypse (this is the show I was watching when the cable box rebooted)- and was confused by one part. In this program they discussed shark repellents to include a repellent made from a pheromone that is released when the shark is dieing. 

This is pretty cool. Why? Because this goes back to the Orca that killed the great white off the coast of California near the Farallon islands. How so? Well, when that Orca killed the Great White - the Great Whites that are normally observed in the area did not return for about a year. They high tailed it outta there. 

Now what bothers me is this, this reaction by sharks to the scent of a dead or dieing shark is not news. They have been talking about this for years and I mean years. My guess is they have been trying to isolate this pheromone. 

Now here is the conundrum. Shark scientists are already wondering if the practice of 'shark finning' could be causing sharks to leave certain areas and setting up shop (for lack of a better term) elsewhere, in waters where they were not known to frequent, and not returning. Thus, attacks where there have never been attacks before. So, if we have divers or swimmers releasing these canisters of repellent into the water - how will that work? 

Discovery will have to change their tag line from "It's a bad week to be a seal," to "It's a confusing time to be a shark." 

I guess we will have to weigh the good with the bad if and when this repellent ever hits the market. 

On a related issue, 

I have to wonder how those who said they would be contacting Mr. Kozak are doing in their quest for the truth. I know of one person who said he emailed Mr. Kozak on the 9th of August. But according to friends there is still no word from Mr. Kozak. 

Of course this person is not asking him questions or requesting other photos. He just wants to know if it was in fact Mr. Kozak who emailed me. Okay. But considering he and his friends already have Mr. Kozaks ear, I would probably focus on more important issues - like; 

"Hey, can you send other photos of the back of the "clawed" suit for comparison?" 

There is something interesting I noticed about these statements posted that are under the name of Mr. Kozak. 

Here read this: 

Look at the date of this email. June 17th. This is August. In the email Mr. Kozak says "I sent an email to Melissa Hovey last week." Bolding mine. 

So, why did they hold onto this information for more than a month? Heck, almost two. Hum... Interesting. Where are the emails sent by them to Mr. Kozak? Did they simply get lucky in their timing of these emails to Mr. Kozak? 

Interesting. Very interesting. I do not deny that Mr. Kozak may have emailed me, but what I am wondering is why the delay in releasing this information to the world, if they had it almost 2 months ago? And, why are these bloggers not asking Mr. Kozak for more photos? Are they, and Mr. Kozak is not responding to the request? If he won't send other photos to those who are defending him, or me, why? He told me he has many others, yet I have only seen the same photo that is widely available on the internet (of the back of his clawed suit). The clawed suit has only convinced those who already had it in their minds that the photo I released is the "clawed" suit. 

Ohhh, the things the mind wonders about. 

There are 3 emails posted publicly in total. One in 2012. Then, it's as if they lost interest, no more emails until fast forward to June 17th, and another on June 27th. The first email 4 days after Mr. Kozak emailed me the first time - and they received the last email on very same day Mr. Kozak emailed me. 

What are the odds of that? These people should give up Bigfooting and start playing the lottery. Holy Cow!! These anonymous bloggers just happen to email Mr. Kozak at the very same time he has finally emailed me to say this photo belongs to him? They must have felt a disturbance in the force. 

Really, I want someone to calculate the odds. That is some wild stuff there. 

The wording of these emails are very familiar.... They are so familiar, heck it's scary how familiar these emails are. 

I don't believe in coincidence, and neither should any of you. The person behind the emails could very well be Mr. Kozak, but there is something else going on here - but I don't believe in; 



  • At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Has Kozak sent you or anyone else proof of his claimed copyright? Hey, what's good for the gander is good for the goose, right?

    Aren't these incredibly investigative bloggers demanding that he prove his claims? Simply sending him an email and asking him something like "did you really say that?" is such a joke.

  • At 1:07 PM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    Mr. Kozak has only emailed me to make the claim. He sent the same photo, that I had already released last year - the photo sent to me by Mr. Healy. I have asked Mr. Kozak multiple times for other photos or something to prove this photo I released is his - he has not done so. I don't know why he won't.

    I would like to end this once and for all - if the photo I released does belong to Mr. Kozak, but I can't do that if he won't give me something that everyone - on both sides - will believe. Mr. Kozak is the only person who can do that.

    As far as I know, I am the only person asking Mr. Kozak for anything that proves this photo is his. It could be - but saying it won't convince anyone - especially when you put the two photos side by side.

    I hope I answered your questions. :)


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