August 7, 2013

So, we are back to this......

If you care. Honestly I don't, but I hate seeing people mislead. I would rather be talking about Sharks or actual field research, anywhere, but it seems its the drama that these anonymous bloggers want to talk about. 

Here is the truth you won't get on an anonymous blog. 

Yes, I know all about the new anonymous blog posts. I don't think that Mr. Kozak would really deny he and I are corresponding. Why would he when I can prove it? So, they simply posted an old email from Mr. Kozak.

But, I appreciate that they waited to post it until such time as they felt I deserved a good bashing. Probably over my defense of a friend who had been attacked on another anonymous blog.

I know this is going to be confusing, but here goes. 

Mr. Kozak and I have been discussing this photo I released via email and I am waiting for him to respond to my questions - if it is Mr. Kozak who emailed me to begin with with a Google email address. 

Photo sent to me by both the alleged Karl Kozak
and John Healy of HealyFX 
Mr. Healy sent me the photo of the clawed suit taken during movie production, which was on a CD and taken by Mr. Kozaks photographer, (and that CD sent to Mr. Healy) that I released in 2012 after receiving it from Mr. Healy (see photo to the left). Mr. Kozak sent me the same photo within the last month (7-28-2013) See photo to the left (back of Bigfoot). I asked Mr. Kozak to send other photos he says he has, and he has not done so. Why? Because the photo he provided of the clawed suit (which is the same photo provided by Mr. Healy) has not convinced everyone except those who are trying to call me a hoaxer. I would like to see this ended completely. 

Look at the photo posted above. Does THAT look at all like the photo I released in 2012? C'mon.. LMAO. I may wear glasses, but I can tell the difference between the two photos. The neck alone should tell you a lot. Please. But, I prefer to exhaust all possibilities, so I did try to contact Mr. Kozak, to no avail. 

I have no problem at all talking to Mr. Kozak, as I emailed him 4 or 5 times last year, but he didn't respond. I asked Mr. Kozak why he never responded to my emails requesting information, when I was attempting to do the right thing, and he ignored the question. 

I have done everything I can. I can't do anything unless I have the information necessary. Do people want me to lie?

In FACT - I have removed the photo - from everything I have control over. So that isn't even true. I  decided until this was figured out, I would at least use caution. I have always said I am after the truth - and I HOPE Mr. Kozak can provide that. He has refused to so far. But, out of an abundance of caution - I have removed the photo from every site I can remove it from. I do not want to be associated with a hoax and have said that since day one. I removed the photo weeks ago. It seems the responsible thing to do. But, you won't read about that on any anonymous Bigfoot blog. 

Only question I have is, if this photo belongs to Mr. Kozak or any studio -  how did it come into my possession? Was it a publicity stunt? I have never ruled that out - if you think this photo is of the suit from the movie clawed. That is not being mean to Mr. Kozak - it is simply stating what could be the case. We have all seen viral videos using Bigfoot to promote movies. I have always wondered if this was the case. But, Clawed was released in 2005 and I didn't see the photo for the first time until 2008. So, not really sure it was for publicity or a viral video.

To those who would like us to think they have contact with Mr. Kozak, why aren't you asking him these questions? If this photo I released belongs to him - then either he sent it to me, or someone close to his company did. Why? Or, don't you care about anything other than trashing researchers?

I am simply not going to take anyone at their word for anything. Especially when I have it straight from the costume maker - the photo sent to me is NOT the clawed suit. 

In the posted email on the anonymous blog "Mr. Kozak" says the SPX company is out of business. 

Well, I called the number on their website and the number is not ringing through for me. It could be that I am in the states, or I am dialing it wrong, but their website sure looks to be in business. So, I decided to dial the number Mr. Healy provided me with personally in 2012. 

It rang and Mr. Healy was at the other end. 

He had a good laugh when I told him, Mr. Kozak, is claiming his company is out of business. He told me his company is still up and running, but he has gone into producing movies. So, that is where he spends the large majority of his time.

In fact - as provided to me by Mr. Healy - check out Demo Reel 4 that he just posted to YouTube a month ago. Looks like he is still in business to me. 

So, that's not true either. 

Why wouldn't the anonymous blogger who posted this, have checked all this out, before posting that article which clearly makes it known they are not in full possession of all the information? Were they trying to intentionally mislead their readers? Looks that way to me. 

If you go to the HealyFX website you can clearly see the costume for the movie “Clawed” on it. So, there is no doubt the maker of that suit is Mr. Healy. Mr. Healy was, shall we say, a bit animated during our conversation and provided me with far more information about the suit, who owns it, and all the behind the scenes stuff that I won’t get into now, but Mr. Healy has told me to email him specific question – and he would be THRILLED to respond. I think he is as tired of all this drama as I am. I'm just grateful he isn't upset with me. He is a very decent man.  

I wonder why none of these anonymous bloggers have emailed Mr. Healy? Or have they and they just don’t like what he says, because it doesn't fit with bashing me? Huh – interesting point to ponder. Note the timing of all this.

I have no beef with Mr. Kozak and am simply asking him to provide the information which he says could end this question once and for all. I am not going to bad mouth Mr. Kozak because clearly that email information was old, and there have been other exchanges since and it was from a very interesting time. Huh.... Something else for me to ponder. 

People really shouldn't believe everything they read from anonymous bloggers. If you were taken in by this, complain to the proper people for not keeping their info up to date and doing their level best to create drama where none is even necessary.

Makes a person wonder if there is a connection between this development, and the responses I posted to another anonymous blogger over his racist comments about a friend and fellow researcher.

Interesting to say the least. Ever notice how these things happen? LMAO. But, needless to say, I am going to let Mr. Healy, in his own words, have the final say on this blog about this photo.

Anonymous bloggers - get it right - or just shut up. You are making  yourselves look foolish - especially when the person you are trying to discredit turns around and discredits you. 

Readers of that blog who believe everything - should be angry they are being played. Yeah, you were played.