August 12, 2016

Bigfoot and the Secret Society ~ Exposed!!

Back in 2008 I wrote a blog titled, "Is There a Bigfoot Mafia?" This issue always seems to rear its head when a newbie comes along and thinks someone is keeping information from them.

Oddly enough;

It's also, usually, the newbie who claims to have the most "evidence," but never any proof.

Here we are again. If you have been involved in this community for more than 10 minutes I am sure you've heard these things before. "There's a secret government organization that spreads misinformation about Bigfoot." "There's a group of people within the community that keeps all Bigfoot knowledge out of the public." Heck I've been tied to a covert CIA group and a Cabal hiding the existence of Bigfoot.

I wish I could work for the CIA. I'm a Bigfooter. I doubt they would have me now. So thanks Bigfoot.

Yet - we are all still looking. Doesn't really make sense when you think about it.

Lets apply some logic here: If there were a secret group of people within this community with all the information necessary about Bigfoot why, for the love of Bigfoot itself, would we still be looking? I think those with the "alleged" knowledge would be cashing in and rightfully so.

Maybe there isn't a Bigfoot Mafia. Maybe the person saying these things just has crappy evidence and can't handle hearing it? Maybe the person jumped up and down until others couldn't take it anymore and watched their video - and then the person who made the video public - didn't like what was said? Maybe, just maybe, it's more about the perception of the questions being asked and less about the questions themselves?

If you can't take criticism then don't post online and ask for opinion.

Whatever you do, don't pester others into watching videos or looking at evidence if the information isn't there to back up the claim! If you don't care what others have to say about your video or evidence why are you even posting or asking others to view? Seems silly to me. Big waste of your time and the time of others. Don't expect the world will see a Bigfoot where you do if the video is less than clear.

If you have to red circle the Bigfoot - it's not winning evidence. It's not going to win the "hearts and minds," of science.

Example: recently I viewed a video, in which the researcher says, clearly, the subject of a photo is in fact a Bigfoot. I looked, and the person states he had the game cam about a foot off the ground, yet is using a tree, probably about 5-6 feet (conservative estimate) behind the subject of the still photo, as a way to accurately measure the height of said, "Bigfoot."

Nice try but no.

If the alleged Bigfoot was beside the tree, then sure you could use that tree or a spot on it, for a height reference - but not when the alleged Bigfoot is feet in front of the tree.

I have never been mean to be mean to any researcher - I am skeptical of all claims. If you don't care what's already been done and failed, or don't care about getting your information straight before you post things online, then it's your problem to deal with the consequences. Life isn't fair and not everyone is going to think your blobsquatch is a Bigfoot. If you are not armed with the information to prove your claim or theory the tough time, you will probably get, is your own fault. Don't blame others. There is no way else to explain it.

Why is that so hard to understand? Unless it has less to do with credible evidence and more to do with "stuff" that will help sell t-shirts.

I'm in this for proof - not sales.

Yet, still, some new researchers publish their blurry photos with red circles and get all upset because not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and simply believing what they say.

No, the community doesn't have to believe everything being said. We are allowed to ask questions if we see, read or hear something that doesn't seem right or we just don't understand.

Even the likes of Dr. Meldrum has faced scrutiny and ridicule from this community. Why new researchers think they are above being questioned is beyond me. It's okay for "old timers," but everything a newbie posts should be considered legit? C'mon....

Yes, we all need to have thick skin.

Constructive criticism can be tough to take, apparently,

If  you're going to ask others to take time out of their lives, however little time you think it might be, to review your videos or materials then at least have the decency to treat those, taking time out of their lives, with some respect and listen to what they have to say. You just might learn something. I learn all the time from new and long time researchers - because I don't think I know it all. I can always learn something. No one is asking you kiss their backside. But don't bother people if you have no intention of reading what they say to you, or you can't engage in a conversation that doesn't borderline on paranoia, or goes straight to it.

And yes, when you start blaming "secret organizations," for your failure you really do sound upset and paranoid.

But, you're not breaking my heart by destroying your credibility. You will, however, give many, much to talk about when it comes to any evidence you ever put out in the future. It's your credibility to build up, or destroy, no one elses.

No, the "old timers" are not out to get you. Frankly, I don't care who makes the discovery as long as someone does.

Do you know;

How many newbies have come along and swore they were going to end this debate and show us, "old timers," what we're doing wrong?

Well, those newbies are "old timers," and they don't have anymore information than today's newbies. So, there's that.

In closing my level headed friends;

Is there a Bigfoot Mafia or Cabal? No. I wish there were so this research, which seems to be slipping off a cliff into the realm of insanity, could be over. Have all the questions answered before we are all fitted with our own nice little white jackets that buckle in the back.

Have a great day my friends!!

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  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger KeepitReal said…

    OK... I don't understand something here... it seems that this column is all about ragging on one person... who? And why is it the field of "Bigfoot" should be worked around the 'Old Guard?" I am very new to the belief of bigfoot and am quite dismayed over the bashing of some to others. Is there not enough area to go around? Why do all of you insist on attacking each other? Wow, its like Hillary and Trump in Bigfoot colour... I have seen real nice videos from many who hunt the big fellow. I 've seen lots of captures of them on tape... but everyone of you go after the person for posting a video and bash them! And call them a hoaxer... and then turn around and say, there are just too many sighting for everyone to be a guy in a monkey suite.... who has that kind of money to spend of a damb suit! And for what? He isn't making any money out of it.... I think this is a huge write up about nothing and you spent countless time on it and I bet didn't get paid... go do your own work and make nice with the rest of the people doing the same thing. You nor the other guy own bigfoot and the last time I checked, it was a free country....Happy Hunting..

  • At 7:33 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    Ragging about one person? I named no one. Do you have someone in mind? This "secret group" stuff pops up every so often. I actually get a kick out of hearing it. Especially when I am tied to one of those organizations.

    No, I have never been paid for anything bigfoot related. Why? I'm not in this for t-shirt sales. But, thanks for pointing that out.

    You're right - this is a free country. So free, in fact, I can write an article and discuss the happenings in this community and it's researchers. Are you saying only one side of an argument should be heard? I would hope not.

    I am thinking you are upset about something specific. If that's the case then maybe you should go talk to whomever.. Clearly there is much you don't know....... That, however, is not my fault. As a rule though it's usually a good idea to find out both sides - because the truth isn't often what you think. Especially in this community.

    Have a great day - and I hope you enjoy your new blogger account. Stop back often.


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