January 19, 2006

Just In Case,

Just in case you have not guessed, I am now moving onto what I like to call "The Next Generation" of Bigfoot Researchers.

This group is diverse, and all bring their own unique talents and expertise to this field. I guess you could say, if I was able to get a group together to do an expedition to find this as yet undocumented North American Primate - and I could get the miles between these people shortened, this would be the group of 5 I would want, because the backgrounds are so different.

Science, forensics, evidence collection, field research, witness statements, and the stories told in the past, all play an important role in aiding with the discovery of this animal.

We all have our list - yours may differ from mine, maybe not. I just hope you enjoy learning about these people, they have dedicated much of their time, sweat and tears to this research, and should be commended for their efforts to date. The search for this undocumented animal is coming into mainstream society - and its about time.

Ok - on to number 3.


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