August 4, 2006

Johor Hominid Photos... or are they?

I decided to stay clear of the Johor Hominid situation a while back. I posted my initial opinion of the situation, then moved on. It seems however there is breaking news.

Apparently an Italian Website shared some very interesting news with the world.

Recently cropped pictures were posted of the alleged Johor Hominid eyes on the Johorhominid website, they even went so far as to say "she has a loving gaze" (which creeped out many researchers I know, including myself).

They then went on to say - if anyone could prove these pictures were a hoax -- you would win a monetary prize, roughly $327.00, and a trip to Malaysia. I must admit - they almost had me last night. I stared at this photo for quite sometime, but something just didn't seem right to me. I kept asking myself, why only post part of the face? If the scientists involved really are tired of the criticism to the point where they would even put out a partial picture, why not just show the whole "animal".

There is a good reason for that. Here is the truth in color.

Maybe it is true, maybe a picture does say a thousand words..... It certainly spells out $327.00. :)

If there is any truth to this whole issue, we wont know for quite sometime. As I read the Johorhominid website, I noticed an appeal by the site owner - for the bigfoot community and others who post on their site, to be fair about these photos, and to be fair with the researchers in Johor, because if we were, we just might get more information in the future.

Here is a note to that website owner/Administrator with Put up or shut up. The time has come. You have played with the serious researchers in this field for far too long. You ask us to be fair with you, and your site is posting photos that are obviously not what you claim they are, and when that is discovered, you take the site down for "Maintenance"??

Here is an idea for you.

While your performing "Maintenance", be sure to remove those photos too. I personally find the commentary by that website administrator/owner to be quite insulting. Were these photos approved as you say they were by Mr. Chow and the researchers of this project? Or was this your own little bit of fun? I think that is something you seriously need to address.

In my opinion this is about the almighty dollar, and Tourism.

The research by the owner of criptozoo should be applauded. I wish I could read Italian - because if I could, he would have a new visitor daily.

There are many men and women who take this research seriously - and until "those in the know" in Johor make all the information available - in full, without the mis-information, I will not be visiting their website again.

UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE: I have learned that the person responsible for the discovery of the actual photos and exposing the hoax was Jean-Luc Drevillon. The website Criptozoo published the information discoverd by Jean-Luc Drevillon.

I salute you both - and say thank you for doing such good work, and telling the public.

Hoaxes like this should not be allowed to continue!!! Good Work :)


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