February 4, 2009

Tonight, on "The Grey Area"

Jordan Warner is a young man who lives in Buffalo New York and has produced several Bigfoot and Cryptozoology documentaries, some of which are on the internet. He has produced a short Sasquatch documentary called Bigfoot: America's King Kong and another called Sasquatch Hunter. Currently he has a Cryptozoology series out called "Cryptid Hunt", available on youtube. The current episodes include America's Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch Encounter, Giant Squid Caught, Mothman, Bigfoot, Beast of Gevaudan, Swamp Creature, Russian Snowman, and Phantom Black Panthers. Jordan says “I am doing this series because I want to show viewers what’s going on in the world today. I really want to show younger viewers the subject of Bigfoot and Cryptozoology research. I also am passionate to find answers to these mysteries. So I am doing my best to find these hidden animals.”

Don't miss it. The show will start at its usual time of 8 central/9 Eastern. Chat opens a half hour before the start of the show.


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