June 24, 2011

The Press Conference

People always ask me the same question, "Melissa, why do you care so much about an animal you have never seen?" What many forget is: first came the witness.

I have spent the largest part of my professional career, being an advocate. It's all I ever wanted to do. Being able to help someone, or just be there for them, is more important to me than anything I can ever do. Life hands us some traumatic situations and that does not even include the absolute fear and confusion that can take over a persons life when they have been witness to this animal known as "Bigfoot." I decided to parlay my professional knowledge into this research. Idea being maybe I could put my education and experience to work - with a different kind of witness.

My tactics can be rough. My methods few understand - but I have been blessed to gain the trust of wonderful people who unfortunately are called crazy, all because they seen something, that is not supposed to be there. These people trust no one. Why should they? This world can be a cold and cruel place when you are dealing with something no one understands. I have been invited into the homes and lives of people who have been witness to something extraordinary. I still have no answers for them but I can try and help them by working very hard to answer the questions that still plague their minds.

No. They don't see this animal then forget about it in a week. It stays with them. This is something you can not deny. These witnesses come to this community - for our help, our assistance, our understanding, but most importantly;

They ask for our professionalism.

I have heard from witnesses and researchers alike since this ill conceived "Press Conference". My heart is heavy, and I am at a loss as to how to explain this "Press Conference." I can't defend it, nor can I even imagine why Jeffrey Gonzalez and his group called a press conference to discuss smears on a window, old footage, footprint casts and such. There was no evidence that was possibly as great as the Patterson Gimlin film - because as they stated - they need 5 thousand dollars to get the DNA tested.

I know people who would do it for free.

Jeffrey and his group made a lot of promises, promises they absolutely did not keep. The people of this community were once again taken for a Biscardi like ride with the words, "What could be the best evidence since the Patterson Gimlin Film!!" This community was told there would be more evidence released at this, "Press Conference" that would blow our minds.

How should we feel about that? Should we be angry that great hype was created for something that in the end turned out to be nothing? Once again hopes were built, and people were once again let down. Let down by what, you ask? Here is the awesome "evidence" that led Jeffrey Gonzalez and David Raygoza to think a bigfoot drooled on Jeffrey's truck.

Boot Print being called a Bigfoot Track:

Smudge #1:

Smudge #2:

The enhanced photo Jeffrey put on facebook page is much more convincing. In all honesty if you open the photo titled "Smudge #2" it looks like a bear put its front paws on the windows of this truck, then slid to the left.

Do you feel like your taking a Rorschach test yet? I can't think of one person who would have called for a press conference - based on "evidence" like this.

Is this what we do now? Do we go on a weekend expedition, then call a press conference to show our latest casts and such? If that's the case, I am really behind the 8 ball here. I have asked this before;

"Should we expect more from those within our own community?"

Or, are we okay with smears that could be anything from bear to human, being called "Bigfoot Evidence"? As far as I'm concerned the smear on Jeffrey Gonzalez's window could have been a person checking the vehicle for a stranded motorist. Remember they abandoned their vehicles due to a horrible storm.

It's little wonder what we do, is not taken seriously, outside this field of research.

Has anyone ever stopped for 2 seconds to think about what these "Biscardiesque" shows do to the witnesses? The ones I know feel humiliated. They worry that now they will again be the butt of jokes from the people they know. Because that's what happens. Who's fault is that? Is it the fault of the witness who has been brave enough to come forward? Is it the fault of the researchers who condone this type of activity? Witnesses want this mystery solved, but when so called, "Bigfoot Researchers" go out pimping for money, it belittles what we do. Especially when there is nothing substantial to back their need for money. Lets not forget, this "DNA" was collected a day or two after the Memorial Day Weekend, yesterday was June 24th. So, they had this awesome "evidence" sitting around just waiting for what? To my knowlege they did not approach one person involved in this research to discuss getting their DNA tested. They waited for Press Conference.

This mess sure isn't the fault of the witnesses.

Come on, there were 6 grown men at that table, asking for roughly 5 thousand dollars. They can't pony up the money themselves for a discovery they think they might have? I sure as heck wouldn't go public asking for money, when I had no clue what that outcome might be.

Jeffrey Gonzalez knew well ahead of time what this press conference was really all about. He chose not to disclose this. How do I know that? Jeffrey said so during this interview with a Canadian News Organization this article clearly states and I quote "members of the Sanger Paranormal Society will call upon the public to donate money and resources to their Bigfoot research effort at a Thursday afternoon news conference in Fresno, Calif." So, the hype about this awesome evidence, was really hype for money.

Did Jeffrey announce this during his many interviews prior to this press conference, or was it just this one news outlet in Canada that was able to get this little tidbit of information. Jeffrey built up the hype saying there was so much more that would be revealed - which turned out to be nothing more than what he has already discussed.

Jeffrey, you made promises you did not keep. I rather hoped I would be eating my words, as you personally promised, then laughed. My first thought is always - the witnesses. Without witnesses we have no mystery to solve.

Do you still think this is funny?


  • At 4:26 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    Sadly, the press conference was exactly what I expected.

  • At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    maybe it wasnt about you, kinda how your diatribe reads.

  • At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    About me? So, explaining why I care about witnesses and how bad researchers like Gonzalez and crew upset them - is about me? You need to read the words more and less reading what you think is between the lines.

    If you thought this press confrence was a good idea, then I most certainly will never be able to explain to you why it was not.

    Melissa Hovey


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