February 9, 2006

Bossburg Cripple Foot

"Something is making those gawdamn tracks!"
….René Dahinden (1930 - 2001)

"These tracks display anatomical details that a would-be hoaxer would be unlikely to have a knowledge of. These tracks are not simply enlargements of human feet. Rather, they exhibit distinctions in proportion and anatomy that are consistent with the size and purported gait of the Sasquatch."
Prof. Jeff Meldrum



There is a lot more to foot prints than most people realize. When you study foot prints very closely there is a tremendous amount of information that can be obtained. Variations in toe positions, weight shifts, weight distribution, lift off, heel strike, stride, depth of impression, pressure ridges, all of these can be used to detect fakes and to gain information on the creature that made them. The information gained from bigfoot tracks indicates an anatomical structure that is very different from a human foot.

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