January 26, 2006

O.M.G This Just in :)

Dear `X' Zone Nation:

Tonight's scheduled interview with Tom Biscardi, who is claiming to
be going on a US / Canada Bigfoot expedition has been dropped from
The `X' Zone Radio Show schedule.

The decision to remove Biscardi from tonight's' broadcast schedule
was made after a review of last weeks interview in which Wayne
Burton, who was asked to call into the show by Biscardi, claimed
that his photo of an alleged Bighfoot sighting in Ohio was taken 3 –
4 months ago was not. Burton said that eh had shown the photo to a
friend of his who had passed away. Rob McConnell asked Burton when
his friend died… Burton said over a year ago… McConnell immediately
asked Burton how could he have shown a picture that he took 3 – 4
months ago to someone who had died over a year ago?

Research staff with the help of an `X' Zone listener were able to
find the photo that Burton and Biscardi claim to be taken 3-4 months
ago on the internet with a copyright of July 6 2001.

Thank you

The 'X' Zone Radio Show


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