January 25, 2006

Putting Information and Field Operations Together

My last article was about Hand Prints, by Alton Higgins. Now, here is a report from the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, "Operation Thicket Probe" which was conducted in The Big Thicket National Preserve.

Summer, 2-5 September 2005
Southeast Texas
Report compiled by Alton Higgins and Daryl G. Colyer


Congress passed legislation in 1974 establishing the Big Thicket National Preserve in Southeast Texas. Following an expansion incorporating creek areas and additional land in 1993, the preserve totaled more than 97,000 acres situated within an incredibly rich ecosystem. Managed by the National Park Service under the Department of the Interior, the “Big Thicket” is currently composed of nine land units and six water units. All are located between the Trinity and Neches rivers in Liberty, Polk, Tyler, Hardin, Jasper and Orange counties.

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