January 20, 2006

A few thoughts,

This list of my "Top 5 Next Generation of Researchers" was not as easy as I thought it would be. Chris Murphys book "Meet The Sasquatch"(which I currently have a link to on my blog) is FANTASTIC.. Well worth reading.

There are now people in the television industry that are doing serious, fact based programs on this research, one show in particular recently aired "Giganto, The Real King Kong". Television shows such as "Giganto, The Real King Kong", are a big step in the right direction when it comes to showing the truly hard work and good solid research going on everyday throughout this country in the search for this as yet undocumented animal. We need more Documentaries and serious Television shows like this one by Execuitive Producer Douglas Hajicek of White Wolf Pictures. If Mr. Hajicek keeps up the good work, someone may have to give him an "Official Bigfoot Researchers Badge". Excellent work.

We also have serious research organizations, like the Texas Bigfoot Research Center, which is headed up by Craig Woolheater. Mr. Woolheater and the group of researchers, for the TBRC, have taken this search for Bigfoot from fairytale and a good campfire story - to serious legitimate research, and given the search in The State of Texas a very strong and serious voice. Mr. Woolheater is also responsible for the blog site (which I have a link to on my blog), where Author and Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman and Field Researcher Rick Noll post weekly (if not daily) blogs. Mr. Woolheater is also responsible for the website Texas Bigfoot Research Center (which there is also a link to on my blog). Finding good solid and factual information about this undocumented animal can be difficult to come by - unless you want to hear the fairytales and mis-information that can be found out there. There are many, many good websites out there, and good Research Organizations, I choose to speak of Mr. Woolheater because his name is known throughout this field for his hard work and dedication. I also know Mr. Woolheater, as I am a member of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center - so I can say without a doubt, his enthusiasm and dedication to this field is genuine and frankly - refreshing.

The name of M.K Davis is not a name that is unknown in the bigfoot circles. Mr. Davis has taken the Patterson/Gimlin film and given it new definition and clarity. He has worked on this film to bring out details that had not been seen before. I find his work impressive and most of the time astonishing. His work brings a fresh approach in my opinion - a new way of looking at this film, by bringing out details we may not have seen before. While the debate over his work rages on - I personally like his work, and look forward to future work done by M.K Davis.

The people in this, the researcher who is apart of this search. Your average man or woman, who goes out into the field, whether it be daily or as time allows. Who have devoted all of or most of their lives to this search. They are hard working, family loving, honest and good people who are just as dedicated as the people I have profiled here.. And frankly, they do not get enough credit. We speak of the large names in this - who we all consider our favorites, who we all look up to, but its the researcher who is either part of a group or an independant, who pays their dues, buys their own gear, they head out into the woods either as a group or alone, that deserves just as much respect and a good strong pat on the back.

Alot can also be said for those who do their research and keep up on reports by the use of the world wide web. One specific person comes to mind. Bill Green. I have never in my life, seen someone who cared more about reports and keeping up to date on all information pertaining to the search and the animal itself. Bill Green is highly regarded, and as he should be. If you are apart of any Bigfoot Website, odds are you have seen his name - and regardless of the issue at hand, he is looking for information. Which is what this work is about -- Information, the retrieval and documentation of all information about this undiscovered, undocumented animal. Bill Green keeps me focused, he keeps me energized, and he helps to remind me at times, when I am discouraged, why I am in this.

I didnt do this top 5 list to say one person was better than someone else. We are all in this research together. We all have something to offer, regardless of your background or expertise. So, I say to everyone - keep getting in the woods, keep looking at reports, keep searching - and one day, just maybe - we will have this animal documented and cataloged.

Now onto my Number 1 Pick....


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