January 21, 2006

Tom Biscardi & The XZone Radio Program

Headline from

"Tom Biscardi Update - New Bigfoot Photo!?"

When I first saw this picture, my first thought was Ivan Marx. Tom Biscardi is heading out in an attempt to capture a bigfoot "ALIVE" and bring it back... This will be an 8 State Tour.. Is your State on that list? During the first interview on XZone - I was of the impression Biscardi would be calling in from all these various locations weekly, to of course update us on his search and capture of a Bigfoot...

Apparently, Biscardi has not left yet, stating permit and gear packing problems, all the difficulties one would expect when planning a large expedition such as this.

The current list of states is as follows, in no particular order:

1. Texas
2. Illinois
3. Oklahoma
4. Idaho
5. California
6. Oregon
7. Montana
8. Washington State

In about August of last year, Mr. Biscardi made the claim of having a Live Bigfoot in captivity in a cage, somewhere in the Nevada Desert. I was not shocked to discover this was not the case. When Biscardi made the claim he also said he had not seen the animal yet for himself - and this turned into a week or better chase - Biscardi looking for his Live Bigfoot ( that he said later had been kidnapped) and the Host of C2C trying to get Biscardi to admit he would refund money to anyone who had paid for the live streaming video -- showing this Bigfoot (actually I think Biscardi said he had 2 before this was said and done). What chaos did ensue.

Now Mr. Biscardi turns up on the XZone show - with new pictures. Thankfully Sean and Pat of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and the American Bigfoot Society, were listening to this show. Pat immediately dialed the phone number to the show - right after he saw the picture and noted it was a blobsquatch. Sean just knew something about that picture was familiar -- then it came to him, Sean immediately sent the picture he knew was the same picture being shown by biscardi - to the XZone show - Biscardi's fate was sealed.

Sean posted on, that we have an obligation to expose hoaxing.. He is absolutely right. When we can expose a hoax, we must do so -- we must police ourselves.. I cannot yell that loud enough. For far to long, we have not done that. Mr. Biscardi stated on thursdays show (after being confronted by pat and sean), when he got to that area, we would see if that photo was hoaxed or not - Biscardi in fact stated there was no hoaxing, photoshopping etc in that picture, well, lets see. I guess I didnt realize Mr. Biscardi could get Bigfoot to appear on demand for one -- and two, if he doesnt find Bigfoot where this photo was taken -- will he admit the photo was a fake? There is more than enough evidence of that now.

Now go HERE, this is the link to the XZone radio program - listen to the archive for this program on this page, look at the photos - and decide for yourself.


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