January 24, 2006

New Additions to My Blog

Recently I added 2 new links to my blog, along with a Daily Crossword Puzzle. The two new links are and Both are excellent websites if your interested in paranormal discussions and webcams. is owned by a Friend in South Texas, while is also owned by a friend of mine ( I actually stayed in this house ), who lives in Missouri, I also work for this website when time allows.

The owners of these site should be commended for allowing the facts about the search for Bigfoot to be highlighted on their respective sites. Neither site promotes any Paranormal aspect when discussing this animal, and neither do I. I believe this animal to be flesh and blood - I do not think Bigfoot is a shapeshifting, wormhole jumping orb, and neither do they.

I would like to thank these two sites for helping to promote my blog, and in return I will promote their sites with pride. is the largest Paranormal Site on the internet, and G.H.O.S.T is right up there as well, and getting stronger with a brand new website. Both sites are dedicated to factual information, and completely committed to the search for the truth.


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