February 10, 2006

Something Interesting,

Thomas Steenburg writes on Bigfoot Encounters

The Making Of Bigfoot by Greg Long claimed to be the final nail in the coffin for the P-G film.

Both Mr. Long and colleague, Kal Korff, have been heard on recent radio talk shows claiming this book will forever kill any notion in the minds of the North American public and I assume Canadian public as well, the P-G film of October 20 th 1967 was in any way a real animal.

As far as I am concerned, I am sorry to say Greg Long has failed. Mr. Long does deserve high praise for spending a long time running down rumors and leads in Yakima, Washington...a race against the three of the interviewed witnesses have since died.

You can read the full article Here

While reading this article I read items of information, I had never heard before. I do enjoy reading anything written by Mr. Steenburg, and, I am currently reading his book "In Search Of Giants".

My opinion on this may not matter much, but I think Mr. Steenburg is right on the money. And he brings up many good points in this article. If you havent read this article, its well worth the the read.

By the way,

If your interested in purchasing this book I spoke of you may do so here:

In Search of Giants,

By: Thomas Steenburg


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