August 7, 2006

Lets be honest

Posted on the JohorHominid Website:

Down but not out, the Search continues..

Dear Visitors,

First of all, would like to thank all of you for assisting us in the identification of the hoax photograph. The respective winner of the Award will be contacted via email.

Given that the current evidence for the existence of a hominid is weaker, we are currently closing down this site temporarily pending the investigation of the alleged hominid/hominoid cave and skull. Initially the focus is on lobbying the JWPS on the release of the photograph.

Now that we have completed the mission, Vincent Chow will focus more on the fieldwork and exploration. Please email us if you wish to be updated about the expeditions via the SMS technology.

Email to

Something is still out there..

The Founders

This short little statement, posted where this website once was, really tells me quite a bit. First of all it tells me Mr. Chow was more involved with this website than I previously thought... So, that makes me wonder.. What is Mr. Chow's education and background? A quick google search tells me Mr. Vincent Chow is a palaeoanthropologist. Now, what is the definition of a paleoanthropologist?

1. A type of anthropologist who studies early humans by excavating and looking at fossilized human skeletal remains.

2. One who studies prehistoric human cultures.

3. Paeloanthropology is the branch of physical anthropology that focuses on the study of human evolution.

Now, I would not be bothered with this, had it not been for the commentary by the Johor website, chastising researchers for being too hard, and asking or demanding answers. With the background and education Mr. Chow has, why did he not spot this hoax? Will I hear that Mr. Chow and Sean Ang never saw the full photos themselves? I find that highly unlikely - as Mr. Ang sketched these pictures we now know are a hoax - in the full version. So, that leaves me with only two conclusions, either they both knew right away and published the photos anyway in the cropped version - praying no one would figure it out, because they were tired of the hard questions. Or, with their backgrounds they too were hoaxed very badly.

I would invite Mr. Chow or Sean Ang to email me - and answer these questions. How does a paleoanthropoloist not know what Australopithecus is?? 12 hours into this, it was solved - how much research did you put in before sketching this picture? This picture has been your arguement for the existance of the "Malaysia Bigfoot" for a long time now - do you have any other pictures?

Tell me why I am wrong - and why I should not be upset with either one of you? Convince me you are not trying to hoax the world - and create tourism.

I and many I know, expect more than just someones word,

That something is the truth. Honestly (although I will be shocked to hear either of you admit this) you only published the cropped photos because you felt pressure from this community - this had nothing to do with exposing a potential hoax. Im pretty sure you had access to the same information, as the people who exposed these pictures. The Bigfoot community and Cryptozoology community expect more, and thank the lord they do.

Both Sean Ang, and Mr. Chow are invited to email me,

And try to explain this, I will publish your email in full. Oh, and I will not be purchasing any "Book" until my questions are satisfied. You have many questions you should answer, and a short "oops" statement is not going to make this ok. If I do not recieve a response, I may in fact call for a BOYCOTT of your "book".

I do however, notice you plan to make good on your "reward" -- but I honestly do not see you have much of a choice.


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