October 13, 2006

John Green Part 2

Question #2. On the Willow Creek-China Flat DVD set, in your speech, you talk about Bob Titmus. You say, if it had not been for Bob Titmus we wouldn't have the Patterson footage, etc. Could you please elaborate on that? And for those of us new to this field, maybe tell us something about Mr. Titmus?

John Green:

Very briefly, Bob Titmus was by far the most competent of the people who took up the search for Bigfoot/sasquatch in the 1950's and he devoted the rest of his life to it, accomplishing far more than anyone else, aside from Roger Patterson's lucky encounter." He is not well known because he did not seek publicity or write a book, but you can find a lot about him on the internet.

Re the movie, without Bob the chain of events that led to Roger being where he was when he took it would never have started, and wouldhave been broken off a couple more times along the way. Here are the specific steps: If Bob had not shown Jerry Crew how to make a cast the"Bigfoot" story might never have hit the news, and I would not have gone to Bluff Creek.

If Bob, as a taxidermist, had not been the best-qualified person who had examined the tracks and pronounced them genuine, I would not have made a detour to see him, and when he later found the tracks of a different individual he would not have written to me and I would not have made a second trip the Bluff Creek and seen a set of really convincing tracks.
If the events above had not taken place I would not have submitted to a Canadian magazine an article on the footprints and other evidence which although rejected later evolved into an article in a different publication by a different author that someone sent to British zoologist Ivan Sanderson.

If it were not for that article Sanderson would not have done some research and written articles of his own in "True" magazine, and if Roger had not read Sanderson's articles it is unlikely that he would ever have heard of "Bigfoot", let alone photographed one. .

To be continued...


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