November 29, 2006

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This "press release" just hit the internet this week. I have been very reluctant to discuss it on this blogsite for a couple reasons.

1. The person who released the information has not disclosed the information about how he came to this conclusion. So, basically I dont have enough information to really give a opinion one way or the other.

2. Im just not sure how one could make a statement like the one above, without a body.

For years the Patterson Film has been the subject of hot debate, it has been poked, prodded, pulled apart, digitized, stabilized and enhanced some more. Yet, to this day no scientist has been able to definitively prove what the subject of that film is (to a 100% degree of certainty).

Now comes MK Davis. MK Davis is a good man, who I am sure has his heart, and his drive in the right place. I just dont understand how he can make such a statement based on film footage. There is a big difference between saying "I think this animal could be close to humans" and "I think this is film of a human".

I am all for the documentation of this animal, thats why I am in this research. I just hope MK can prove the statement above, because if he cant - and there is any question in the mind of science, it will be one more way for the skeptics and science to point and say "your grasping for anything to hold onto in regards to this film". I want this research to be taken seriously. I have many times applauded MK for his work, but I just can not get my mind around what he is saying here, it could be because he has not released all the information.. Maybe my opinion will change once all the work has been released, but I dont think so.

There is already discussion of a film and now a DVD to be released in relation to this discovery. Makes me wonder if this "new evidence" contained in the Patterson Film will be shown in either the DVD or the movie. I know Mrs. Patterson is very careful what that film is used for... I wonder what she might think about all this. Im sure all involved will gain all the necessary copyright priviledges, because lord knows you cant have a DVD, about new discoveries in the Patterson Film, without being able to show those new discoveries. That would be a waiste of my money. As for the movie (?) I have no information about that. So, lets see what happens there. You can read about that here: Loren Coleman on Cryptomundo posts 1 and 2

Is MK Davis right? Who knows. Guess your gonna have to Buy the DVD that is currently in the works, and watch the movie.

*This wont be my last post on this issue. I will be responding to some criticism directed toward myself. That's your teaser to watch this blogsite in the coming week. I learned a very long time ago - there is always more to a story than one side. Stay tuned. :)*

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  • At 4:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey melissa nice article but mk is researching the p/g bigfoot filmfootage for research & science purposes only . not for profit etc or fame. im realy looking forward to seeing his new evidence as well. let all be patient & bebate this situation like friends instead of bickering about it. thanks bill im sure more will be said in the upcomeing weeks etc.

  • At 7:00 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    Hi Bill. I am all for people making money, and my article didnt say anything about MK making money off this new "discovery". My comment in relation to the DVD and Movie was simply to discuss the fact that buying this DVD and watching the movie, is the only way I know of, that researchers will know what MK is talking about.

    I keep reading all these cryptic messages and comments by MK and those around him, on what this new "discovery" is, followed by - watch the movie and the DVD.

    As for all researchers "getting along" and giving MK's new "discovery" a chance - I am. I am waiting for him to disclose what this new "discovery" is exactly. I wont simply throw my support behind something, without knowing all the information about what I am supporting. I also think anyone who throws all their support behind something, before they know for sure what they are supporting, has a high probability of having egg on their face.

    I am all for research and discussion of the ongoing research, but at this point there is no discussion of what MK has "discovered", because he has not told us what he knows, and why he has the opinion he does.

    I will admit, I am treading very carefully with this one - as its so incredible I just cant even imagine.

    Thank you for your comment bill - as I want no one misunderstanding my comments. :)

  • At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Melissa -

    First time reading your blog, but I have too agree with you that the whole thing has a bit of an "odor" about it, i.e., no more info being released until the film is done, claims of "lost footage", etc.

    Good to see someone else in the Dallas area is searching for Bigfoot as well.

    Good luck on your search, and I hope to be able meet you and everyone else at the Texas Bigfoot meeting in January (although I'll be meeting Craig before then to go over what I might add to the Texas Bigfoor group)

  • At 10:13 AM, Blogger Steven Titchenell said…

    I've removed the link to MK's enhancement of the P/G film from the W.V.B.I.G. website, at least for now, because in my opinion, the creature is an ape & saying it is human may put some doubt on MK & his previous work on the P/G film


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