November 24, 2006

Getting out the Information

Bigfooters are taking on the responsibility of putting out factual information --- all on their own.

Recently a couple of new BlogRadio shows have popped up, the idea being to get out the information. Sure, there are programs like the X-Zone, but these shows focus specifically on Bigfoot and other topics in cryptozoology.

Great idea isnt it.

"Sasquatch Experience"

Sean Forker and Henry May run this excellent show, while it is still in its infancy - its a fantastic program. Henry May and Sean Forker are two walking books on bigfoot.

A few weeks ago, they asked me to be on their program to discuss my blog, my casting experiments with dermal ridges and my over all opinion on the field of Bigfoot Research. If your interested in hearing what I think on these issues - click on the picture logo for "Sasquatch Experience" and scroll down the page and click on "Archived Segments", then look for my name. I will warn you - I do have very strong opinions on specific issues.

I hope you enjoy the program :)


  • At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey melissa i totaly agree with you the sasquatch experance is a wonderful new radio bigfoot radio show. thanks bill


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