May 10, 2008

Tomorrow Night on The Sasquatch Experience

Don Keating and Eric Altman

Tomorrow night on The Sasquatch Experience, we are giving you a double dose of East Coast Sasquatchery. Don Keating and Eric Altman will join the SE Team to discuss their research and upcoming conferences.

We are less than a week away from the 20th Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference/ EXPO that will be held in Salt Fork State Park. Don Keating has yet to disappoint and we suspect this year will be no different. For more information go to .

In September, the East Coast Bigfoot Conference makes is return after a two year hiatus. This Conference is one that you WILL NOT want to miss. The 2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference will be held at Gator's Lounge above Pitzer's Townhouse Restaurant in Jeannette, PA. For more information go to .

Stay tuned for more on these great events!


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