January 21, 2009

Both Monica and I are pleased and excited to announce, our show is about to reach a much larger audience, yet still accessible from your computer. That's right. Global Radio 1 (Richard J. Hannah of the Big H Radio Show) is creating a 40 minute version of "The Grey Area".

Here is the show description:

"If you like your radio, uncompromising and no punches pulled then you need to listen to the Grey Area. Its our own 40 minute version of hit paranormal talk show hosted by Monica Rawlins and Melissa Hovey. These two sirens of the paranormal community have been researching Big Foot and other phenomena for online radio for three years and have become the poster girls for bursting the paranormal bubble.

Hovey and Rawlins do not pull their punches about fellow researches and hoaxes like 2008's Georgia Hoax - whether a believer or a sceptics its a fascinating area - a grey area."

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing. There are other great programs also accessible from the Global Radio 1site such as:

Amanda David: Amanda produces the Big Book segment of The Big H Radio Show. It has become a 'not to miss feature' of the Show.

Olivia Wilder: Olivia Wilder has become a featured Broadcaster in just 18 months. She is heralded as one of the most popular online celebrity interviewers.

Richard J. Hannah: Richard has voiced hundreds of independent radio ads, and produced hundreds of radio ad campaigns. He has voiced books for the blind, training and corporate videos and he is an active adult literacy campaigner. He is comfortable taking on serious business related topics as well as the lighter request and music based shows. He does most of the station's continuity work and showcases his comic talent in sketches found in Rob Erisson's Comedy Hour. With the growth of the internet - Hannah's shows are getting bigger audiences than most local radio stations on FM.

Rob Erisson: Another multi talented producer/broadcaster - Erisson is an actor/DJ/ Singer and for over a decade Rob Erisson and Richard Hannah have been close friends. They met completely by accident when booked to compere the same show. They decided to do the night together, an unrehearsed impromptu act became a huge success - 'Vegas and The Queen' and the two became the greatest of friends.

The first show has been uploaded and sounds fantastic. No worries, you can still find us every other Wednesday on Blogtalk radio, but now you have another option.

Both Monica and I look forward to working with Mr. Hannah, and thank him for this opportunity to reach a much larger audience.


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