May 18, 2011

2011 Ohio Conference

Well, another Ohio Conference goes down in the history books. What a conference it was.

I won't give a full run down of events, as I am sure all the speakers have been discussed elsewhere, besides I go to conferences to meet other researchers, and discuss what we are doing in the field. We all spend so little time together in one place, it's nice to catch up with old friends, make new ones and just talk Bigfoot. I do have a few photos for you all, but once again I didn't take many.

I was having too much fun :)

Okay, before anyone freaks over the photos of Bruce removing a splinter from Steve Jr's hand - he did have a spliter, I tried and failed. So, Bruce was called away from the conference - as he has performed this kind of task before.

Kids - Bruce is an expert, don't try this at home. Steve walked away with all his fingers and both hands, thank god no one sneezed. I also have this on video (along with other clips from the conference), and I might post it if I can figure out how.. :)

Both myself and Wayne had a fantastic time, and can't wait for next year!!

Squatch on my friends!!!


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