December 29, 2011

Russian Bigfoot?

As you all know, the Russians, are claiming to have a female bigfoot in custody. They say it's female and eats meat and vegetables.

People ask me all the time, "Melissa, why don't you blog on current breaking news in the field of bigfoot research?" Look at the video above, and I think you will understand why. This story however is too funny to pass up.

Lets play a game. Caption this picture!!

Clearly this is a hoax, but ohh, the entertainment value has been high.

One has to wonder if this isn't in response to Dr. Meldrum and his inability to "go along" with the shenanigans during the much publicized Russian Yeti Expedition.

The Doubtful NewsBlog

Here is a snipit from this article:


Dr. Meldrum expressed that he felt the conference was “orchestrated” with “publicity stunts” to promote tourism for the region. He was dismayed and perhaps a bit angry that the Russian group “exploited his credibility” for their means.

In addition, Meldrum was put off by a Michigan woman, Robin Lynn Pfeifer, who claims that a family of Bigfoot was living on her 10 acre farm. He described how she, as a guest invited by Burtsev who believes her story, intruded into the scientific discussion. Meldrum admitted to confronting her over her lack of evidence for her outrageous story (which included her noting the creatures’ favorite food was blueberry bagels). Morehead was blunt, telling her that her kids were obviously playing a trick on her. Yet, disturbingly, Burtsev takes her account as typical in the U.S. and believes this kind of habituation was commonplace all over Russia as well!


I know I am wondering... It could also be a group of Russian's having some fun at the expense of that expedition. Who knows what the motivation is behind this.

I just wish people would spring for better suits. :)


  • At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Shame on them for holding against its will a creature who does not want our company and does not seek to do us harm. Unlike our own species.


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