December 29, 2011

Sasquatch Field Evidence ~ On Blogtalk Radio

I decided to set my "flesh and blood" bias aside, and listen to this blogtalk show by AlexMidnightWalker, Thom Cantrall and Arla.

I am not going to lodge an opinion, I want to know what the readers of this blog think about what these folks had to say. It's a long show, but you need to listen right to the end. I am interested in honest opinion. Consider these questions below:

1. Were your questions answered about this "mindspeak"?
2. Do you spend enough time in the woods?
3. How many languages do you think bigfoot speaks?
4. Do you think they are right - do we as "flesh and blood" researchers put too much emphesis on "proof".

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I know what I think, now tell me what you think.

Sasquatch Evidence


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