December 28, 2011

Thom Powell responds to: To be or not to be ~ so many questions

Mr. Thom Powell responds to my article posted today, “To be or not to be ~ so many questions” on his blog.

Mr. Powell writes:

“In a blog entry entitled, "To be or not to be..." writer Melissa Hovey. asks, "Are the opinions of the “paranormal crowd” so weak, they can’t withstand some questions or the scrutiny of the “flesh and blood community"?" Asking for scientific evidence of paranormal attributes seems to be a bit of a contradiction in terms but, O.K., here is it: the Freeman footage. I'd call it evidence, but not proof. Like it or not, I think the Freeman footage is some of the best evidence of paranormal activity you can find. In the end, that's why the video is so damn important. But you have to look at it and look carefully, then be willing to ask some questions that don't have easy answers.

As Freeman himself said in the interviews I posted here, it has never been shown to be a fake, but I doubt it will seal the deal in the minds of Ms, Hovey nor to mention the Ben Radford-style skeptics. But it's still there and, based on my own investigations and interviews with Freeman himself, I'm saying it's the real deal. Now, if I could just figure out who owns the dang thing?” end quote.


With all due respect to Mr. Powell when did the “Freeman Footage” become a paranormal video? I have never heard anyone (until now) refer to any “paranormal” elements that may be contained within this film. I have been party to numerous conversations about this film, with people within the “Flesh and Blood community” as well as the “Paranormal Community”, yet this is the first mention I have ever heard of this. Also, whether or not Mr. Freemans footage is a hoax, has nothing to do with the information you bring to the table.

How is asking for evidence of paranormal attributes a contradiction in terms? Either these attributes are there or they are not. If these “paranormal attributes” are contained within any kind of footage – then these “attributes” should be easily noted by anyone. Why are these attributes easily seen by you, and not me? Please don't tell me it's because my mind is closed to the possibilities.

Mr. Powell brings up the freeman footage as “some of the best evidence of paranormal activity you can find,” okay – show me the evidence. I have looked at the Freeman footage and to be quite honest with you, I absolutely do not see what you are talking about. Is it because the footage is shaky?

I lose patience with the paranormal community because they say things like this, yet offer nothing in the way of proof or even specific evidence to even allow me (or others) to form our own opinion. Mr. Powell intimates, I must look closely, or I won’t see it. Others might say (probably would say) if I look closely and do not see it, it’s probably not there.

While I appreciate being compared to Ben Radford in my skepticism, I am sure, Mr. Radford would completely deny any comparison.

What I propose is this. Stop with the “if you look closely” – and just show me. Look at me like Missouri. Show me. My parents taught me long ago, never take anyone at their word. Experience has taught me that was very good advice.

I have no beef with Mr. Powell, in fact I have always been willing to discuss all sides of this mystery – but you must give me something more than, “you have to look closely”. If you’re willing to show me, Mr. Powell, I am willing to look. I am applying no different standards of evidence to the “paranormal community” than I assign to the “Flesh and Blood.”

Question is, will you?


  • At 2:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Do you post others comments? I've done some exotic historical research and never saw it posted.

  • At 8:17 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    Yes I do. The only reader comments that do not make it here are ones that go too far into Religion, politics or have profanity. When did you send in a comment?


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