December 28, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be ~ So Many Questions....

Over the past year (maybe a little longer) Bigfoot researchers all over the country have been waiting with baited breath and hanging on every released statement of a DNA Scientist by the name of Melba Ketchum.

For those of you who do not know what is going on, it’s a story of Bigfoot DNA samples sent to Dr. Ketchum, from across the country by Bigfoot researchers. Dr. Ketchum has kindly offered her time and expertise in DNA analysis to this community.


This project has been tainted by “leaks” and accusations of shady people being involved. Dr. Ketchum herself has been accused of withholding information, even though she has clearly stated she cannot and will not release any information about the project until the paper she is writing is accepted by a peer reviewed journal. Like it or not folks, if she does speak before her paper is accepted, she is done. That’s the process.

I think the most interesting item to come of this is;

Due to alleged leaks coming from within Dr. Ketchums group comes the word, “Human”. Although the “leak” said the results are not completely human, and not completely chimp, the samples are somewhere in between the two – a specific group of researchers within this community is holding onto “human” with both fists and running with it.

That’s fine;

But, will Bigfoot be classified as “human”? I’m not a betting person, but I sure wouldn’t put money on that one. Personally, (if you believe the leaked results of Dr. Ketchums work) I think the results will stay somewhere between chimps and humans – not human. Actually, I think it would be, non-human primate. Why do I think that? Well, it should be fairly obvious to most reading this blog. There is a big difference between humans and non-human primates. The last time I checked, chimpanzees were the closest non-human primates to humans yet they are not called human. Humans have bridged over the gap. We do not live in the woods anymore. We discovered fire, live in homes, drive cars, and we have jobs (just to name a few obvious differences). Bigfoot may live in a family group of some kind, but humans have laws which govern our communities and society.

Can you imagine what would happen to our judicial system;

If we were to assign the same laws to Bigfoot, as are assigned to humans? It will not ever happen. This is why there are laws on the books for endangered or threatened species. There are regulations imposed for hunting all over the country. If you place Bigfoot into the human category – it would have the same legal rights and responsibilities as you and I – can you even imagine the implications of that?

There are laws on the books that would protect this animal, if proven to exist;

There is the rub; We must prove it exists first.

But, now comes the difficult part for some within this community. How do you prove to science Bigfoot is real if you have no definitive proof it does in fact exist? Science and even the law function on proof. Yes, you must have proof this animal is out there, and that it is in danger of either extinction or harm that would affect its population before the law would or could step in to impose laws of protection.

There is a specific group of researchers within this community who want this animal protected;

Fantastic I say. I would like to see this animal protected. But, how are you going to do that – if you can’t prove Bigfoot is real? Pretty please is not an acceptable argument for protection. Without laws on the books to protect this specific animal – it will never have the protection necessary. It will be fair game for anyone in the woods carrying a gun. That is just a fact. We are not in the habit (as humans) of protecting anything that is not proven to exist. I am all for protection of this animal, but I also understand certain things must happen in order for this recognition.

You can’t have protection without a dirty word: proof;

It’s just a simple fact, as sad as it might be. As much as some hate the word "proof" all the wishful thinking won’t make it go away. Am I for killing a Bigfoot? No. But, if current rumor holds true, it has already happened and those samples are sitting with Dr. Ketchum. If you think that’s true - It’s over and done with. There is no reason to cry over it now. Although I am not a “pro-kill” researcher, I recognize what it will take for this animal to get the protection it needs. I won’t pull the trigger, but I won’t discriminate against the person who does.

You can be “friends” with Bigfoot all you like, but that friendship will not give this animal the protection it deserves. Saying you are “friends” with this animal wont cut it in the scientific circles.

I think there are some against the “proof” of this animal’s existence;

First of all, there is a lot of circle talking within this crowd. First they say Bigfoot needs our protection. Then in the same breath say, “No, it doesn’t because it has survived for a long time without our help.” If Bigfoot doesn’t need protection – what are they worried about?? Good question, eh?

Ultimately a body will “prove” once and for all whether or not this animal can talk to them;

Or, can disappear, or has these paranormal abilities, that some assign to it. If this animal is examined and found to have no abilities different from any other animal in the world (as I am assuming is true) then what will that do to the “paranormal bigfoot” crowd? This same group of people becomes highly offended if you say, “bigfoot is a non-human primate”. Why? They hear the words, “big ape” at the same time forgetting they are arguing that Bigfoot is human. Hey, guess what, we “humans” are apes too. So, if Bigfoot is “human” – it’s an APE!! Get over it.

There is a lot of back and forth between the “paranormal crowd” and the “flesh and blood crowd.” Although I would say the paranormal crowd has more to work on than the flesh and blood folks. Hey, if you’re going to say “Bigfoot travels via wormholes” or talks to you while you are fast asleep in your comfy bed at night – that’s a tough argument that is going to require some serious proof. Oh, and if Bigfoot can disappear, why in the world would it need protection? I hate to point out the obvious, but if Bigfoot can disappear at will, how could it be sighted by a hunter long enough to be shot? If it can read our minds, why doesn't it disappear before being seen by humans? If bigfoot can read our minds, it should know we are coming.

These are good questions, which have always been ignored by the group of people making the claims.

So, I have been in this now for 6 years, and the same arguments are being had.

While I am sure my “flesh and blood” opinions will be attacked by the “paranormal crowd” It won’t be the first time. But I would ask why the “flesh and blood crowd” should be silent? Why are the opinions of the “paranormal crowd” so important that it should silence the opinions of others? Is it because they call themselves, “friends of Bigfoot”? Are the opinions of the “paranormal crowd” so weak, they can’t withstand some questions or the scrutiny of the “flesh and blood community"? I would argue if you can’t defend your opinion within your own peer group – you have no chance outside of it.

My hope is that Dr. Ketchum has the information to at least (in some way) prove this mystery once and for all.

Pretty Please :) Did it work?


  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Henry May said…

    Great points one and all, Mel. I applaud you.

  • At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Native Americans of all tribes have the history of the world described as 'Suns".
    First sun was air, then fire, then water, finally our sun. Each epoch created various life forms. In the third 'sun' or epoch the giant beasts such as cave bears and saber tooth tigers, Mamoths, giant sloths etc were created as well as the giant hairy men. Treat them as men with respect and you will be OK is the NA philosophy. But when have we ever accorded them or their ideas any credence when all they did was to learn to live in harmony withth earth - and these giants? When will we ever learn? We and all life will not survive the greed that is ruling our race. The radioactive fallout from Fukishima is the final blow and no one is listening to the few who know how to negate it. The Bible predicts that All the earth will be destroyed by fire and the nuclear fire is loosed in many ways other than explosions. This is what we must concern ourselves with, not some hominid that does not want our company. I have refered you all to the Bible for proof of their existance, Deut 2:20 and the first half of the Book of Joshua where he made war on them and all tribes living in Caanan stealing it by killing them, just as their descendants the Jews are doing to Palastinians today. Supposedly the Hebrews destroyed all the giants back then, but apparently not. But if you all won't believe the Bible I think you will not believe the historical researchers in Native American past.
    "Except those last days be shortened all life shall be destroyed". Resign yourselves to your fate.
    Hydroxy gas aka Brown's gas and Miso soup and asparagus might have properties that could help negate the radioactive fallout.


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