January 31, 2012

New Books to check out !!

Here are some new things to check out.

Dave Coleman has released: The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television

Description: The Bigfoot Filmography and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television is heavily illustrated with 100s of rare photos, poster and lobby card reproductions from the Cine du Sasquatch genre. Loren Coleman (no relation), the renowned cryptozoologist and author of over 30 books in the field, offers an introductory overview to the field of cryptozoology and hominid cinema.

You can buy it on Amazon

AND there is a website you can visit to learn more The Bigfoot Filmography


Lloyd Pye has released a new book called, "Big".

Description: The story unfolds in the mountains of Washington State, where bigfoot sightings occur regularly.

It begins with a hunter encountering and then wounding a bigfoot with a shotgun blast to its upper back. Shot, bleeding, but not quite dead, the bigfoot passes out beside a stream deep in the woods. It is discovered by Marcy Dillon, a high school senior who intends to go to medical school. She has gone to the stream to gather herbs for an important school project.

As Marcy approaches the bigfoot, it revives and is rightfully terrified of her, but it is too weak to harm her. Given the reprieve, she manages to convince it that she wants to help it, not harm it any further....

You can order the book or get more information on the official website, "Big"


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