January 17, 2012

Romney calls Gingrich super PAC flick 'biggest hoax since Bigfoot'

The Republican Primaries are heating up, and what is the logical next step?

Mitt Romney said to Newt Gingrich Last night, "If we're talking about super PAC ads that are inaccurate, Mr. Speaker, you have a super PAC ad that attacks me. It's probably the biggest hoax since Bigfoot. The people who've looked at it said it was entirely false...somehow for you suggest I have different standards here is not quite right." end quote.

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Mitt Romney just lost my vote. Maybe Rick Santorum is the only true "Conservative Republican" on the ballot. As I sit here and think about this comment by, Mitt Romney, it is obvious to me he is blissfully unaware of the thousands of people across this country who have been witnesses to Bigfoot, people who vote, people Romney just insulted and called liars.

That's basically what he did.

It also strikes me that Mitt Romney must be blissfully unaware of the scientists who are still looking into this mystery. Mitt Romney let his mouth get ahead of the facts when it comes to the people who have looked into this and continue to this day.

Ignorance of the truth is no excuse.

Personal note here: It really angers me when someone in our Government mocks or picks on people who have been witness to something that has changed their life. These people who witness this animal are not asking for anything but answers. Has Mitt Romney spoken to any of these witnesses? I am betting he has not. So, again, he is blissfully unaware of what a witness to a Bigfoot goes through.

People have lost their jobs, families and reputation by coming forward - and the ignorance displayed by Candidate Romney makes this no easier for them.

I would like to thank Mr. Romney for proving, once again, politics is a "popularity contest" and has very little to do with the people he wants to represent. Maybe if Mr. Romney could come down from his high horse for 5 minutes and talk to just a few of the people who have had this mystery turn their lives upside down he might have a different take on this. Romney wouldn’t even have to leave the comfort of his cushy office chair, there are witnesses in the Military, Police, and within our very own Government although, they are probably less likely to talk about their own sighting, now after his snarky uninformed comments.

But, I am sure Mitt Romney has T-time scheduled at the local golf course. And I am sure Romney will not do or say anything that interferes with his popularity contest. It takes guts to put your own personal opinion aside, and listen. Guts I can see Romney does not have. Which is a shame, I thought better of him.

But, people who see bigfoot are expendable, right?


  • At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mit lost me a looong time ago and I was a Mormon.

  • At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Blissful ignorance must be easy for those who can afford it.


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