January 8, 2014

Go Blame Someone Else ~ You Were Warned!!

My own personal thoughts on the latest ~ no worries his name is not used ~ but if you're sensitive you might want to skip this article.

I just gotta say, its only been one or two days, but already I am sick and tired of this entire community being blamed by these new people (in our community) for the problem of the hoaxer extraordinaire.

MOST of you were personally warned ~ if not berated ~ for your personal decision to defend and back this hoaxer even after it was well known that he had hoaxed (and told the full story) back in 2008. It is not the problem of the entire community to now come out and say, this guy is a hoaxer. You should have listened when we all said it a year (or better) ago. But no. You had to write your blogs, start your websites, Facebook pages and bombard every Bigfoot Forum on the internet to defend this hoaxers right to say whatever he wanted.

I can't even begin to guess at the number of times I read, "he deserves a second chance," by the very people who are now saying (us old timers) didn't do enough to warn the world about his newest hoax.

Really, this guy hoaxes the world in 2008, by hitting every major news outlet in the country, with road kill stuffed in a Bigfoot costume, and you want to blame the established people in this community for not being vocal about his latest antics?

How about, as a researcher, we show some old fashioned common sense. If someone is that public with a hoax (2008) - why in the world would you think anything has changed the next time around? OR maybe give the story 6 months to pan out? Wait and see if their is follow through on promises to show the body on such and such date??

How about that?

But instead there is this push to get behind every foul mouthed jerk that comes along and calls themselves a "Bigfoot Researcher". Lets be honest, many out there believed this hoaxer (again) because he was so vocal and willing to defend himself strongly (as it was put) if necessary. No, he simply silenced people, by insulting and attacking. Which is the status quo these days.

If you think I am saying, "I told you so" you are damned right. How about we not call for more attention for this guy - and start calling for some common sense and reasonable dialogue in this community so we can better deal with these situations in the future.

No, this community does not have egg on its face. Those who backed this guy ~ will. The "Community" (as it is) did not support him in large part and I strongly disagree with the idea that silence equals acceptance. 

Sometimes we just get sick and tired of having to explain the same things over, and over again, when what we are saying is already out there.

Sometimes it makes no difference when we say something ~ no one listens anyway ~ back to listening to the person with the foulest mouth and the most sensational story.

This happened because so many believed him, didn't listen to the past stories, and went out there and defended and bought into his website. This has NOTHING to do with the communities (as a whole) inaction.

And look at that ~ I typed a long winded rant ~ about someone who deserves no mention ~ and managed to do it so you all know exactly who I am talking about, yet did not use his name.

Now I am done. Have a nice day :) 

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  • At 8:31 AM, Anonymous K. Steven Monk said…

    Thank you for posting this, Melissa.

  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger Melissa Hovey said…

    You're welcome. It's ridiculous to think anyone should take responsibility for this - other than those who pimped this stupid story day and night. :)

  • At 3:38 PM, Anonymous annie said…



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