January 11, 2014

Episode 1~ 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty..........

Well, well, well. 

The first episode of, $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, has aired!!


No, hold up. 

So far, the reactions are not good. I didn't watch the show myself, I had to get a sliver shoved way under my nail bed, but I have been watching the reviews on Facebook. 

One on Twitter from none other than the International Man of Mystery Investigation: Josh Gates himself; 

Josh Gates on Twitter

Ooops. Josh Gates could surely make this interesting. Well, he already has. 

I read something about two (2) guys spreading Elk poop all over themselves. Really? I've been doing this a long time and I want this animal found as much as anyone else. Those who know me will tell you exactly what I would say to that request. It starts with an "F" and ends with - yourself. Maybe they were looking for some Elk strange?

One guy puked. Yikes. So, his days may be numbered already unless he hydrates. But, if he hydrates it may only give him something new to puke. Hey, that's just the chance you take. I wish his tummy all the best. HEY people, he could have a sensitive tummy. We don't know. I hope they have pepto on standby. 

Many of those who were turned down are now breathing an ENORMOUS sigh of relief - and from what I am reading on their social media pages I can imagine why. 

I hear the first episode was on the ball for the much needed infighting. Which is always "Reality TV" gold and helpful when looking for Bigfoot too. 

So far it sounds like the beginnings of a train wreck of epic proportions ~ so grab your folding chairs something to drink and get ready to explain to your friends, co-workers and family why you are a Bigfoot Researcher. I don't think it will be long before this entire show comes off the rails and this new bit of "Reality Television" gives us yet one more opportunity, to explain, why we are not crazy for doing what we do. 

And, this comment came into me tonight ~ while I was typing up this blog. The person asked if I planned to write about this topic and asked if she/he could submit an anonymous comment. 

Well, your wish is my command. 

SPIKE TV clearly does not understand that there are millions of people who take this topic very seriously. There is a long standing community of researchers and enthusiasts, most of which know each other. We know that NONE of the people on this show have any research experience, despite what SPIKE TV is telling you. The amazing thing is that the hate tweets were not even from experienced bigfooters, my guess is they didn't even bother to watch the show. We actually do go into the woods and watching these people, it was really clear they had no idea what they were doing.

The premise of the show, put all of the teams in the woods until midnight, in the same location and have them find evidence is.. well.. pretty ridiculous. Most researchers know that you can spend weeks at a time, in the daylight and NEVER find a single thing. As Cliff says on Finding Bigfoot, it's like finding a needle in a stack of haystacks.

This show is a sham.

Real researchers are careful to be totally alone with no one around for miles and miles and do not give up their research locations. This prevents mistaken audio recordings, where one researcher is heard unbeknownst to  the other.

Real researchers know that to have any kind of encounter, you have to do your homework, study an area before going into it. It's all about timing. I've had well respected, known researchers tell me that in the decade they've been investigating and hundreds of expeditions they've had only one experience and found only a few tracks or evidence. Why? This is an extremely rare species that is well adapted to their environment. That the show would encourage the killing of a rare species like this is disgusting. I will never watch SPIKE TV again, there is currently an effort underway in various Bigfoot pages on Facebook to boycott advertisers on SPIKE TV. Yeah, that goes for you too mr Bar Rescue. WE ARE DONE WITH SPIKE.

You can't disrespect a topic that native American's and history has treated with the utmost respect and have anything good come of it. There are few mysteries left for the common man to experience, this show just pooped all over the good people who spend their free time and hard earned money trying to leave the earth a better place.

End quote. 

As a Bigfoot Researcher I gotta ask ~~ was/is this your reality

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